Sokanu Career Test: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
Sokanu Career Test
The Sokanu career test is helpful to individuals to find the best careers that fit them.

Sokanu is a free career test and public platform that assists individuals to identify their passion and find their ideal career.

As a career matching platform, Sokanu optimizes human capital and connects each individual with the career they are meant to engage themselves in.

Sokanu has the largest, most detailed database of careers, as well as unique in-built science and technology that help organizations understand and optimize their talent better.

For the analysis of your compatibility with recommended career, the results of your distinctive aptitudes, character, and interests are utilized in the test.

Sokanu helps people navigate the fast-changing world of work using the available online discovery and advancement tools that position advanced technologies and data science to work.

20 Important Facts about Sokanu Career Test you need to Know

Here are important facts you need to know about the Sokanu Career Test to help in your search for a perfect career:

  1. Sokanu helps a lot of individuals to learn

Many people use the Sokanu career test to learn how their personal traits, talents, interests, and values match almost 1,000 various career roles.

The membership service of Sokanu offers additional services and advantages planned to assist those looking for new careers and the individuals who want to change their careers and advance toward their career objectives.

  1. What makes Sokanu an ‘Innovator to Watch’?

Sokanu defines career navigation technology that helps those neglected or underserved by traditional approaches to career navigation.

As the test’s main focus, your potential is assessed to have a fulfilling career that will help you discover and advance along a career path that’s appropriate for you.

  1. What is the purpose of the Sokanu Career Test?

The Sokanu career test was developed by Spencer Thompson to basically assess individuals and match their careers to help them understand what career suits them the most, and then guide them through the necessary steps to find meaningful jobs or professions.

Since most job seekers fail to consider their own preferences, natural skills, and values when deciding on what could turn out to be one of the most important decisions in their lives, the Sokanu career test is utilized to serve this purpose of choosing their ideal careers.

Sokanu career test is a better, more scientific approach to help guide career decisions, instead of relying on a combination of emotion, guts instinct, and external advice from family and friends.

  1. There are a hundred and eighty-six traits assessed by Sokanu

Sokanu career test assesses up to one hundred and eighty-six (186) traits across various categories such as interests, abilities, culture, needs, and personality.

This synchronized, adaptable career test combines rich user data with a library of over forty million data points to form the most accurate career matching algorithm in the space.

Users utilize the Sokanu career test to think through career decisions by defining their personality, ideal work environment, strengths, and even factors that might discourage them on the job.

  1. Sokanu career test is a Wikipedia of career databases

Sokanu is known as a Wikipedia of career databases with over four thousand (4,000) articles, books, and videos available for more than seven hundred (700) distinctive jobs. Yet, the assessment is offered free.

  1. Sokanu career test adds value to both the education and job sectors

Sokanu career test provides an empowering tool for students and career seekers to gain a full understanding of careers that are most suitable for them.

Sokanu is a comprehensive, helpful platform with all levels of education, experience, and training by reflecting on a wide spectrum of indicators for assessment and providing career matches from the whole employment range.

  1. Sokanu will help you learn more about yourself and potential career paths

With the Sokanu career test, you can discover your skills preferences, ability preferences, work context, interests, organizational culture, needs, and personality.

As a correlative assessment, the Sokanu career test allows you to modify your search and offers you more than seven hundred (700) career matches.

During your first year as a freshman, you will have the opportunity to complete the Sokanu career test as part of the Academic Inquiry Scholarship (AIS) course.

  1. The ‘Do What You Are’ assessment

There is a section of the Sokanu career test that is called the ‘Do What You Are’ used to provide a statistically accurate representation of your personality type and relate it to your careers that may be a good fit for you.

  1. Strong Interest Inventory

If you want to know more about how your interests can match a specific career field, the Strong Interest Inventory can help you link your interests and preferences to different careers and work settings.

Students who don’t know how what they enjoy doing relates to a career path can make use of the Strong Interest Inventory.

  1. The SIPPI or Sokanu Interests, Personality, and Preferences Inventory

The SIPPI serves as an emotional inventory utilized in career counseling and employee selection.

Scales are based on O*Net content domains developed by the US Department of labor, adding basic interest scales based on the model developed by Day and Rounds.

One hundred and eighty-six (186) user traits across eight domains, needs, organizational culture, personality, Holland Codes, skills preferences, basic interests, word context, and abilities preferences are assessed by the inventory.

It takes an average of 35.4 minutes to complete a five hundred and ten (510) items of a full set of available materials.

  1. How much does the Sokanu career test cost?

The Sokanu career test is offered free to help you learn more about yourself and make knowledgeable career decisions.

