Top 25 Entry Level Resume Objective Examples and Tips for Writing It

By | November 10, 2023
Entry Level Resume Objective
You can make your entry level resume more effective by have a compelling objective statement.

Crafting a strong objective statement for your resume or CV when applying for an entry level job is an important way to stand out of the competition and get the recruiter/employer to read all parts of your resume and consider you for the entry level position that you are seeking.

Your resume objective is often the first thing a hiring manager sees when assessing your entry level resume, so you want to make sure it grabs their attention.

The goal of an objective statement in a resume or CV is to briefly summarize why you are an excellent fit for the open position.

It highlights your relevant skills, experiences, and passions as they relate to the entry level role you are applying for.

This post walks you through how to write an effective entry level objective statement for your resume or CV, and also provides great resume objective examples tailored specifically for entry level positions.

With a compelling resume objective, you can easily and quickly catch a hiring manager’s attention and increase your chances of getting an interview for that dream first job. Let’s get started!

How to Write a Solid Entry Level Resume Objective Statement

When crafting your resume objective for an entry level position, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Research the entry level job description

Thoroughly review the entry level job description and highlight keywords that describe required and preferred skills. Include one or two of these skills in your objective.

  • Keep it concise

Your entry level resume objective is best when kept short and sweet, aim for 2-3 lines.

  • Tailor it

Customize your objective for each entry level job you are applying to. Generic objectives are less effective.

  • Focus on your relevant strengths

Include your most applicable abilities, knowledge and experiences. Quantify accomplishments when possible.

  • Align with the company’s needs

Demonstrate how your skills and values align with the employer’s goals.

  • Emphasize passions/motivations

For entry level roles, convey why you are excited about and committed to the opportunity.

With some careful thought, you can craft a resume objective that captures exactly why you are an ideal candidate for the entry level job.

Now let’s look at some examples:

Top 25 Entry Level Resume Objective Examples

  1. Competent candidate seeks an entry-level sales associate position at Smith Retail where customer service skills and interest in the retail industry to grow with the company will be utilized.
  2. Energetic recent graduate is excited to leverage a finance degree and academic achievements to obtain a challenging entry-level financial analyst position at Household Bank.
  3. Customer-focused college student desires an entry-level customer service role at Acme Corporation to apply academic knowledge and internship experience providing excellent support.
  4. Recent marketing graduate passionate about social media platforms and experienced in content creation seeks to leverage skills as a social media specialist at Wixx Company.
  5. Career-oriented nursing graduate is eager to use patient care abilities, medical knowledge and attention to detail as an entry-level registered nurse with ABC Healthcare.
  6. Enthusiastic computer science graduate desires an entry-level software engineer role at RF Company to utilize academic programming skills and thrive in a quality-focused environment.
  7. Skilled engineer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Big Ten University is excited to bring analytical abilities, problem-solving skills and leadership to an entry-level engineering position at Boeing.
  8. Creative art and design graduate with a willingness to take on additional responsibilities and passionate about digital advertising is eager to utilize artistic skills as a junior graphic designer at FireMore Agency.
  9. Hard-working business administration graduate with proven leadership abilities seeks an entry-level business analyst position at Fortune 500 company to leverage analytical mindset and interpersonal skills.
  10. Enthusiastic and Qualified teacher candidate seeks an elementary school teaching position to utilize patience, organization and creativity helping students succeed.
  11. Skilled biology major desires an entry-level lab technician role with GenTech Laboratories to bring careful attention to detail, organization, and a passion for the natural sciences.
  12. Hospitality management new graduate with experience in event planning, operations and customer satisfaction desires entry-level event coordinator position with Marriott International.
  13. Recent communications graduate and editorial intern passionate about media and journalism seeks entry-level content writer position with Fast Paced Media to contribute creative and strategic writing skills.
  14. Certified IT Support Professional desires entry-level help desk role with TechCorp to leverage customer service mindset and resolve client computer issues.
  15. Accomplished marketing intern with experience in digital media campaigns and content creation seeks entry-level social media manager position with Social Media Co.
  16. Multilingual college graduate (English and Spanish) with proven communication abilities desires customer-facing entry-level position to serve Spanish-speaking clients and grow with a company.
  17. Skilled biology student passionate about conservation seeks entry-level park ranger role with National Parks Service to educate visitors and protect natural resources.
  18. Equipped real estate new graduate seeks entry-level leasing agent position with ABC Property Management to bring sales capabilities, negotiation skills and enthusiasm to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  19. Driven accounting graduate skilled in data analysis, multitasking, organization and dedicated to accuracy is interested in an entry-level auditor position with EDF Company.
  20. Recent cybersecurity program graduate with hands-on experience securing networks seeks entry-level IT security specialist role to mitigate threats using analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  21. Enthusiastic HR student with internship experience in recruitment and training desires an entry-level HR coordinator position with growing company to apply skills supporting operations.
  22. Skilled construction management graduate seeks entry-level project engineer role with Turner Construction to apply technical knowledge. committed to safety and quality work.
  23. Passionate agriculture and animal science major desires to utilize livestock care and management experience in an entry-level feedlot technician role with Cactus Feeders.
  24. Professional writing student and editor of university newspaper is eager for an entry-level journalist role with The Daily Times to contribute strong writing and research skills.
  25. Organized and creative individual who excelled in culinary arts training program. seeks entry-level line cook role at 5-star Astor Hotel to learn from excellent chefs.

Entry Level Skills and Qualifications for Resume Objective

Here are major skills, qualifications, and experience you can highlight in your entry level resume objective:

  1. Education
  • Degree, diploma, or certificate in a relevant field of study
  • Academic achievements like honors, awards, GPA.

2. Experience

  • Internships, volunteer work, freelance projects
  • Class projects that relate to the role.

3. Abilities

  • Communication, writing, math, analytical, and creativity
  • Language fluency, problem-solving, adaptability.

4. Technical Skills

  • Computer programs, specialized equipment/tools
  • Certifications like coding languages, First Aid, Food Safety.

5. Soft Skills

  • Teamwork, work ethic, positive attitude, time management
  • Customer service, leadership, willingness to learn.

6. Personal Traits

  • Detail-oriented, organized, passionate, enthusiastic
  • Align values with company culture and mission

When writing your resume objective, include 1-2 skills or qualifications that are highly relevant to the job posting and demonstrate why you are an ideal candidate.


Writing an effective entry level resume objective is crucial to getting your foot in the door for that first big job opportunity.

With the right research and preparation, you can craft an objective that makes an immediate strong impression on the hiring manager.

Emphasize your applicable education, experiences, skills and passions and align yourself with the company’s needs and culture.

Keep it concise, yet compelling.

Use the tips and examples provided in this post to showcase why you are the ideal candidate ready to hit the ground running in an entry level role.