Sample Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position (with Answers)

By | July 16, 2023
Sample Interview Questions for Sales Manager
You can increase your chances of passing a sales manager interview by practicing with commonly asked questions before the interview day.

By practicing with sample interview questions for sales manager position before the interview date, you will be able to give a great performance and increase your chances of being hired for the sales management job.

The sales manager interview is not as difficult as some people think it is if you learn about the questions to expect and prepare for them before the interview date.

As one seeking the sales manager position, you should expect questions that seek to know your background, your sales achievements, and what you are bringing to the table at the interview.

What do Interviewers look for in a Sales Manager?

When recruiting for a sales manager position, the hiring manager wants an efficient sales person; therefore, you should point out how effective you are at the interview.

Hiring managers are also looking for people who can cope well under intense sales pressure.

9 Most Common Sales Manager Interview Questions (with Answers)

Here are some of the commonest sales manager interview questions you can practice with in preparation for your next interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself?

Here the hiring manager wants to understand much about you and your abilities. So, go ahead and explain your abilities; bear in mind that your first point of call is to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Talk basically about everything, including your communication and problem solving skills that will cause you to stand out for the job.

  1. What stimulates you?

The interviewer wants to know what motivates you to give your best on the job.

  1. Why the interest in this sales position?

Share your personal vision for the sales manager career and align it with that of the company. Tell the hiring manager what you are bringing to the table, ensuring that all you’re saying are tailored towards the objectives of the company.

  1. What makes you an honest sales person?

The hiring manager wants a full demonstration of your selling ability with this question. Talk extensively about the talents you’ve acquired over the years doing this job and the way you would like to bring such skills to the company, mention your goals and aspirations, ensuring they’re in unison with what the firm wants.

  1. What’s your selling style?

The sales manager’s job can be a tasking and difficult one; this question is supposed to point out if you crumble under intense pressure and when your bestselling style isn’t getting the expected result; using an example will best answer this question.

More Common Sales Manager Interview Questions (with Answers)

  1. Sell me this ledger?

 This question wants to bring out how ambitious you’re, if you are willing to travel the additional mile in completing a sale; show your sales ability in answering this question. This might be your best chance of nailing the job.

  1. What do you know about this company?

This question is meant to check your knowledge of the company’s corporate profile.

  1. What makes a credible sales person?

A simple question for the recruiter to understand the qualities you have; you need to know and state the attributes an honest sales person should possess.

  1. What’s your educational background or any professional certificate you possess?

A good degree in a relevant field of study will stand you out to getting the job. Show the hiring manager your educational and professional certificates, not leaving out awards and any relevant accomplishments.

More Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

Here are more sample interview questions for the sales manager position to help in your interview preparation:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • Pressure occurs when sales are down, how do you cope with this pressure?
  • Tell me what goals you did not achieve?
  • Give an example of how you set definite goals for yourself?
  • Tell me a time you had to adjust quickly?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • What would be your approach in introducing our product to a layman?
  • Describe the steps you’d fancy taking this company high?
  • Describe your typical day at the office?
  • What brings you joy in sales?
  • How would you cope with an underperforming colleague?

Sample Competency Skill Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  •     Are you comfortable with Data Analysis?
  •     How does one maintain a cordial relationship with fellow colleagues at work?
  •     Tell me a time when your communication skills improved a sale?
  •     Share a story where you were ready to achieve even when the chances were against you?
  •    What’s your biggest mistake till date and how did you correct it?

Sample Problem Solving Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • How do you achieve a difficult sale?
  • How do you react in the face of an urgent problem?
  • How do you deal with difficult situations and workmates?
  • Do you back out of a quest once you seem to not have a solution?
  • What makes you to an excellent problem solver?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • What’s your greatest sales success?
  • Tell me about the time you failed in your sales, how was it you cope?
  • If asked to carry out a task you’ve never done before, how will you set about it?
  • Describe how you impressed a difficult client to make a sale.
  • Can you work well with a team or alone?

Communication Skill Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  •   How will you approach different personalities in your team?
  •  What’s your communication style?
  •   How do you create rapport with people?
  •   What qualities, communication wise made you the best for this sales manager position?
  • What qualities do you think made you a perfect fit  for this job?

Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  •   Describe your professional sales experience?
  •   How does one seal a difficult sale?
  •   How would you handle a difficult colleague/team member?
  •   How do you resolve conflict at the work place?
  •   What does a sales manager mean?

Sample Leadership Skill Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • How will you approach a difficult team member?
  • Kindly do explain your sales management experience?
  • Describe what we do here to an outsider?
  • Why should we pick you?
  • What’s your leadership style?

Sample Sales Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • Describe your selling style?
  • Describe your worst working day?
  • What qualities make an excellent sales manager?
  • What do you like most about sales?
  • Describe your best sales?

Sample Management Based Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • How do you handle sales pressure?
  • Why are you leaving your current position?
  • How do you manage a workload?
  • Do you take your work home?
  • What’s your preferred work environment?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Sales Manager Position

  • Why did you select this company and not another one?
  • Why do you want the sales manager job?
  • How will hiring you contribute to our company’s growth?
  • Why are you hooked into sales?
  • Any questions you would like to ask?

Sales Manager Interview Success Tips

Here are some tips to use to increase your chances of success at the sales manager interview:

  • Get relaxed by getting early to the venue of the interview.
  • Practice the sales manager interview questions on this page with a friend or colleague in a similar profession, and don’t forget to bring extra copies of your resume, this may come handy if you’re been interviewed by more than one person. 
  • Dress executively, with tie and suit; the first impression matters a lot; remember you’re selling yourself to the hiring manager.
  • Lastly, always remember to say many thanks with a broad smile to everyone, from the hiring manager(s) to even the doorman whom many neglect, the receptionist who announced your name and showed you the office the interview took place.


The sales manager interview can be tough sometimes as the prospective employer seeks to find the best employee for their company.

However, by learning about the questions to expect at the interview and preparing well for it, you can greatly improve your chances of being hired for the sales manager position that you desire.