Top 25 Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples and Tips for Writing It

By | November 8, 2023
Insurance Agent Resume Objective
With a compelling objective, your insurance agent resume or CV stands a greater chance of being read by prospective employers/recruiters.

When writing an objective statement for insurance agent resume or CV, it is important to highlight relevant skills, such as needs assessment and analysis, customer service, and product knowledge, as well as qualities and experience that portray you as a great fit for the insurance agent position that you are applying for.

In this post, we discuss how to write an impactful resume objective for an insurance agent job. You’ll also find valuable examples of resume objectives tailored specifically for insurance agent positions.

Additionally, we outline the key qualifications, like abilities, skills, certifications, education, experience and training that are sought after by recruiters/employers when hiring for the role of insurance agent.

How to Write a Great Insurance Agent Resume Objective Statement

Your insurance agent resume objective acts as a short introduction to who you are professionally and what makes you qualified for the open position.

Follow these tips to craft a strong objective statement for your insurance agent resume:

Review the key responsibilities and requirements of the insurance agent role.

When writing your resume objective, be sure to highlight the specific skills and experiences that match what the employer is looking for in their insurance agent job post.

Use their language and keywords where you can. Numbers and metrics can help too, quantify your achievements if possible to showcase your qualifications.

  • Make sure to customize your insurance agent objective for each application

Really demonstrate your enthusiasm for that particular company. A generic statement won’t cut it. Keep it short and sweet, just 2-3 lines max.

The focus should be on what you can bring to the table, not what you hope to get out of the job.

Ultimately, you want to show the hiring manager that you have the right background and abilities to excel as their next insurance agent.

Now, let’s see some good examples of insurance agent objectives you can apply in making your resume or CV:

Top 25 Insurance Agent Resume Objective Examples

  1. Licensed Life and Health insurance agent able to leverage 5+ years of experience to quickly expand client base for ABC Insurance Company.
  2. Insurance agent seeks to use proven sales abilities that have generated over $500K in annual premiums to meet aggressive sales goals in a Commercial Insurance Agent role at XYZ Insurance.
  3. Insurance professional with 3 years of experience in the industry, skilled at assessing client needs and presenting tailored solutions is excited to bring these strengths to DEF Insurance to foster long-term client relationships.
  4. Insurance agent dedicated to helping clients assess risks and select optimal insurance products to protect assets is eager to apply consultative approach and industry expertise to grow book of business.
  5. Experienced multi-line insurance agent seeks a Property & Casualty Insurance Agent role at ABC Company to utilize expertise in risk management and 10+ years of customer service excellence.
  6. Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent passionate about financial planning and guiding clients to choose policies providing financial security desires role with GHI Financial Group.
  7. Accomplished sales professional with track record of surpassing sales quotas seeks to leverage relationship-building talents to increase client retention and insurance sales volume at FL Inc.
  8. Responsible insurance agent adept at explaining policy terms and conditions to customers. Known for patience and dependability seeks new opportunity to grow with BK Assurance.
  9. Licensed insurance agent motivated to leverage product knowledge and digital insurance platforms to drive new business seeks role at TBI Insurance.
  10. Personable insurance professional skilled at customer needs analysis as well as proven history of keeping clients satisfied and policies renewed seeks role as an Insurance Agent with JKL Insurance.
  11. Enthusiastic recently licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent is eager to apply product knowledge and develop customized plans meeting client needs at MSS Assurance.
  12. Self-motivated insurance agent skilled at acquiring new customers and delivering excellent service to generate repeat business desires position with GT Insurance.
  13. Proactive insurance agent successful at prospecting new clients through outbound calling, networking and social media is excited to significantly expand regional presence for MNO Insurance.
  14. Licensed P&C insurance agent skilled at assessing complex risks for commercial clients across industries including construction, manufacturing and healthcare seeks role at DX Assurance to benefit company with my skillset.
  15. Dedicated insurance professional known for needs-based consultative approach, and with 5 years of experience providing comprehensive plans to clients seeks new opportunity with PQR Insurance.
  16. Personable insurance agent talented at explaining policy details and retaining book of business seeks to apply good listening competencies focused on building long-term client relationships at ABC Insurance.
  17. Highly-motivated Property and Casualty Insurance Agent desires to leverage industry expertise to assess client risks, structure optimal policies and build book of business with STU Insurance.
  18. Organized and analytical insurance agent successful at streamlining processes to improve customer satisfaction and retention is excited to join AMA Assurance.
  19. Licensed Life Insurance Agent adept at using knowledge of products and services to educate clients on options and customize financial solutions is eager to join PX Insurance.
  20. Experienced commercial lines insurance agent targeting new role to apply account management talents and deliver exceptional service desires new role at ALX Insurance.
  21. Insurance professional equipped to identify client needs, cross-sell products and drive sales through outbound calls and lead follow-up is eager to join VC Insurance.
  22. Licensed P&C Agent seeks to leverage skills in client relations, policy analysis and retention to fulfill Insurance Agent role with VWX Insurance.
  23. Self-motivated Insurance Agent is eager to join BUA Assurance to apply consultative approach to customer service and ability to explain complex policy information clearly and simply.
  24. Professional insurance agent desires new opportunity at BG Insurance to leverage stellar communication talents and apply industry expertise for the benefit of clients.
  25. Energetic newly licensed Life, Health and Annuities Insurance Agent seeks to utilize skills in building rapport with clients and product knowledge to drive sales at ABC Insurance.

Insurance Agent Skills, Qualifications, and Abilities for Resume Objective

To succeed as an insurance agent, there are several key abilities, skills, certifications, education, experience and training that are highly valued by employers.

Here are some of the major ones that you can apply in making your resume objective for an insurance agent position:

  1. Abilities
  • Strong communication skills: explain policies clearly, listen to client needs
  • Persuasive and confident when pitching products
  • Personable and outgoing
  • Analytical: assess risks, determine appropriate policies
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  1. Skills
  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • Customer service
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales and networking
  • Time management and organization.
  1. Certifications/Licenses

For starters, getting licensed is a must. You’ll need a state insurance license to sell policies.

The Series 6 and 63 licenses allow you to sell securities too. Professional designations like Certified Insurance Counselor or Certified Risk Manager look impressive on a resume.

  1. Education

Education-wise, a high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum. But companies really like to see a Bachelor’s degree, ideally with a focus on business, finance or something related.

  1. Experience

Some experience in sales or customer service roles is extremely helpful. 1-2 years is a good amount.

Internships or any insurance company experience gives you a major leg up.

Once hired, you can expect extensive product and software training. There’s a lot to learn about the different policies you’ll sell.

And you’ll need to master CRMs and other insurance tech platforms. Ongoing continuing education is also required to stay current on insurance topics.

The right mix of these qualifications is key. Make sure to highlight the relevant ones on your resume and in interviews.


The resume objective is so important for showing employers why you’re a great fit for the insurance agent role.

Luckily, this post has shown exactly how to craft an awesome objective statement. The examples tailored specifically for insurance agent positions are super helpful.

You can use those as inspiration to highlight your own relevant skills and experience as an insurance agent.

This post also covers the key qualifications hiring managers look for. We’re talking must-have abilities, certifications, education, and training – the whole package.

Seeing those qualifications in your objective and resume will grab their attention for sure.

With an effective, focused objective statement backed up by your qualifications, you’ll be in a great position to land your dream insurance agent job.

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