Senior Accounting Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Senior Accounting Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Senior Accounting Technicians monitor, develop, and maintain complex departmental accounting units. Image source:

This post presents exhaustive information on the job description of a senior accounting technician, to help increase your knowledge of the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role.

What Does a Senior Accounting Technician Do?

In recent times, the senior accounting technician is responsible mainly for focusing on assessing the effects of fresh revenue identification rules on the organization.

He/she will drive the required process and policy modifications that are necessary for prompt, worldwide and smooth execution of new standards.

The senior accounting technician job description entails working jointly with the senior director on diverse SEC reporting and technical accounting matters.

It also involves carrying out intricate paraprofessional accounting tasks, including monitoring, developing, and maintaining intricate departmental accounting units.

They may also work as a technical specialist accountable for the management of significant groups of funds, revenue and expenditure accounts and budget units.

By utilizing enacted guidelines, the individual working in this role also carries out assessments and analysis on expenditure and revenue of a budget unit or finance department to ascertain the optimum allowable recompense claim and submits the information to the necessary agencies.

He/she takes active part in maintenance and development, as well as rectifying and executing automated monetary tracking and record keeping systems to enhance effectiveness of the accounting unit and ensure the integrity of the information initiated.

Usually, accounting technicians at the senior position render assistance in compilation and research of facts required to set rates, organize intricate cost distributions, allocate indirect cost and establish overhead rates in line with enacted guidelines.

Senior Accounting Technician Job Description Sample/Example/Template

Essentially, individuals occupying the senior role in the accounting technician department of most organizations will be obligated to perform the important tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the sample job description presented below:

  • Handle stringent timeline and organize the execution efforts
  • Head the meetings and guarantee appropriate progress
  • Expand detailed implementation plan and organize the new income accounting policy for the organization
  • Carry out research and record the organization’s position into written form so as to reach an agreement with the external auditors
  • Introduce new income policies for the organization including international areas
  • Offer support for dispositions, acquisitions and other intricate accounting operations
  • Offer technical accounting assistance for acquisitions, mergers and diversities involving purchase accounting, due diligence, contract review and any current analysis
  • Manage cross functional groups for outstanding completion of such operations
  • Guarantee that controls are carried out, recorded and functioning efficiently and promptly
  • Organize with internal and external auditors in relation to the office

The information in the job description example above, which highlights the functions, expectations, and responsibilities of the senior accounting technician position, can be used in writing a resume for the post.

Senior Accounting Technician Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The following skills and qualifications will assist the senior accounting technician in carrying out their duties optimally and efficiently, meeting their employers’ expectations:

  • A bachelor or masters degree in accounting with CPA very essential
  • At least 9-12 years of functional experience in areas of public accounting and working with a large scale accounting firm
  • Strong expertise in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and strong experience with IFRS
  • Strong drive for results, including unique proactive problem resolution skills with dexterity in delivering under stringent deadlines
  • Commendable leadership, proficiency with talented project management skills, cultural dexterity and ability to function in a dynamic team
  • Proficiency in conveying information efficiently and across departments
  • Outstanding writing aptitude and capability to organize presentations and papers and forward it to the board as necessary