Delivery Truck Driver Job Description Example

Delivery Truck Driver job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

As a delivery truck driver, you should expect to interact with customers a lot, so you will also need to have good customer service skills to excel on the job.

Delivery Truck Driver Job Description Example

The position of a delivery truck driver is very important in any company that distributes goods to wholesalers, retailers, or customers.

What Does a Delivery Truck Driver Do?

The delivery truck driver job description generally involves the movement of products from producers’ warehouses to retail stores, wholesale outlets, consumers, and to different points of sales on order.

It may also include the delivery of a wide range of products from wholesalers to retailers or from retailers to consumers.

Unlike other driving roles, this one involves a combination of logistics and administrative skills.

The delivery truck driver is expected to take inventory of goods to be delivered, and check their quantity and quality to make sure it matches with that of the order.

He/she must fill all necessary documents before and after each delivery, issue invoices and obtain each customer’s signature.

In addition, the truck driver must maintain a log book to record all the details of each transaction, including the name of the customer, his or her address, delivery time, amount collected, and expenses incurred in the delivery process.

Other responsibilities of a delivery truck driver include conveying ordered goods to customers, assisting in loading of merchandize to be delivered and offloading it at the point of delivery.

His/her duties also include receiving customers’ inquiries and complaints, and performing proper maintenance of the delivery van, including carrying out minor repairs and washing of the vehicle.

A good delivery truck driver is expected to be a great communicator as the work description involves daily interaction with customers from diverse background.

Exceptional customer service skill is also imperative.

Additionally, basic numeric skill is important because he or she constantly have to deal with recording of delivery details in numbers and monetary terms.

Some deliveries also require collecting payment upon delivery, so, he/she must be able to count money and give change accurately.

Also, delivery truck drivers spend most of their working time driving, walking, talking, and carrying goods, therefore, they ought to have good health and stamina.

Delivery Truck Driver Job Description Example

The various duties, tasks, and responsibilities delivery truck drivers usually perform are stated in the job description example below:

  •  Deliver goods to wholesale outlets, retail stores and customers on behalf of the employer
  • Ensure that goods to be delivered are safe and secure
  • Ensure timely delivery of goods to designated places
  • Locate address where the order is to be delivered
  • Assist in loading goods to be delivered into the truck
  • Assist in offloading merchandize at point of discharge
  • Obey all traffic regulations
  • Issue invoices and obtain customers’ signature upon delivery of the order
  • Receive payments and give out change on behalf of the employer when requested to do so
  • Take inventory of goods to be delivered to make sure that the quantity and quality conform to the order
  • Maintain a log book to record all transaction details like name of customer, address, order description, time of delivery, money collected, and expenses incurred
  • Chart route for easy delivery of packages
  • Ensure that the vehicle is always kept clean and in proper working condition
  • Report any case of damage to the vehicle or the goods to the employer or dispatcher
  • Receive customers’ inquiries and complaints and channel them to the employer
  • Carry out basic vehicle maintenance
  • Monitor weather condition to determine the best time to carry out delivery
  • Report any accident or issue that may affect the timely delivery of the goods to the dispatcher or employer.

Delivery Truck Driver Resume Preparation

To make your resume more compelling, you would need to include the work experience section, which shows to employers the various activities you have previously performed working as a delivery truck driver.

The sample job description for the role shown above can be applied in making this section of your resume as long as you have actually performed the functions stated.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Delivery Truck Driver Position

Here are important skills and qualities usually expected that truck drivers employed to deliver items should have to perform their duties and responsibilities exceptionally well.

  • Ability to drive trucks exceptionally well; and possess clean driving history
  • He/she must be properly authorized to drive within the state(s) he/she is to cover
  • Basic literacy and math skill is imperative since the job requires a lot of reading, counting, and record keeping. He/she must be able to record details of delivery as error-free as possible
  • Good health is equally very important. He/she must have the stamina and ability to drive for a very long time
  • He/she must be able to multitask and organize well. Good time management skill is also very essential as delivery is a time conscious business
  • He/she must possess exceptional customer service skills. As a delivery driver, he/she is the last point of contact between the product owner and the buyer and sometimes the only point of personal contact if the order is usually done online. So, the impression he/she gives to the customer sticks
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are expected of the driver. He/she must be able to listen attentively to customers and speak to them in a very polite manner
  • He/she must know the routes within the city that he/she operates like the back of his/her palm if he/she is to make deliveries fast. He/she is expected to have a good knowledge of bus stops, land marks, and street names.

Delivery Truck Driver Skills for Resume

The above stated skills requirements for a delivery truck driver to succeed on the job can be adopted in making the skills section of a resume to be used in seeking the position.

If you are looking for a new job as a delivery truck driver and are making a resume for it, you can easily make your skills section using ideas from the skills and qualities of the position stated above.

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