Deutsche Bank Situational Judgement Test: 20 important Facts you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
Deutsche Bank Situational Judgement Test
The Deutsche Bank situational judgement test helps the bank to find the best talents for its financial services business. Image source: livemint.

This article provides comprehensive and useful information about the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test that you will be required to take and pass to proceed to the next stage of the Bank’s hiring process.

It also provides samples questions and answers you can apply in your preparation for the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test.

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What is Deutsche Bank Situational Judgment Test?

Situational judgement tests are a fair and objective tool for Deutsche Bank to evaluate a diverse group of candidates with varying backgrounds and qualifications.

Deutsche Bank can swiftly determine which candidates are appropriate for the post by analyzing the results of a standardized SJT.

20 Important Facts about Deutsche Bank Situational Judgment Test

Here are important facts you need to know about the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test that you need to know:

  1. Apply online

Filling out an online application form on the Deutsche Bank website is the first step in the application procedure.

Only committed individuals who are up to date on current banking concerns and have an interest in the field in which they are applying for are encouraged to apply.

  1. Online form

The online form will inquire about your qualifications and academic history, as well as motivational questions such as what motivates you and why you want to work at Deutsche Bank.

Because you will be competing against a large number of other applications, make sure your responses are precise and well-thought-out in each case.

  1. Situational judgment test

A situational judgment exam was developed to see if your values fit with those of Deutsche Bank.

A situational judgment test asks you to respond to hypothetical work-related scenarios. There are numerous choices for each question (typically four).

  1. Center for evaluation

This stage of the interview will include exercises and challenges designed to assess your communication skills, teamwork abilities, and appropriateness for the position.

The examiners will also want to hear why you believe you are a good fit for Deutsche Bank and why you believe it is a good fit for you.

  1. Assessment assignment

A written exercise, a case study, and/or a presentation may be required of you. More psychometric tests will be administered to determine your aptitude in areas such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and technical abilities.

  1. Interview

The last round usually entails numerous interviews with senior Deutsche Bank executives or subject matter experts.

  1. How do you pass the Deutsche Bank SJT?

You have to do some research about Deutsche Bank. Follow the company on social media, visit the website, and read the Annual Report.

You want to show that you care about Deutsche Bank. You will also be expected to have a general understanding of global financial events.

  1. Advantages of Deutsche Bank SJT

Here are some advantages of the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test:

  • It helps in hiring and recruiting new staff faster.
  • It examines skills not knowledge.
  • It is not expensive.
  1. Disadvantages of Deutsche bank SJT
  • Assessment methods may make individuals lack a way of expressing themselves.
  • The answers may show some information of professional patterns.
  1. What is the aim of the SJT?

The situational judgment test is a compulsory stage for all the candidates at the bank and also applicants for internships and opportunities for graduates.

The primary goal of the situational judgment test is to examine if your values are in alignment with that of Deutsche Bank.

  1. What does the test involve?

The test would usually require you to showcase your problem-solving skills, however, with a limited time.

  1. How do you pass the test?

The surest way to pass the Deutsche Bank assessments is to be efficient with time.

Taking several tests before the official one can help. Reading and understanding questions before answering will contribute a lot in getting to the next stage.

  1. Have a preformed knowledge

Knowing about the institution and the role you are applying for would give you an edge in answering questions correctly.

  1. The interview process

The interview process might happen over the phone or in person. The goal of the interview process would discover why the bank would fit with you. The interview exercise usually lasts for 45 minutes.

  1. Second stage

After the first stage of the interview, the next stage would be like a multi-person interview with various experts at Deutsche Bank.

The questions that would be asked in the second stage would be more focused on the skills you need to be successful at Deutsche Bank.

  1. Final stage

At the last stage of the whole process, you might be told to retake the situational judgment test to re-affirm your results.

Sometimes, there is also a possibility that in the last stage of the process, there might be a short assessment center that might require you to follow through with a case study or a presentation.

  1. What does Deutsche Bank want in candidates?

The Deutsche Bank wants candidates that have strong passion and interest in financial work.

  1. Why choose Deutsche Bank?

The best way to answer this question is to focus on the real reason you want to work for Deutsche Bank than other companies in the financial sector.

Be specific on values and projects that have attracted you to the institution.

  1. Have you had any past failures and how did you deal with them?

Accepting the fact that you have made some previous mistakes in the past helps them to understand that you can take total responsibility for whatever happens in the course of your work with them.

  1. What have you learned from your previous experiences in your last job and how do you apply the lessons for a successful future?

This question will keep you on a golden platform to state how your previous experiences can help grow the company and how it makes you the right person for the job that you are seeking.

Utilize the opportunity of this question to showcase your skills and place more emphasis on your values that align with that of Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank Situational Judgment Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are useful practice questions and answers you can use in preparing for a situational judgment test with the Deutsche Bank:

  1. You are working in an office when you hear that the building is on fire. What do you do?

Answer: “I will probably call out, “We have a fire! Get out of the building and stay across the street!” and find a safe escape route. Then, return to my desk and grab important documents before making my way outside.”

  1. What would you do if your supervisor came to work drunk?

Answer: “I will have a chat with him/her about the consequences of getting drunk at work and what’s considered binge-drinking.”

Research suggests that if you talk to someone when they’re sober, just knowing people care may be enough to stop them from drinking alcohol when it will affect their workplace performance in the future.

  1. A colleague consistently shows up late for work. Do you confront them or just let it go?

Answer: “It’s important to address this first because it could be symptomatic of wider behavior issues.

“If he/she comes late to work frequently but do his/her work diligently and satisfactorily, then I will talk to him/her about the negative impact on the company if he/she continued coming late to work.

Your ultimate goal is to educate your colleague around what behaviors are acceptable at work by enforcing stricter resumption guidelines for everyone.

  1. You arrive at work only to find out that your computer has been stolen from your office.

Answer: “I will report the theft to my immediate supervisor and request for reimbursement if I have to purchase a new laptop myself to continue my work.

“I will not let this incident deter me from doing my work as I use to; it’s an unfortunate circumstance and there isn’t much we can do about it.”

Deutsche Bank needs serious-minded persons that are focused on collaboration and competition, who are highly passionate about financial activities.

That’s why they consistently ask job applicants questions on why they want to work in the financial sector of the economy.

To be successful in passing the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test, it is also highly essential to go over the company’s website, converse with current and previous employees, and understand the yearly report, and keep up with trends of what’s happening around.

Go down to understanding the prioritized values of the company and what gives them the leverage over their competitors.

You might also need to have an updated LinkedIn account to show that you are ready for the task.


Taking the Deutsche Bank situational judgment test is the first step in the company’s hiring process, which you have to prepare for very well to stand a chance working for the company.

One key value that the Deutsche Bank requires in their candidates is strong passion for financial work.

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