20 Top Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test
You can increase your chances of success in the Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test by engaging in lots of practicing.

20 Top Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

This article provides exhaustive facts and tips about the Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test, including practice questions and answers, to help you build the courage required to excel in the exam.

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What is Leetcode?

Leetcode is a website where people come to practice their coding skills in order to prepare for the test.

The site is mostly visited by software engineers who come to gain advantage of more than 800 questions each with multiple solutions.

Leetcode questions are ranked by the level of difficulty such as easy, medium, and hard.

20 Top Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

Below is a list of 20 Important Facts about Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test:

  1. Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Overview

This test offers you a chance to work with Amazon, but you need to clear your papers.

Amazon can only employ you when you are able to attain the minimum required score.

There are several Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment results that have been discovered, and new ones are being figured out daily.

This assessment is basically designed for software engineers (and other professionals) who aspire to work with Amazon Company.

They are required to display wonderful coding skills during the test so as to have the opportunity to be hired.

  1. How to Develop the Ability to Solve 200 Leetcode Questions

Mostly, when you need an explanation on basic questions for any topic, you visit Geeksforgeeks.

Also visit Leetcode for practice and HacherEarth for reading up basics for data and solving questions.

Choose a topic and start reading the basics of a particular data structure/Algorithm, and read about some of the common problems on that topic.

You can then move to leetcode to solve the problems.

  1. How Many Hours Can You Practice Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test?

You need to first set up space where you can work independently and focus on spans longer than one hour.

Discover what time works best for you; maybe early morning or late at night; before office or after office.

You should spend at least one to two hours per day, or ten to fifteen hours per week.

Find out what time you have the mental energy to focus if you attend college or work in an office.

It can be different for different people. There is no right or wrong time, just find out what works for you. The timing works best for you.

Dispose of all distractions like social media, and put your phone on silent if you can for one hour.

Do not think you are trying hard enough if you are not giving at least 30 minutes of focused time per problem as a beginner.

  1. How Many Leetcode Questions Should You Solve During Practice?

The amount of leetcode questions you should solve depends on your experience and expertise on each topic.

You can solve 200 leetcode questions if you are capable. There are people who have solved more than 500 questions and weren’t fortunate to make it through the interview.

Some people who solved 300 questions were able to clear the interview in several companies.

You should discover what works for you. You can move on to the next topic when you feel confident enough on one.

However, if you are starting from scratch you can target 100 leetcode problems as a number and divide it well across various topics and difficulty levels.

You can reduce the number for that topic if you have already practiced some topics like DP and graph.

  1. Maintain Some Key Pointers Specific to Leetcode

Select a topic and solve problems with it and finish it before you move to another topic.

Use ratio 3:6:1 or 3:5:2 to solve easy, medium, and hard problems, and solve easy problems by sorting them on two factors.

Acceptance rate, which is the number of people solved and attempted, indicates the question is easy.

Frequency rate is the number of times questions appeared in interviews, and it is a first-class feature.

  1. Strategies Needed for Solving Leetcode Questions

Make sure you understand the questions correctly and authenticate your assumptions by thinking of some different input and output.

Try to think in loquacious mode. Practice the approach on paper or whiteboard. Think of it as if you are explaining the approach to the hiring manager.

Go on to write code and make sure you understand the time complexity of the solution before writing it.

  1. Track Your Progress When Practicing Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

As soon as you are through with theory, begin to maintain a record of questions you do from all platforms on your own.

You can use any tool, but Google Sheets is highly recommended. It creates the much required motivation-action cycle.

  1. Maintain Consistency When Practicing Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

You need to maintain the total number of steps you take per minute while solving problems. Most of us have a day job, so you will not solve problems at the same rate.

But you can set goals by taking an average of 2 problems per day or 14 problems per week.

If you cannot cover up on weekdays, I suggest you try weekends.

To achieve this aim, you need to make some sacrifices and maintain social distancing, as well as giving up on some plans.

  1. Seek Help When Necessary as You Prepare for Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

That you cannot solve a problem doesn’t mean you are incomplete. You should rather make a poster and stick it on the wall to remind you of some new learning awaiting you.

Learning a new way to solve a problem or learning a new concept is a very major way you can prepare for Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment.

Sometimes, you will have to battle your self-worth and learn that you can’t solve all problems.

Ask for help from friends or peers at work and discuss it with them.

Try to not spend more than 24 hours on a problem, and look at hints of leetcode discussions for the problem or solution in the order.

Struggling to solve the problem for more than one day will weigh your confidence and consistency down.

  1. Many Ways that Leetcode Premium Can be Helpful

There are three ways that Leetcode Premium can help you, including letting you filter questions by company tag, allowing you to sort questions by frequency, and giving you access to the Top 50 questions for each company.

Frequency here merely represents the number of times the question has been asked in real interviews.

This factor is actually essential if you want to keep up with the style of the latest questions.

  1. What Happens When I Click to “Get Link Coupon” on Amazon Online Assessment Leetcode Searching?

The original link will emerge and you will know what website you will visit to get the discounts when you click to the button “Get link Coupon”.

