Walgreens Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Walgreens Hiring Process
To gain an employment at Walgreens requires completing the company’s hiring process. Image source: chicagobusiness.

Walgreens Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The hiring process at Walgreens involves various stages, including job application and interview where you will be expected to successfully answer certain questions to be employed.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at Walgreens, to help you learn what is involved in getting a job there.

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Walgreens Company Overview

Walgreens, also known as the Walgreen Company is an American company that operates as the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States of America slightly behind CVS Health.

The Walgreen Company specializes in filling prescriptions, health, and wellness products; health information and photo services.

As of 2019, the company had about 9,277 store outlets all over the United States.

It was founded in the year 1901 and has its headquarters in Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois.

Walgreens Hiring Process

Here we will be looking at the different processes or stages involved in getting hired in Walgreens Company.

This starts from your application, application review, interview, and some possible interview questions you should expect.

The processes may differ from time to time but we will look at the Walgreens hiring processes that have been for some time now.

1. Walgreens Job Application

This is usually the first stage you need to scale through before completing other processes.

There are three possible ways of applying for a job at Walgreens: through the company’s website, LinkedIn page, and in their store outlets.

If you wish to apply through the company’s website, then all you need to do is to create an account with the company online via their website.

After applying online, you will need to visit any of the company’s outlets closest to you to complete some skills assessment.

This is done in person.

The applications are reviewed by the hiring managers before contacting potential employees.

This process does not exceed three weeks. Also, on your own, you can contact the stores directly and as well checking on your online profile for any notification.

2. Walgreens Interview Process

Interview is a necessary process any potential employee of Walgreens must pass through.

This is done to enable the hiring managers know if you suit the needs of the company.

However, this is done after your application has been reviewed and you are deemed qualified for the interview.

Now, let’s look at some possible questions you could face during your interview and how can answer them.

Walgreens Company Interview Questions

What are the possible questions you can face during your interview at Walgreens? Follow through to know.

  1. Have you at any time helped someone achieve their dream? If yes, how?

How to answer

Throw your mind back to when you helped someone achieve something great and narrate it briefly to the interviewer.

2. Has there been any time you led a team? What was your experience?

How to answer

What the interviewer wants to know is how experienced you are in leadership. He wants to know your leadership abilities. That’s all.

3. Why do you want to work for Walgreen?

How to answer

What the interview wants to know is your dreams and ambitions while working for Walgreens. Note that talking about your potential pay could be a potential pitfall in the interview.

Talk about your dreams and ambitions which you think you can achieve while working for Walgreens.

4. Describe a situation where you had to deal with an angry and irritating customer

How to answer

The interviewer wants to know about your customer service skills.

Customers can be impatient and annoying but the skills needed to calm them down and talk peaceably with them is what the interviewer wants to find out in your answer.

5. What motivates you in your job

How to answer

The interviewer wants to know what drives you in your job probably in your former job.

Again, the pay should not be the first thing to talk about. Avoid it entirely if possible.

6. How do you approach situations that need confidentiality?

How to answer

Assure the interviewer that confidentiality is one of your most coveted skills in your career.

Also, assure the interviewer that you don’t discuss confidential details with the wrong persons.

7. How effective are you in communication?

How to answer

What the interviewer wants to know is how good you are in communication and how you intend to relate with others in the workplace through effective communication.

Communication is important to any organization and Walgreens is not left out.

You could be faced with diverse forms of questions depending on the interviewer and the position you are vying for.

In all, you have to prepare well for the interview and maintain your calm and think before you answer any question thrown at you at the interview.

Walgreens Company Careers and Jobs

Before you land a job at Walgreens Company, here are some of the conditions you must meet:

  • You must be up to 16 years or above
  • You could work on part-time or full time
  • Though you don’t need prior work experience, but in the area of photography and pharmacy, there are some standards you must meet.
  • Ability to work with the company’s hour of operation, which is Monday-Sunday, 8:00am-10pm

Here are the vacancies at Walgreens currently:

  1. Sales Associate
  2. Pharmacy Technician
  3. Photo Specialist
  4. Cashier
  5. Custodian
  6. District Manager

There could be more vacancies if you keep tab on the company’s website. So you just have to keep checking for more vacancies.

What to expect working with Walgreens Company

Working with Walgreens Company comes with a lot of experience.

This is partly dependent on the department where you find yourself and partly what is obtainable in the organization as a whole.

So, below are some of the things you can expect while working for Walgreens:

  1. Salaries differ with department and levels
  2. Employees are supervised to ensure there is no laziness whatever
  3. You are entitled to store discounts
  4. You get paid for time off
  5. Sponsored vacation
  6. Sick leave
  7. You have medical insurance
  8. Life insurance


Working for Walgreens could be that little thrust you need in your career.

You just need to apply for the available position you desire and prepare well for your interview.

Other processes are mere formalities which you can scale through if you do your best.