Working for Talbots: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

By | September 23, 2023
Working for Talbots
Talbots is a leading women fashion retailer. Image source:

If you are looking to work for Talbots, this post provides exhaustive information about employment, career, jobs, company corporate culture, etc. at the company to help you learn about it and make the best decisions if you would like to be an employee of the company.

Talbots: Company Overview

Talbots is a good place to work a seasonal shift and really a fun place to work during the holidays. There is availability of vital information and completion of tasks is allowed.

Talbots is a leading specialty retailer and direct marketer of classic American women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories in iconic styles, fabrics, and colors.

Established in 1947, Talbots operates more than 500 stores throughout the US (45 states) and Canada, and serves customers globally through its website and catalog.

In the trend-driven world of women’s fashion, Talbots is a ‘head-to-toe’ constant. Although it flirted with hipper styles, the purveyor of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories has returned to its hallmark designs in a bid to right its struggling business.

Talbots runs about 600 stores in some 45 US states and Canada. The chain specializes in selling mostly private-label, classically-styled apparel, accessories, and shoes to women ages 35 and older. The company also sells through more than a dozen catalogs on its website.

Talbots is owned by a private equity firm Sycamore Partners, the owner of teen retailer Hot Topic and the Jones Group.

Why Work for Talbots

Talbots offers a collaborative environment and satisfies its customers’ primary desires, with smart leadership that’s driven to always be better.

The associates are social, respectful, nice and great to work with, and they maintain a good communication between departments.

One thing you need to know about Talbots is that it has a management that is very understanding and willing to work with people. And there is availability of discount and occasional bonus dollars on merchandise. That’s what Talbots does to show it values its people by increasing their pay.

Talbots also has mature and great plans for company’s future and sales model with absolutely amazing people and wonderful clients.

You can work part-time or full-time at Talbots, and you can work around the customers to select outfits. There are benefits and rewards for full-time Talbots’ workers and full attention is given to them.

At Talbots, there are no commission sales, everyone works as a team and the customers are pleased because all employees are always so eager to help. Workload is always divided equally among workers and everyone takes pride in their work and the look of their stores.

Talbots has great focus on customer service, with a high quality product and a desire to redesign the company’s image to maintain leaders in fashion.

You’ll have the chance as a Talbots’ worker to have the best retail experience because the company caters for customers who want you to be their personal shopper. You’ll get a lot of customer service experience and friendly interactions, and receive 401 and good care options as benefits.

There are no hard works at Talbots: just helping customers and opening boxes. You’ll like working at Talbots when you can tolerate strict behavior of the managers and enjoy being around elderly ladies.

The company has a very typical professional corporate culture that encompasses a multitude of departments that collaborate on a regular basis. You may like the cooperation across all lines of the company.

If you really want to be an employee at Talbots, you need to know that the company will not allow you to wear sneakers because it’s a modern classic clothing line. Your attire should reflect on the clothes you’re selling.

Careers and Jobs at Talbots

Talbots has many career and job fields to look into and choose which area of specialization is most appealing. But this depends on the person choosing the career.

Some love sales while some don’t. This is also applicable to other fields of specialization.

In just less than 50 years, Talbots appeared from a small, privately owned business to a nationally recognized, public corporation.

As the fashion chain becomes more prominent, job seekers often find outlets in about 45 states, and employment prospects continue to rise.

As the company offers both part-time and full-time employment in different capacities, career-minded applicants and students looking for money for school may find the right fit with the chain.

The commonest positions obtainable can be found within retail operations.

Striking balances between sales initiatives and customer care is very important for Talbots’ workers because the company prefers to employ those with customer service skills. It is for the best interest of the company to maximize profits.

Candidates with love of style and familiarity with company brand apparel are most sought out for by hiring managers at the fashion industry.

While most employers provide training for new-hires, the applicants should possess hardworking attitudes, thirst for knowledge, and desire to win.

A majority of retail jobs at Talbots require computer literacy, sales potential and basic levels of physical fitness. Only potential hires who possess good interpersonal skills can receive jobs at the company.

The only real requirement remains meeting the working age of 18 years or older, although some positions require some level of competency.

Some of the available entry-level jobs at Talbots are listed below:

Sales Associates: This is a very good career field at Talbots. While you do the work of a store associate handling customer care, you need to also guide potential sales through the purchasing process.

You should attempt to up-sell as many merchandise as possible while providing excellent customer service.

Other duties include maintaining cleanliness of stores, folding and restocking merchandise, and following orders from upper management.

Filling night and weekend hours is necessary for newly hired workers. Most sales associates receive hourly wages around $9.00.

However, up to $16.00 an hour stands achievable for individuals in the entry-level position apart from the usual cash bonuses and commission sharing.