  1. What are the Steps to Take to Apply the Amazon Online Assessment Leetcode Offers?

All you need to do to apply the Amazon Online Assessment Leetcode coupon is to copy the necessary code from CouponXoo to your clipboard and use it while checking out.

  1. How Can I Submit a Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Result to CouponXOO?

You can submit the coupon code to Contact@CouponXoo.com and get a reward. The coupons are verified before sharing them on the site.

  1. Where to Find the Relevant Results of Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

Go to CouponXoo.com for a display of all the relevant results of Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment.

You can also find the section “Recently Searched” at the bottom of the page to see what you have searched.

  1. How Can I Keep Track of Information on Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment?

The best way to update deals from an online store is to visit their homepage on a regular basis.

Similarly, you should also refer to the websites of Coupon, Deals, etc, and you should not disregard CouponXoo, which is a huge database of discount and coupon codes.

CouponXoo always updates the latest coupon codes periodically, which guarantees that you always have the latest ones.

  1. There Are Different Categories of Questions on Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

Questions on leetcode are better than actual software interviews. Leetcode has a broad array of questions with different level of difficulty which offers a good area to practice.

There have been times when the questions asked in the interview are similarly and entirely different.

The key factor of practicing questions on Leetcode is that it gets you ready to recognize patterns that can be applied for a variety of problems.

We would suggest you practice questions on Leetcode in order to solve different categories of questions instead of expecting similar interview questions.

  1. Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Technical Coding Round

This assessment is used to test whether a candidate can utilize the knowledge of data structures and algorithms to solve real-world problems.

The candidate is expected to reach the most optimized solution to the given problem by conveying their algorithmic knowledge along with code.

The simple step to follow to solve the coding question is to ask all the clarifying questions, consider the Brute Force approach, optimize the solution, and then write down the code.

  1. Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment System Design Round

The questions on system design are an open-ended dialogue and this round is typically carried out with an experienced candidate where your overall ability to design and scale technically-based systems is tested.

The interviewer usually is interested in the choice of resources such as:

  • Databases
  • Storage
  • Logging
  • Efficient algorithms of the functionalities
  • Discovering all the data and classes that would be vital to store if anything goes amiss in the system
  • The ability to not screw up the entire system
  • Scaling of Systems and servers involved
  • Use of Multithreading, messaging queues, Cache, etc.

It’s important you lay a strong hold on different database technologies, how they scale, and how they compare various technologies and knowledge of frameworks.

In the system design round, you will have more of a web-based component.

  1. Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Bar Raiser Round

The candidates who take part in the bar raiser round are assessed on skills and cultural fit with Amazon’s customer-centric and innovative principles.

The purpose of the bar raiser round is to make sure the candidate is raising the bar not only for the specific team but for the entire company.

This round is almost like a technical round but they measure your leadership skills, decision-making power, and mistakes, and learning from your mistakes. \

  1. What You Should Put into Consideration During Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment

Always understand the problem first, explain your thought process for the solution.

While you are thinking about the solution, you need to be loquacious.

You can always take some time to think; don’t just jump into solving the problem.

Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample practice questions and answers for the Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test to help you to effectively prepare for it:

Movies on Flight

You are on a plane and want to watch two movies during the trip.

Int movie_duration, which includes all the movie durations, is given to you.

You are also given d in minutes as the duration of the journey.

You are now asked to select two movies and the entire duration of the two movies is less than or equal to (d – 30min).

If many can be located, look for the pair of movies that have the longest total duration and take back the pair with the longest movie.



movie_duration includes 90, 85, 75, 60, 120, 150, 125
d: 250
Output from aonecode.com
[90, 125]
The greatest number within 220 (250min – 30min) is 90min + 125min = 215

K Nearest Post Offices

Given your location and a list of locations of all post offices available, find the k post offices located nearest to you.

Locations that are seen in 2D harmonizes in [X, Y], where X and Y are integers.

To find the distance between you and a post office, Euclidean distance is applied.

Let’s take your location to be [m, n] and the location of a post office is [p, q], this SquareRoot((m – p) * (m – p) + (n – q) * (n – q)) is the Euclidean distance between the office and you.

From aonecode.com, K is a positive figure much smaller than the total number of post offices given.



you: [0, 0]
post_offices include [[-16, 5], [-1, 2], [4, 3], [10, -2], [0, 3], [-5, -9]]
k = 3

Output from aonecode.com

[[-1, 2], [0, 3], [4, 3]]

Longest String Made Up Of Only Vowels

Look from a thread of lesser characters and take away two subthreads of any length at most in such a way that the remaining thread contains only these vowels here (‘a’,’e’,’i’,’o’,’u’).

Your intention is to make the most of the length of the remaining thread from a thread. After removal of at most two substrings, output the length of the remaining string.

NOTE: The answer may be 0, i.e. removing the entire string.


Input: earthproblem

Output: 2




Output: 3


You need to level up your coding skills and quickly land a job. The Leetcode Amazon Online Assessment Test is a must-pass exam if you really need that dream job.

Practicing with a timer really helps so you don’t get anxious when the timer is running low.

Read and understand the questions well, and attempt questions you know the answers first so you don’t waste your precious time.

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