Top 10 Benefits of Working from Home

By | July 18, 2023
Working from Home
Working from home is now common with many employers for the benefits that it provides.

At first, during the lockdown, it was impossible to imagine having employees work from home, but it was necessary and has now shown to provide lots of benefits.

The rush to organize an effective work-from-home strategy was indeed real.

However, we noticed how people settled in and began to learn that employees could stay productive even when they were not in their respective offices.

The pandemic ushered in the epiphany that remote work was just as effective as working at the office.

Top 10 Benefits of Working from Home

If you’re hunting for a remote job or you already work virtually, here are some ways working from home can be beneficial:

  1. Flexible Schedules
  2. Workspace customization
  3. Less commute stress
  4. Save money
  5. No office distractions
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Cozy clothes
  8. More time with family, friends, or yourself
  9. Location independence
  10. Improved inclusivity.
  1. Flexible Schedules

Working from home offers the opportunity to take breaks when you feel like, start and end work when you want to, and more.

Working at home makes it possible to control your schedule, giving you a better grasp of your time and a more effective work-life balance.

  1. Workspace customization

Unlike the office where nothing is customized to fit your style, taste, or preference, at home, you can customize your workplace however way you want.

You can choose your noise level, from extremely quiet to vibing to a Beyonce concert.

You can set the smells, furniture, and everything else according to your personal needs and preferences.

  1. Less commute stress

Several studies show that the average commuting time to and from work daily is nearly one hour.

Auto Insurance center reveals that in a year commuters typically spend about a hundred hours commuting and forty-one hours stuck in traffic.

Apart from the time wasted, other downsides include increased anxiety and stress levels which affect various other health areas.

Less commute time improves physical and mental health and lets workers have more time to focus on their work and life outside work.

  1. Save money

So much money is spent on things like transportation, parking fees, gas, professional wardrobe, car maintenance, and lunch every single day.

These expenses will be avoided when you work from home, which saves you money because you aren’t paying to commute, buying gas, buying work clothes, maintaining your car as often, and you’re not buying food; you’re making and eating food at home while you work.

Studies say that people who work from home most of the time are likely to save up to $4000 in a year.

This isn’t just about the employees; companies have also benefited from the work from home culture and have been able to rack up an incredible amount in savings.

Global Workplace Analytics says that a company will typically save close to $11,000 in a year for each employee that works remotely.

The companies are saving up on real estate costs, continuity of operations, transit subsidies, and more.

  1. No office distractions

Office environments can be distracting with co-workers talking loudly or arguing.

Office politics, noisy sirens blaring outside the window, and employers bothering you all the time are other distractions you can face in the office.

When you work from home, all of these distractions are out of the way, leaving just you and your work.

  1. Increased productivity

The home environment does not have as many interruptions, it is quieter depending on if you live alone or how many family members live with you, no commutes, stressing over what to wear, and fewer distractions.

All of these together boost productivity which is great for both the employer and employee, because now all the employee focuses on is getting the work done.

  1. Cozy clothes

Working from home lets you skip the professional work clothes which are sometimes not even comfortable.

They are either always too tight, too heavy, too much, too distracting, too itchy, and the list goes on.

When you work from home, you can dress comfortably in your old sweatpants, your leggings, or your pyjamas and skip the dress-ups.

This way, you’re cosier, you do not feel uncomfortable, you have more time and you can focus on doing the actual work.

  1. More time with family, friends, or yourself

Working from home allows for a flexible work schedule, this way, you can include your loved ones and yourself in your schedule easily.

You can snuggle with your dog; you don’t have to rush off every day without an extra second holding your partner; you get to play with your kids (if you have Kids) and take care of your sick relative too.

Beyond all of this, you also get to have alone time resting, meditating, or just completing some other personal tasks.

  1. Location independence

Working from home affords access to a wider range of job opportunities not in any way limited by physical location.

This means that you do not have to be in the same location as the office location of the job.

This is especially useful for military spouses or job seekers that live in small towns with few opportunities.

This also lets people travel as they would want while having steady, stable, and successful careers.

For military spouses especially, this is a huge perk that means they do not always have to lose their jobs whenever they move; they can keep their jobs and their career as they move with their partners.

  1. Improved inclusivity

Working from home encourages inclusivity and diversity via hiring different people with different cultures, different locations, different backgrounds, and perspectives.

All of this is difficult when recruiting gets restricted to just the office locale.


Although the pandemic may have promoted remote work for thousands of employees, however, it is not the only reason to work from home.

There are great benefits of remote work and it is slowly becoming the way forward.

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