Video Production Specialist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | July 16, 2023
Video Production Specialist Job Description
Video production specialists ensure all video products meet the required technical specifications before release.

This post covers all you need to know about a video production specialist job description, including the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities they are expected to perform.

It also presents the major requirements for being considered by most companies for the video production specialist role, please read on:

What Does a Video production Specialist Do?

The video production specialist job description involves developing and executing video post-production procedures, including reviewing film, making editorial judgments, video transcoding, rough cuts, audio adjustment, color correction, and final editing in Final Cut Pro software.

It also entails utilizing computer graphics and special effects for video post-production in accordance with the creative vision of the producer or client.

The video production specialist role also involves designing and producing motion graphics.

Video production specialist ensures that all video products meet the required technical specifications before release.

They coordinate with other departments, such as sound, marketing, and advertising to ensure that videos are produced in accordance with the overall strategic objectives of the company or client.

It is their duty to operate equipment, such as HD video cameras, professional lighting kit, and related support gear.

Video production specialists are also responsible for maintaining shooting logs, producing shooting dailies, and organizing electronic files for editing.

Their duties also cover building storyboards and transcoding footage into edit-friendly formats.

It also entails reviewing scripts before production to identify format issues and offer recommendations.

Video production specialists create daily edits during production process that can be used by the director for reference while directing cast and crew.

They ensure that all studio lights are set up correctly with both color temperature and intensity calibrated appropriately before shooting begins so as not to influence footage.

It is also their job to write and perform video tests to determine the effectiveness of setup, picture quality, audio quality, lighting consistency, color temperature balance, focus issues, and lens distortion, and other issues that may compromise shot footage before shooting begins.

More on Video Production Specialist Job Description

The video production specialist’s tasks also include helping producers scout locations for shoots at various sites.

Video production specialists exhibit excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing, working with both internal team members and external clients.

They create storyboards to help visualize the pace of each scene before shooting begins; they also write treatment or script.

Video production specialist also maintain current understanding of appropriate technologies; recommend upgrades or new technologies that could improve the video post-production process.

Overseeing quality control of all videos produced and ensuring that a high level of professionalism is maintained throughout all projects are also duties performed by video production specialists.

Their tasks also involve editing and finalizing videos for distribution, including color correction, sound adjustment, and adding graphic elements as required.

Video production specialists ensure that all video files are named according to established standards so as not to cause problems during the editing process.

It is also their duty to synchronize on-screen text with audio track using professional graphics package.

The video production specialist work description also involves ensuring that videos are encoded in appropriate formats for target websites, showcasing the strengths of each video.

It also entails optimizing video files to ensure they are as small as possible without compromising performance or experience..

Video Production Specialist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following duties, tasks, and responsibilities generally make up the job description of a video production specialist:

  • Creates innovative and effective video products by correctly comprehending the producer’s or client’s vision
  • Works with producers, editors, graphic designers, and other personnel to produce films that comply with the specified criteria
  • Provides technical support for any equipment and software used in video production
  • Ensures quality control of all video products
  • Edits and finalizes videos for distribution
  • Maintains knowledge of current technologies and recommends appropriate ones
  • Designs and produces motion graphics
  • Ensures that all technical requirements are met before releasing any video product
  • Coordinates with other departments such as sound, marketing, and advertising to ensure that videos are made in line with brand and design standards and marketing campaigns
  • Creates storyboards to assist filmmakers conceive of the tempo of each section before filming begins; may also write script treatments or scripts
  • Assists with pre-production, location scouting, casting talent, budgeting, and scheduling as required
  • Operates equipment and software required for video production, such as cameras, sound systems, and lighting
  • Participates in the editing, finalization, and distribution of videos
  • Works on color correction, sound adjustment, and adding graphical elements as needed.

Video Production Specialist Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume as someone who is currently working as a video production specialist or has worked in that position before, you can highlight such experience in the work/job/professional experience section of your resume/CV.

You can easily create this section by applying the video production specialist duties and responsibilities given in the above job description example.

Having the professional experience section in your resume can significantly boost the impact of your resume on the recruiter to grant you an invite for an interview.

This is because the work experience section shows that you have been successful or are being successful doing the job of a video production specialist, which means you will be effective on the new job, especially if the new job requires some work experience as a video production specialist.

Video Production Specialist Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a video production specialist, here are major requirements to meet for most employers to offer you the job:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline
  • Experience of at least three years as a video specialist or in a similar role
  • Video and video editing experience is beneficial
  • Innovative thinker
  • The ability to identify and resolve issues, as well as being a critical thinker and problem-solver
  • Good team player
  • Able to manage time efficiently
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellence in using Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects to edit video
  • Knowledge and a thorough understanding of motion graphics.

Video Production Specialist Salary

The average yearly salary of a video production specialist in the United States is $48,750, which comes to $25 per hour.

Starting salaries for entry-level jobs are $37,050 per year, while most experienced professionals earn up to $67,734 per year.


Video production specialists are creative professionals who work with directors, producers, and other video crews to film content for TV programs.

They specialize in technical aspects of the process like lighting, sound recording, camera operation and editing.

Video production specialists also have a strong understanding of the program requirements before they even step foot on set.

These people can be found working at television stations or productions studios as well as freelance jobs where they produce commercially sponsored videos that sell products online.

This post is helpful to individuals interested in a video production specialist career, to increase their knowledge about the role and be convinced if that is what they want to do.

Recruiters/employers in the process of hiring for the video production specialist role can also use the sample video production specialist job description provided on this page in creating a detailed one for their organizations.