Sawmill Worker Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Sawmill Worker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Sawmill Workers prepare and process raw logs for industrial use.

Sawmill Worker Job Description Example

What Does a Sawmill Worker Do?

Sawmill workers are responsible for the sorting, cutting, and processing of raw logs into lumber and timber products of various sizes.

The sawmill worker job description involves preparing logs for industrial use and further refining in plywood mills.

Sawmill workers oversee the unloading and stacking of logs in a sawmill. They strip barks from raw logs to examine logs for defects or wood contaminants such as embedded stone or iron pieces.

They also mark defective areas for removal by sawmill personnel.

As part of their responsibilities, sawmill workers operate forklift truck during the loading, unloading, and moving of timber supplies.

They utilize cutting tools and equipment such as power saw, circular saw, and sander to cut and trim raw logs into desired size and shape.

They also ensure preservation of unprocessed logs by temporary placement in water ponds.

The work description of a sawmill worker also entails overseeing the sorting and arrangement of lumber according to sizes.

They roll logs onto carriages and adjust the position of logs on the carriage in order to cut wood according to set dimensions.

They also guide lumber from the sawing machine into a conveyor which transports the material to a trimmer saw which trims the edges of lumber.

As part of their duties, sawmill workers apply preservatives on the surface of lumber to protect it against wood pests and moisture.

They sort and store lumbers in sheds on completion of cutting and sawing. Also, they use kiln machines to dry and extract water from lumber.

Their role also involves dispatching processed lumber to planing mill for fine finishing and processing.

They take inventory and maintain accurate record of processed and unprocessed logs. They also process orders for the delivery of timber products.

In fulfilling their role, sawmill workers inspect logs to estimate the quantity of lumber that can be produced from available stock.

They usually sort pond logs according to wood types and sizes using long poles.

They also ensure compliance with health and safety standards during work operations.

As part of their functions, sawmill workers season cut lumber to prevent wood shrinkage or warping.

They also operate and maintain a range of equipment among which include conveyor, sawing machine, barkers, and trimmer.

The sawmill worker job requires a high school diploma and training under experienced personnel or sawmill technician.

Some of the qualities a sawmill worker needs to succeed on the job include physical strength, dexterity, and stamina.

Sawmill Worker Job Description Example/Template

The job description example below shows the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by sawmill workers in most firms:

  • Load and unload lumber and timber from trucks, forklifts, and conveyors
  • Conduct inspection of logs to identify defects and indicate areas for removal
  • Sort and arrange logs and timber according to sizes and wood type to allow for easy identification
  • Roll logs from deck onto roller tables to transport to sawing machines for cutting
  • Guide log position on carriage to ensure cutting is precise and according to standards
  • Utilize trimmers to straighten the edges of cut lumber to achieve even ends
  • Adjust and sharpen the teeth and cutting parts of the sawing machine to improve operational efficiency
  • Operate and maintain donkey engines to ensure efficient movement of cut logs to accumulation point
  • Season lumber to prevent wood shrinkage and warping
  • Utilize specialized equipment such as kiln in effectively drying seasoned lumber
  • Use barkers to strip barks from wood logs to allow for easy cutting and processing
  • Measure and indicate cutting lines on timber
  • Maintain accurate record of job operations as well as up-to-date inventory
  • Use pike poles in moving logs from ponds to sawmill decks
  • Ensure proper disposal of waste materials on completion of job operations
  • Oversee the treatment of timber to ensure application of suitable wood preservatives.

Sawmill Worker Resume Preparation

If you are writing a resume for seeking the job of a sawmill worker, you will make it more powerful by having a section for highlighting your experience.

To easily and quickly make the work experience section of your resume, you can apply the duties and responsibilities shown in the above sawmill worker job description sample.

Highlighting the functions you carried out in your previous job as a sawmill worker in your resume will assure employers you will be effective in your new job if hired, and this can increase your chances of being hired for the job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sawmill Worker Job

Are you interested in working as a sawmill worker? If yes, then here are the typical requirements that most employers will expect you to meet to be given the opportunity to apply for the role:

  • Education and Training: To become a sawmill worker, you require at least a high school diploma and years of training under an experienced sawmill worker or a technician. Enrolling in a woodworking college will help increase your job skills and prospects
  • Physical Strength: Sawmill workers are able to lift heavy equipment and logs during a cutting and shaping process
  • Stamina: They are able to withstand long hours of work while standing or moving
  • Physical Dexterity: Sawmill workers maintain good eye to hand coordination when operating sawing equipment to make precise cuts.

Sawmill Worker Skills for Resume

Again, are you making a resume for the job of a sawmill worker? If you are, then you can create a good skills section for your resume by utilizing the above qualities and skills that most employers usually require applicants to have.

A resume that highlights the qualities employers require will definitely make a good impression on them.

Therefore, to make your sawmill worker resume more effective, it will be wise to acquire the above skills and then use in your resume.


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