Accounting Assistant Job Description Example

By | September 3, 2023
Accounting Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Assistants perform basic bookkeeping functions. Image source:

The job description of an accounting assistant involves basic bookkeeping functions, by using accounting software like Microsoft Money and QuickBooks or work manually.

He/she keeps an eye on all debits and deposits, preparing a ledger afterwards, for approval by the senior accountant.

He/she may also prepare invoices to be sent to clients and customers.

Additionally, he/she may liaise with his/her financial institution or employer to ensure that each account is balanced, and that required funds are available.

In some organizations, the accounting assistant’s role may include accounts receivable and payable duties, which entails receiving and reconciling all invoices.

They make sure that all bills are paid on time; contact external service providers in relation to billing errors.

After funds have been received, they deposit them into the appropriate bank accounts.

As an accounting assistant, you will work closely with a team of management accountants in order to keep oiling the financial engine of an organization.

In the same vein, you would be given a chance to prove your mathematical competency; the assistant accountant job will take you to many places as every business, from film companies to slick city banks to hospitals, needs a reliable team of professional accountant and accounting assistants.

This job entails a great deal of working with numbers, so duties are likely to range from producing monthly management accounts to helping to prepare financial statements.

The accounting assistance is responsible for assisting the account executive in an advertising agency.

He/she will ensure that deadlines are met, perform administrative work, and service accounts.

Every employer has specific procedures and policies surrounding the maintenance of archived and current financial records.

In some organizations like financial services, companies are specifically required by law to preserve their fiscal documentation in a definite manner.

The accounting assistant must be properly informed of each of these regulations and guidelines, and must follow them to the book.

In some cases, the assistant may be involved in the creation of these rules. When this happens, he/she will partner with other members of the firm, such as the executive team, compliance division, senior accountants, and the legal department.

Once all record maintenance process is agreed upon, he/she then creates a manual elucidating each method.

When needed, an assistant will prepare and present a comprehensive report to the management team.

This he/she does using either spreadsheet creation programs such as Microsoft Excel or bookkeeping software.

He/she will create documents highlighting all requested information, such as monthly debits, gross revenue, and account balances.

Accounting Assistant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Shown in the job description example below is a list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that are usually performed by accounting assistants in most firms.

  • Reconcile finance accounts
  • Maintain spreadsheets
  • Perform credit control and cash allocation
  • Prepare statutory accounts
  • Process sales order, and reconcile Direct Debit mandates
  • Manage daily post in and out
  • Handle and write checks
  • Manage petty cash transactions
  • Assist account executive with assigned tasks
  • Meet clients to discuss project objectives, goals to achieve, and what is required
  • Identify advertising audiences and requirements
  • Plan advertising campaign
  • Set deadlines and kick off campaign
  • Present campaign ideas to client and staff
  • Get ideas and budgets approved
  • Brief creative, media, and research staff
  • Negotiate hourly rates and fees
  • Get approval for creative work.

Accounting Assistant Job Description for Resume

A resume for the post of accounting assistant can be made by using the sample job description above.

Information from the job description can be employed in creating the professional experience part of the resume which confirms your competence for the job to employers.

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Requirements for the Accounting Assistant position

To perform effectively in this position, the accounting assistant should display the following traits:

  • Strong knowledge of the daily operation of an office
  • Basic understanding of book-keeping and accountancy
  • Strong interpersonal skills to develop cordial relationship with customers and other contacts
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to implement own processes.