Accounting Technician I Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Accounting Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Technicians I evaluate and process records, including invoices and purchase orders. Image source:

This post focuses on the accounting technician I job description, to boost your knowledge of what they do.

It highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that usually define the accounting technician I job description.

It also presents the major requirements you may be asked to meet to be offered the job of an accounting technician I.

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What Does an Accounting Technician I Do?

The job of an accounting technician I is the fundamental level of the duties of an accounting technician where the individual is basically in charge of carrying out conventional entry level technical accounting work in a training state to enhance their skills.

In this function, the accounting technician I job description will fundamentally entail evaluating and processing records such as invoices, purchase orders, expense vouchers and other equivalent documents for uncomplicated errors, coding, classifying and posting financial data to an instituted accounting system.

He/ she will prepare straightforward programs, statements, statistical data and several other information regarding financial transactions and carry out affiliated clerical duties in organizing associated records and files.

An accounting technician I will assist accountants by engaging in diverse financial, taxation, and accountancy responsibilities.

They are employed by private and public organizations with the role to perform accountancy tasks and responsibilities ranging from preparation of diverse reports, bookkeeping, and organizing payroll in positions like account clerk, and credit control officer in order to ensure that financial information is arranged, analyzed and effectively inspected to standard.

It is important for an accounting technician I to possess organizational, numerical relationship skills.

He/she will be carrying out intricate and technical accounting work which involves review, preparation, and maintenance of accounting, budgetary and fiscal records.

He/she will guarantee accuracy and complaisance with legal and established requirements.

Accounting Technician I Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is an example of job description for the post of accounting technician I, consisting of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual is usually expected to perform with outstanding efficiency.

This sample job description can equally be utilized in writing a resume that can be used in seeking a vacant accounting technician I job.

  • Utilize software applications especially spreadsheets to keep account of and obtain information
  • Organize budgets, financial statements, reports, and accounts for customers
  • Perform auditing of external and internal accounts and effect all end of year calculations
  • Execute administrative tasks such as organizing payments for invoices and administering payroll
  • Guaranty the organizations complaisance with the prevailing taxation regulations
  • Supervise company financial transactions and ensure control of budget
  • Oversee, verify, and assign budget figures and affiliated information on claim forms, time reporting documents and requisitions
  • Supervise account balances, prepare and recommended appropriate transfer of documents to modify expenditures
  • Organize ledger accounts and set up reports on expenditures
  • Perform auditing and harmonizing of account balances, expense claims, receipts, balance against reports, and organize claims for payment
  • Organize diverse budgetary reports and financial accounting statements for remittance to superiors
  • Gather data and organize narrative explanations
  • Offer information to personnel on procedural adjustments
  • Instruct and offer advice and work direction to accounting clerical staff as designated
  • Perform analysis on accounts and organize or help in development of budget
  • Manage documentation for recording into computerized accounting operating system.

Accounting Technician I Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The accounting technician position will require the following skills and abilities to be able to function effectively:

  • A high school certificate with commendable experience in keeping of records in areas of bookkeeping accounting systems which are organized on data processing
  • At least a year’s practical experience in bookkeeping, clerical work and technical accounting
  • Substantial knowledge of utilizing contemporary office work tools and equipment, procedures and practices
  • Outstandingly conversant with terminologies of business calculations, modern office procedures or methods as well as accounting procedures
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with utilizing of office tools including copiers, computers with keyboard and calculators.