Amazon DSP Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
Amazon DSP Hiring Process
The Amazon DSP hiring process consists of an interview you need to pass to be accepted into the program. Image source: CNN.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the Amazon DSP hiring process, including the job application process and interviews that you will be expected to pass through to qualify to be accepted into the program.

The Amazon delivery service partner program links a need.

Amazon has billions of packages to deliver, with someone who wants to set up a business that delivers those packages to customers.

Entrepreneurs who become Amazon delivery service partners benefit from integration with Amazon’s logistics core competency.

The Amazon DSP Hiring Process

To become an Amazon delivering service partner, you will need to complete the following steps:

Amazon DSP Job Application Process

In any given application, only one person may apply to become a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) owner.

Amazon DSP does not accept applications from companies or groups, and applicants who indicate relationships with persons or entities that pose conflicts of interest may be disqualified.

Jobs at Amazon DSP

According to Amazon, the DSP program has grown to nine countries, generating 250,000 jobs at 3,000 DSPs.

Amazon’s DSPs were critical as the company expanded rapidly during the pandemic and depended less on delivery companies such as UPS.

The DSP is known as a partner or an owner-operator, who in turn hires and trains delivery associate

Amazon DSP Interview Process

Because only the applicant will be interviewed during the interview process, the applicant’s experience and strategies must be able to address all interview questions.

If accepted into the program, the owner must sign the DSP Agreement and attend all trainings.

The owner may choose to hire and train additional partners as needed, but the owner will continue to be the primary point of contact for Amazon delivery station leaders and Business Coaches.

Applicants who identify affiliations with people or businesses that represent a conflict of interest are also ineligible to become Delivery Service Partners (DSP).

Any person with an interest (equity, financial, debt, contract, or other) in a DSP business, for example, may not have an interest in another DSP business.

Furthermore, DSPs may not be married to or partner with an existing DSP business.

Tips for pass the DSP Interview

Here are some tips on how to successfully pass the DSP interview:

  1. First, as with any job interview, come prepared. Research all the requirements of the job and practice answering basic questions like “What is your availability?” and “How would you handle a complaint?” even if you are already enrolled.
  2. Consider dressing for success. Even if your potential employer is not in an office setting, it will help to put your best foot forward and make a good first impression. Or at least go out of your way to be tidy and organized for the meeting.
  3. Also, be prepared for the interview to veer off in unexpected directions. Be willing and able to answer any questions being asked of you because of course you’ll have to deal with your own schedule and clients.
  4. Make sure that you are asking questions of the interviewers as well. You are going to be working closely with them and want to know if they have all the information they need or if there is anything else you can help them with.
  5. Amazon delivery service partner (DSP) owners must be comfortable speaking with Amazon’s Business Coach.

Amazon DSP Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from the Amazon DSP Interview:

  1. Why do you want to become a DSP?

I want to become a DSP because I can earn more money as owner than stay in a job as an employee.

  1. Do you have interest with Amazon?

No, it does not conflict my interests with Amazon.

  1. Are you interested in any other DSP business?

No, because I want to start my own business and be at top position.

  1. What is your preferred work environment?

I like to work from home so I can do this job in a peaceful environment.

  1. What is your motivation to be a DSP?

I like to work at home so I can provide service to clients seamlessly.

This job also helps me out to earn more income than employment as an employee.

It can also be profitable as I am working on my own business with high reward and low risk business model via, Inc.

How Long Does Amazon DSP Hiring Process Last?

You can expect to hear from the company within two weeks at the most after the interview.

If a job offer is made, then the business owner must submit all paperwork via email within ten days.

Major Amazon DSP Careers and Jobs

Some of the major Amazon DSP positions available include:

  1. DSP owner/operator

Description: Manages a group of delivery associates through a business.

  1. Delivery Associate

Description: Delivers goods to customers.

  1. Business Manager or Business Coach (also called a “Bizcoach”)

Description: This is an Amazon consultant who helps clients run their businesses and learn to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

  1. Operations Manager (also called “Ops manager”)

Description: This is a DSP who is responsible for overseeing all operations of the DSP business, including customer service and distribution center management.

What to Expect Working as Amazon DSP

Amazon delivery service partners enjoy many benefits including:

  1. Earn more money than traditional employment, even with no warehouse experience.
  2. Work from home or your own office with flexible hours and no commute.
  3. No warehouse or delivery experience required and no special licensing or certifications necessary for most businesses.
  4. Train from experienced DSP owners at the Amazon DSP Trade Schools and Seminars offered by Amazon Business Development Coaches Community (ABDCC).

What Some DSPs dislike about the Amazon DSP Program

Despite many benefits, some DSPs say they don’t like the Amazon DSP program because of its number of restrictions.

The most common complaints about the Amazon DSP program include:

  1. Amazon DSP owners must not share their business or personal information online or through social media.
  2. Owners may not receive any compensation from other businesses in their immediate family, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren (even if they are not related by blood).
  3. Delivery associates are required to have a typical 9-to-5 shift instead of working more flexible hours as independent contractors or proprietorships would allow them to do.
  4. Owners are not allowed to participate in any other Amazon business program.
  5. Owners may need to have a background check and insurance liability insurance before being approved as an owner by Amazon.

Amazon DSP Company Profile

Amazon’s DSP program, which debuted in 2018, has enabled the company to rapidly scale up its last-mile service delivery and to contend with shipping partners like UPS and FedEx.

In 2018, Amazon partnered with more than 2 million U.S. small businesses to sell their products on Amazon Marketplace, according to the company.

Amazon’s DSP program, however, comes with some restrictions that other Amazon business programs do not have.

For example, small businesses must get approval of a background check and insurance liability before being approved as an owner by Amazon.

Currently there are no regulations in the U.S. that prevent individuals from hiring themselves out as “independent contractors” or “freelancers” to work on Amazon’s DSP program.

Therefore, it is legal for an individual to run an Amazon DSP business using independent contractors for deliveries.


Overall, Amazon DSP is a program for anyone who has the ambition to succeed.

If you haven’t started yet, it is recommended that you start an Amazon DSP business because it offers a game-changing opportunity that may guarantees success.

This post has provided detailed information to help you easily scale the Amazon DSP hiring process and be accepted to the program.