Managers: You need at least four years experience in management before you can think of a higher position within Talbots. If you aim for a general manager’s position, you must maintain successful stores by increasing sales to prove your competence.

Assistant managers: Assistant managers step in to ensure efficient completion of additional tasks when general managers become overwhelmed.

Assistant managers must entertain sales associate duties, and they earn around $25,000 to $35,000 annually.

Store managers: Store manager salary packages typically range from $45,000 to $80,000 a year, including bonuses and commissions.

Training and Development Programs

Talbots has many training and development programs in three different areas such as Merchandising, Planning and Allocation, and Marketing and Creative.

As you keep checking back to the website, you’ll meet new opportunities as they are being added always.


Training program development in merchandising career field includes:

  • Associate Merchant
  • Assistant Merchant
  • Manager, Merchandising Business Process & Development

Planning and Allocation

Currently, there are no open positions for trainees at planning & allocation training and development program.

Marketing and Creative

These include:

  • Assistant Art Director
  • Creative Marketing Project Manager
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Director, Creative Copy & Brand Voice
  • Director, Ecommerce
  • Director, Online Marketing
  • Manager, Ecommerce Merchandising
  • Marketing Specialist Loyalty
  • Senior Manager, User Experience and Design
  • Senior Retoucher

Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process at Talbots

Talbots leads as a retailer and direct marketer of feminine classic apparel, shoes and accessories, and provides courteous service and a quality selection of timeless wardrobe essentials in different sizes.

They’re looking for interns that are just as passionate as they are about fashion, collaboration, and customer service.

It’s not too late to secure an exciting Spring Internship with one of the top retailers in the US, because there are openings in all areas from the company’s corporate office in Hingham, MA to their Apparel Design Center in NYC.

All of the internships at Talbots are very hands on; no matter what area you are in you will work as part of the team and gain valuable marketable experience.

Students work part-time during the semester. Most internship programs are driven by the student’s schedule and the hours needed to fulfill their credits. However, most managers prefer a minimum of 1.5 days a week.

Below is a list of areas with Spring 2018 Intern opportunities:

Hingham, MA: This comprises data analytics, consumer insights, HR – comp & benefits, and visual merchandising.

New York, NY: This includes tech design, design – accessories, apparel design, public relations, print & pattern, fabric research, and CAD.


Qualifications demands that the applicant must be currently enrolled and working towards a college degree, must be eligible to receive school credit for semester-based internships, and most importantly must have a curiosity and desire to learn.

Talbots offers equal opportunity employees and welcomes applications from various candidates.

Decisions made for hiring are based upon a candidate’s qualifications as they relate to the requirements of the position.

Talbots is committed to making available reasonable accommodations for job applicants with disabilities.

Please contact if you need an accommodation to perform the necessary duties of the position you are seeking or to participate in the application process.

Talbots has nice accommodations for qualified applicants or employees, unless such accommodations would impose an undue destitution on the operations of the Company’s business.

Talbots Corporate Culture and Values

Talbots is a family that has the culture of supporting each other day in and day out. They challenge each other to reach for the best, have fun and work smart. And when someone accomplishes their goals everyone cheers!

The passion they feel for their brand and for their customers is reflected in everything they do. And along the way, they have lots of fun.

Talbots strives constantly and consistently to do better things, just to make things happen in a better and positive way. The company believes that the better they do what they do, the good they can do. They embrace community through being good.

Talbots is committed to building relationships with their customers and associates by knowing, serving, and delighting them.

At Talbots, they win as a team and are dedicated to ensuring and applauding each other’s success.

The company earns trust and loyalty by staying true to their mission. They act with integrity, transparency and respect; and encourage creativity, innovation, and smart risk-taking.

Job Application – How to Start a Career with Talbots (the Hiring Process)

Talbots has many opportunities for those wishing to start a career at the company. After submission of application, you should speak with the hiring managers. This gives you an edge over competing candidates.

Whether you’re applying online or in person, you need to compile lists of references which include phone numbers and addresses of trusted individuals, excluding family members.

Workers who possess sales abilities, strong work ethics and determination are what most store managers are looking for.

Another way you can maximize hiring potential is by practicing interviews, knowing about Talbots fashion lines and fashionable, personal attire.

From application submission to hire, most current employees report an average of two weeks.

Some report as long as a month before hire, while others state only a 2-3 day waiting period.

Following interviews, applicants should contact hiring managers to demonstrate personal responsibility and real interest for positions.

Online applicants may receive interview offers later than one month from submission as stores keep the files readily available.

Structured interview process is conducted at Talbots to assess potential hires. A candidate is generally evaluated through a one-on-one interview.

At the interviews, you’ll be asked why you want to work for Talbots, any work experience you have in the fashion retail industry, why you should be hired, how you would handle a difficult customer, how you would sell their outfit, and lots more.

