Accounting Technician II Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Accounting Technician II job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Technicians II validate and maintain accounting records and documents. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the job description of an accounting technician II, to help you learn the work they do.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that majorly make up the accounting technician II work description.

What Does an Accounting Technician II Do?

The accounting technician II carries out responsibilities related to administrative work and accounting support in arrangement, validation, and maintenance of accounting records and documents, such as payroll, renewal of business license, utility billing, and works on affiliated duties as assigned.

Working in collaboration with leadership, the individual for this position carries out full-fledged tasks in line with the functions of an accounting technician.

This level is different from the subordinate class in the level of aptitude required, and the intricacy, diverse assignments performed, and independence with which work is carried out.

The accounting technician II job description includes recording information in the payroll system, reassessing and harmonizing payroll journals to guarantee accuracy and accomplishment of deductions and payroll.

He/she evaluates, maintains, and tracks records of pertinent staff benefits; organizes and handles deferred compensation, payment records, as well as handles, prepare, and offer payroll reports as necessary.

The role of accounting technicians II also involves following standard procedures and carrying out diverse calculations in the course of confirming, summarizing and posting tasks so as to maintain designated aspects of accounting records, including staff payroll records, accounts payable and purchase orders.

Accounting Technician II Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job description example shown below is for the position of accounting technician II and consists of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities which holders of the post are usually expected to perform:

  • Confirm, prepare, audit, and modify payroll twice in a week
  • Reassess staff time sheets and identify with the relevant departments or supervisory staff to work out and find solution to inconsistencies in time sheets
  • Print and apportion checks, as well as direct deposit check reports
  • Input staff transaction data in the payroll program as required
  • Reconcile and offer required reports and establish payment to providers
  • Pass information to and enlighten new staff with regards to benefit plans, and provide answers to department staff inquiries with regards to benefit strategies and deductions
  • Give explanation on benefits, qualification plans, coverage and appropriate regulations
  • Evaluate, manage, inputs as validated prints, and apportion checks for payment of vendor invoices
  • Get in touch with vendors concerning inquiries and give solutions to their concerns
  • Organize, evaluate, and harmonize quarterly and yearly federal and state payroll tax journals which may include evaluating, generating and apportioning necessary reports within stipulated time limits
  • Handle fixed asset documentation reports as necessary
  • Organize yearly capital asset inventory and connect with departments to guarantee assets are appropriately tagged and recorded.

To prepare an effective resume to be used in seeking the accounting technician II role, the sample job description above will also be useful.

Accounting Technician II Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

To excel on the position of an accounting technician II, candidates vying for the job will need to possess the following abilities and skills for outstanding performance of duties:

  • An accredited G.E.D certificate on completion of college courses in accounting, bookkeeping or other affiliated field with at least two years of visionary experience in performing monetary, statistical record keeping
  • Sufficient knowledge on methods and practices, as well as terminologies utilized in accounting, financial, and basic internal and fundamental accounting control
  • Commendable skills in utilizing spreadsheet and financial accounting packages, as well as using adding machines and other conventional office accessories
  • Ability to handle and determine priorities, as well as exhibit excellent judgment in line with established guidelines
  • Outstanding skills in accurately calculating and tabulating accounting and other affiliated documents promptly.