AMDOCS Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | March 6, 2024
AMDOCS Hiring Process
To be employed at AMDOCS, candidates are expected to complete the company’s hiring process. Image source: amdocs.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at Amdocs, including the job application and interview requirements candidates need to fulfill to be employed, as well as the various career opportunities available at Amdocs.

AMDOCS Hiring Process

The Amdocs recruitment process involves the following stages:

Job Application Process

The job application procedure at AMDOCS is quite straightforward. The following information/documents should be included in the application:

  • A cover letter
  • Resume
  • References

The applicant information should be submitted via e-mail to the company’s official email address to avoid delays.

The cover letter will be read and, if it is well written, it will be returned by e-mail, because no action is taken in cases where the materials are not suitable for hire.

If you wish to receive a response sooner, provide all the materials requested.

Job Assessment Test

AMDOCS conducts problem solving exercises for candidates to aptitudes, logic reasoning and technical skills necessary to handle a job position.

Tips for Passing AMDOCS Assessment Test

These are some of the tips that may be useful for you to pass the AMDOCS assessment test:

  1. It is a good idea to take a quick look at the job profile of the position before you start working on it.

This will give you an idea about what is actually expected from you and what is going to be reviewed on your test report.

It also helps you decide on how much time to spend and how much effort to put into each problem.

2. Give yourself enough time to work on the problems. Do not try to solve all of them in a hurry if you have not got an accurate idea of your abilities or what you have to face.

Although AMDOCS will not take more than 2 hours to complete the test, ensure that you give yourself enough time so that you don’t get anxious or nervous towards the end of the test.

3. Don’t overthink a problem, so you don’t end up making silly mistakes. So relax, be calm and remember the methods that made you successful in the past.

AMDOCS Interview Process

After reviewing the submitted application materials, the applicant will be contacted by an onboarding specialist and a technical screening will be arranged.

The technical screening is conducted by the onboarding specialist who must review the technical skills needed for the position applied for.

There is an initial phone screening interview to evaluate the applicant’s soft skills.

The phone interview will be focused on what the applicant has done up until now and why he wants to join AMDOCS.

The applicant will be asked about any technical requirements for the position applied for and what challenges he/she had to face in his/her current or most recent job or school.

The onboarding specialist will explain the position and its goals and discuss whether it is a good fit for the applicant.

The applicant will then be arranged to attend an interview at the facility in Chesterfield, Missouri.

The interview will consist of a presentation where the applicant will present his skills, technical knowledge and professional experience.

Tips to Passing AMDOCS Interview Test

Here are some tips you may find useful in preparing for and passing the AMDOCS interview test:

  1. Be well-prepared and have a positive attitude in the interview. Come to the interview with a peaceful mind, be sure of your abilities and convey your passion for technology and what you want to do at AMDOCS.

Show that you are something different from other candidates by letting the interviewers know your expectations and how special an opportunity it would be for you to work there.

2. The interview can be challenging, but it is important to remain calm and be honest with your answers.

Do not try to impress the interviewers by giving them stories that are not true.

3. If you have any questions, ask them during the interview. It is better to ask too many questions than not enough questions during an interview because you want to make sure that the company is right for you.

4. Always smile: One way to send positive signals about yourself is through your body language and your facial expression.

AMDOCS Interview Questions and Answers

These are some of the questions that might be asked during an interview at AMDOCS:

  1. Why do you want to work at Amdocs?

I want to work at Amdocs because AMDOCS invests in the training of its employees and the company provides me with an opportunity to grow my skills.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

My strongest asset is my problem-solving ability. When I am given difficult tasks, I always think about what will work best for them and how can I improve the situation.

3. What would you do if you see a colleague stealing from the company?

I would report him/her to a higher authority or human resource department and ask them to take further action.

4. What experience do you have with SQL and what is your understanding of it?

I have used SQL in my current job as Database Administrator. The advantage of using SQL is that the query language provides a way to retrieve information from data persistent in various databases quickly, by using a few lines of code.

I like using it because it allows me to manipulate the data quickly. Furthermore, I am able to use different conditions and functions to filter, sort and summarize the data before retrieving it.

5. How do you deal with a situation where your boss assigns you a task that is beyond your level of expertise?

In such a case, I would analyze the requirements and try to find an approach that works best for me. Then, I would ask my boss to help me achieve the goal by giving me advice and assistance.

How Long Does AMDOCS Hiring Process Take?

Amdocs normally responds within a week of receiving your application. It takes two to three days to finish the assessment testing exercises and interview.

The average employee went through two rounds of interviews and received a response within a week.

Major AMDOCS Careers and Jobs

Some of the major careers and jobs available at Amdocs includes:

  1. IT Technician

Description: An IT technician is responsible for the installation and maintenance of computers, networks and other systems.

From time to time, he/she is asked to conduct audits to ensure that proper security measures are in place.

2. Database Administrator

Database Administrator or DBA is responsible for the design, creation and management of databases.

The DBA also has to maintain database performance as well as its integrity through backup and recovery plans.

3. Analyst

The Analyst is responsible for providing a wide range of support to company’s customers such as Account Management, product configuration, and performance management.

4. Systems Administrator

System Administrator is responsible for the installation, maintenance and operation of the computer system and all its components, including hardware, operating systems and computer networks.

5. Network Administrator

Network Administrator accounts for the software, hardware and operating system environment that makes up a network, including security, network monitoring, and performance analysis.

He also oversees other computer systems within the network.

What to Expect Working at AMDOCS

AMDOCS provides the following benefits to its employees:

  1. Employee discount for products and services
  2. Laptop or PC with Internet connection
  3. Back-up of important documents (such as passport, driving license and birth certificate)
  4. Health insurance kit
  5. Flexible working hours with weekend work option.

What Employees Dislike about Working at AMDOCS

Some of the complaints of AMDOCS employees include:

  1. Lag

AMDOCS is known to be a big company and its work environment is professional.

However, some of the employees complain that the company is not as fast paced as other companies. This can be quite discouraging to new employees.

2. Demanding culture

Some of the employees reported that their managers treat them like a toy, making them feel uncomfortable about their performance.

Office politics and office gossip are also common in this field.

3. Low pay

There is a perception that AMDOCS pays its employees poorly.

This perception can be justified from the fact that salaries are lower than other large companies in the same industry such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others

Amdocs Company Profile

Amdocs Ltd. is one of the world’s major providers of telecoms billing, customer relationship management (CRM), and order management software solutions.

The firm provides end-to-end software solutions and support services that enable telecoms carriers to give their fixed-line and mobile telephone clients with multiple platforms and multiple service billing, purchasing, and support.

Amdocs began to provide outsourcing services at the turn of the century, taking over invoicing, customer care, and customer relationship management for several of its biggest customers.

The company is one of the few in its area that offers software solutions capable of handling telephone networks with 20 to 40 million members.

Amdocs has undertaken a number of significant acquisitions throughout the late 1990s, including International Telecommunications Data Systems (ITDS) of the United States in 1999, Canada’s Solect Technology Group in 2000, and Clarify from Nortel Networks in 2001.

The purchases helped the company’s positioning as a full-service provider of turnkey CRM solutions.


We believe that you have learned useful insights about Amdocs hiring process that you can use to have a better chance of being offered a job.