Dress Fashionably

Dress fashionably to show off personal styles, as Talbots styles blend classic tastes with modern flair, which serves as the first model for applicants to base wardrobe choices worn to Talbots’ interviews.

If you want to improve your chances of receiving a job offer, you need to wear clothing from Talbots. Match your outfit to that of a current employee or seasonal outfit for ideas on what to wear to the interview.

Distinguish Yourself

You can distinguish yourself from others when you answer all Talbots’ interview questions plainly and cautiously.

Look the interviewer in the eye and use a strong speaking voice. Try to show skills in sales and customer service with each response. Make provision for examples from past jobs to demonstrate your capacity.

Associates with passion for the company’s brand stand a better chance of being hired. Express real interest for the company and desires to begin work. Also express an ability to work nights and weekends to further improve hiring chances.

Talbots is seeking workers who can work flexible work schedules, so you can win the interview if you can give the hiring managers what they expect to see.

Benefits and Compensation for Working at Talbots

If you find yourself working as a worker at Talbots, you have access to the numerous benefits the company offers to its workers.

Talbots takes the health and well-being of each of their associates to the heart. The company strives to provide a competitive benefits package focused on the wellness of their associates and families.

Talbots is constantly looking for new ways to support its associates and enhance its benefits package, which differs according to position and location.

The employees at Talbots receive a few retirement savings plans and other benefits. Many members of the American workforce rely on employer-sponsored group health benefits, through which businesses typically pay a sizable percentage of their workers’ health insurance premiums, just as Talbots’ workers do. Therefore, workers receive tax deductions for their contributions and also receive the coverage tax-free.

Talbots provides health, dental, and vision insurance. Also available at the company are group life insurance, short-term disability insurance for accidents or illness, long-term disability insurance, and death benefits, which cover certain causes of death.

To help guarantee a stable source of income later in life, a large number of workers participate in employer-sponsored pension plans. Talbots offers defined benefit pension plans. Workers are paid a fixed amount when they retire as a defined benefit pension plan.

Benefits at Talbots Company

At Talbots, you’ll come across various types of benefits which include:


Talbots’ healthcare benefits include national health, dental and vision plan options such as health insurance premium incentives to help lower your costs, wellness program to keep fit for life; online, telephonic and onsite health coaching programs, incentives and discounts throughout the year to keep the staff all moving; MDLIVE which includes Tele-health medicine done through Talbots medical plans, immediate access to a doctor 24/7, online or by phone, and personalized health management programs.


Talbots helps you to save money for future use, and these benefits come in the following form:

  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Transportation Reimbursement


Talbots promises to get you covered up as part of the company’s benefits. These include:

  • Short Term and Long Term Disability: This beneficial coverage provides income replacement when on medical leave.

Planning for the Future

Talbots will help you plan for your future as part of the company’s benefits. These benefits include:

  • 401(k) Plan
  • Eligible for match at hire
  • Auto-enroll feature
  • Auto-increase feature

Continuing Your Education

If you’d like to continue your education at Talbots, the opportunity is there for you. The benefits under this category include tuition assistance and opportunities to participate in company-based learning and development programs.

Taking time for Yourself and Others

The benefits under this category include paid time off, Summer Fridays like a chance to work 1/2 days, and paid volunteer time such as a chance to make a difference in your community.

Financial Protection

Talbots provides financial protection for you and your loved ones as part of the company’s benefit offer in the form of company paid basic life and AD&D, associate optional life, optional dependent life insurance for spouses and children, and optional AD&D.

Recognition Benefits

The re-cognition benefits you can get at Talbots include:

  • Generous Associate Discount
  • Formal recognition programs

Work/Life Balance at Talbots

Talbots Inc. has created an opportunity and benefits that will enable its workers to find work/life balance.

Because Talbots provides achievable work/life balance for its employees, it has become an attractive place for anyone aspiring to go into fashion job.

Employees at Talbots can either work part-time or full-time to balance their lives with their job responsibilities. Talbots’ work/life balance includes adoption assistance and Mother’s Room in the company’s corporate locations to make transitions back to work easier.

The Employee Assistance Program includes professional counseling and referral services that support everyday life events, personal life coaching, and work/life balance support like backup childcare and elderly resources.


Talbots is a great company with wonderful and nice people to work with. You may consider finding a career there to have flexible moments at your workplace.

This post provides you the information you need to enable you do a detail study of the company, including learning about employment, jobs, and careers at the company if you are considering working there.

Did you find this post helpful in learning about careers, jobs, and employments at Talbots? Kindly leave a comment in the box below. You can also share some experience you’ve had working at Talbots Company if you are or have been an employee of the company.

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