You will not be required to pay for report previews, career matches, and insights.

However, there is a membership section that gives you access to your match scores for more than eight hundred (800) careers and over 40 areas of study, as well as the complete version of personality reports.

A free career coaching session and access to exclusive offers from some of the top career and education providers in the United States are also included in the Sokanu membership.

  1. How long will the Sokanu career test take?

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the full Sokanu career test. The fullness of the test allows the delivery of personalized results.

The Sokanu career test consists of five sections and each of them opens a way for an extra assessment of fit.

  1. Why should I trust my Sokanu test results?

The Sokanu assessment forecasts the right career matches. Your overall interest will be asked you during the Sokanu career test in a few randomly selected careers, including how satisfied you were in any previous careers to use the information to get a baseline understanding of whom you are and what you are interested in.

However, this is also anonymously merged with all the data from the interests of other users, and their satisfaction with their previous careers and degrees.

This increasing set of data is used to discover how your interests, work history, education history, and personality, give details on what careers you can perfectly fit in.

  1. Can the Sokanu career test be retaken?

Yes, you can retake the Sokanu career test, but you will have to reset your account to take the test more than once. Taking the test on a semi-regular basis will notify you about how your interests and results finally develop.

  1. Why do my Sokanu test results change?

Whenever you get a new piece of relevant information, it can automatically be updated in the system as the Sokanu career matching system updates data concurrently. This could be one of the reasons that your test results might change as more data is gathered and better models created, as well as what makes a career the right fit for you understood.

  1. Who developed the Sokanu career test?

The Sokanu career test items were developed by Spencer Thompson and a psychological team with years of experience in the psychometric field.

Several sources offer the Sokanu career test, such as Sokanu’s propriety in-house content team, CareerExplorer user data, the US Department of labor’s O*Net Database, US Bureau of Statistics, and UK government.

However, the Sokanu team developed and maintains the Sokanu career test platform.

  1. Who is the Sokanu career test designed for?

Different individuals that begin new careers at various stages of life have access to the Sokanu career test.

The Sokanu career test is designed for adults seeking jobs, as well as college and high school students.

  1. How does the Sokanu career test work?

The Sokanu career test works in several ways, including:

  • Sokanu assesses your true personality

During the test, you’ll be asked a series of questions that correspond to more than one hundred and fifty (150) personality traits.

The test also helps you to study your career interests, skills, and objectives.

  • Sokanu calculates career attributes

With a provision of more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) careers and degrees based on the labor market data, psychometric profiles, and more, Sokanu evaluates career attributes using several forms.

  • Sokanu compares the data

Sokanu is used to compare these databases so as to determine your compatibility with the careers and degrees.

  • Sokanu determines your top career matches

Careers and degrees that are top matches for you are featured to provide insights into your unique personality.

  1. What makes the Sokanu career test unique?

In the Sokanu career test, there are more data and tools to optimize the assessment’s career predictions than any other career test around the globe.

The Sokanu career test results are not immediate just like many other career tests you can think of, but thorough, accurate, and refined.

  1. Will I be happy with Sokanu and find it interesting?

Research proves that interest in a career is the number one determinant of career happiness. Another major determinant of career happiness and success is being a personality fit for a specific career.

If you are interested in a career field and you are found fit for that job, you will actually find satisfaction in your career.

Sokanu Career Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are useful sample Sokanu test questions and answers that you can use during your preparation for the test:

Question 1

Answer and explanation
Answer: (4) Like it
Explanation: Here, Sokanu career test is used to identify your interest in and knowledge of achieving business goals.

Question 2

Answer and explanation

Answer: (1) Hate it

Explanation: I don’t have any knowledge of analyzing data using statistics, so I chose ‘Hate it’ as my answer.

Question 3

Answer and explanation

Answer: (1) Hate it

Explanation: I don’t have any passion for rendering counsel on drug or alcohol addiction; therefore I selected ‘Hate it’.

Question 4

Answer and explanation

Answer: (5) Dislike it

Explanation: I don’t like creating art, selling them, or using them for exhibitions, so I chose ‘Dislike it’.


Answer and explanation

Answer: (5) Love it

Explanation: I choose (5) for this answer because I love movie-making and directing a movie, too.


Why Sokanu is regarded as the best is that you’ll be asked to participate in a survey and those results are taken and mapped to careers that are linked to your personality and traits.

Therefore, if you are confused about where to start or how to change careers, Sokanu Career Test is recommended for you as the best tool you can ever find and use to achieve your career dream.

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