Cartoonist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 12, 2023
Cartoonist Job Description
Success as a cartoonist requires excellent knowledge and application of computer animation software.

This post provides detailed information on the cartoonist job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the cartoonist role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Cartoonist Do?

Cartoonists communicate and interpret ideas through hand-drawn or computer aided graphics.

The cartoonist job description entails conveying stories, reflecting public opinion, and providing social commentary by creating illustrations for magazines, newspapers, television, books, and websites.

In performing their duties, cartoonists sketch and submit cartoons or artistic images to supervisors for approval.

They usually brainstorm and develop ideas for animations or humorous images, and also create final cartoon design using ink or computer coloring to add color moods.

Cartoonists study trending topics to obtain information useful in producing comic strips that address local/international concerns.

They work around a given concept to create drawings or pictures that meet client requirements.

They also market their work through networking, the internet, and various media channels.

Usually, cartoonists work for newspapers or publishing companies where their role may entail using humor to express serious issues through graphics illustration.

They may work in the motion picture industry to design characters for animations and video games.

They often work as freelance artists to provide clients with creative services.

As part of their responsibilities, cartoonists tailor their drawings to target a specific audience which may be children, teenagers, or adults.

They usually focus on niches such as political cartoons, comic strips, movie cartoons, and web comics.

They also evaluate final workpiece to identify errors in production and make corrections where necessary.

Cartoonists who create animations or comic strips ensure drawings are arranged in sequential order prior to publishing or projection.

Their work description also entails using computer software and technology to create artwork and cartoons on computers.

They also endeavor to create illustrations before deadline to ensure timely publication.

In fulfilling their role, cartoonists work with the creative department of an organization to assist with story development, cinematography and graphics editing.

They develop artistic designs for exhibition, decoration or commercial purposes.

They also convert hand-drawn images to digital format by scanning, editing and coloring with computer graphics program, and also participate in design and production of multimedia campaigns.

Keeping record of reference materials and inspirational models for future purposes is also part of cartoonist description.

To work as a cartoonist requires a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts or in a related discipline, while the qualities needed to succeed on the job include artistic and IT design skills, and good humor.

Cartoonist Job Description Example/Template

Cartoonists perform various functions as they strive to create illustrations that effectively capture a story or send the desired message.

The job description example presented below highlights the typical cartoonist tasks, duties, and responsibilities in most firms:

  • Make drawings of live models, reference materials of manufactured products
  • Paint artwork with choice color patterns and moods to create desired animated effect for cartoon scenes
  • Use computer animation software to create 2D or 3D motion pictures for cartoons
  • Develop and design artistic images using select equipment at their discretion
  • Adjust color, texture, light and other qualities to make static characters appear to be in motion
  • Employ their knowledge of story development, cinematography and editing to create storyboards
  • Script, plan, and ensure completion of animated narrative sequences prior to set deadlines
  • Contribute to the design/production of media campaigns through progress tracking and coordination
  • Scan hand-drawn images to produce digital art to be used for product labels or television adverts
  • Edit pen-and-paper images using computer technology to achieve a refined appearance
  • Simulate the behavior of animated objects with the aid of physical models
  • Make necessary corrections in artwork and animation to ensure they meet the requirements of clients
  • Keep record of model information to allow for easy referencing during work production
  • Ensure proper arrangement of images prior to projection
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of computer graphics and manual design.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Cartoonist Job

If you are interested in applying for the job of a cartoonist, you may be required by most employers to have the following qualifications:

  • Education and Training: The cartoonist job does not require specific educational qualifications; having excellent drawing skill is usually sufficient for the position although some employers may require cartoonists to have a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, animation, or in other related disciplines. A good portfolio of artwork is usually necessary to secure a job as a cartoonist
  • Artistic Skill: Cartoonists are adept at creating humorous and aesthetic illustration using a range of instruments
  • IT skill: They are well versed in using computer software and technology to create images and animations
  • Humor: They are proficient in relaying serious issues in an amusing manner using comic characters.


If you need to make a job description for the cartoonist position for your firm, you can conveniently and quickly apply the sample copy and information provided in this post.

You will sure be able to create a work description that completely captures the duties and responsibilities of the role, and therefore be able to attract the best candidates for the position if you are hiring.

Also, if you are interested in the cartoonist career and want to learn more about the job, this article provides the information you need.