Sample Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position (with Answers)

By | July 16, 2023
Interview Questions for Network Engineer
The network engineer interview questions may include how you have applied your problem solving skills in your work.

This post provides helpful samples of interview questions for network engineer position that are commonly asked so you can have a thorough preparation for the interview.

When preparing for a network engineer interview, you stand a better chance of answering the questions that will be put to you correctly by practicing with commonly asked questions before going for the interview.

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What do Interviewers look for in a Network Engineer?

When hiring for a network engineer position, interviewers focus on a candidate’s experience and skills.

They want to know if the candidate has the right background to perform the job of a network engineer well.

Interviewers want someone who can think through problems, be detail-oriented, and is both willing and able to work hard at a demanding profession.

The interviewer wants a person who will learn new things and work with other team members to solve problems.

10 Most Common Network Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most commonly asked network engineer interview questions to practice with as you prepare for your next interview for a network engineer position:  

  1. How do you stay current on your skills?

I attend training sessions and read tech journals in order to learn new things and brush up on existing knowledge. Also, I like to join webinars hosted by reputable companies (such as Cisco) to learn more about the latest technology.

2. When was the last time you used your skills as a network engineer?

In my current role as a network engineer I have been working with Cisco Routers to configure them.

3. Do you consider yourself a team player?

Yes, I work well with all members of the team and play an important role in completing projects on time.

4. What would your last manager say about you?

He would say that I’m a hard-worker who gets along well with my teammates. He would also note my flexibility and willingness to help out when needed.

5. Describe a challenging situation where you had to use your problem solving skills.

My team and I were working on a project that was very short-staffed. We were all pulled in multiple directions and worked hard to get everything done.

It was challenging but we made it work because we’re a close team who works well together.

6. What are your strengths?

I’m good at managing my time and prioritizing tasks. I also work well on a team and I value the opinions of co-workers.

7. What are some of your weaknesses?

Sometimes, I can be too focused on getting things done that I miss the big picture. It’s one of the things I’m working on improving.

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8. What are your career goals?

I want to continue growing in my field, take on more responsibilities and share what I know with others. Also, it would be great if I could get promoted someday!

9. How do you handle stressful situations? 

I keep calm when things get busy or stressful at work. I try to communicate clearly so everyone knows what’s going on and I look for ways to quickly solve the problem in order to move on.

10. What do co-workers say about you?

They always tell me that they appreciate that I am willing to help with any task. Many also mention that I am a great leader and very knowledgeable about my work.

More Network Engineer Interview Question Samples

Here are additional samples of commonly asked network engineer interview questions to boost your preparation for the interview:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. How would you respond to an emergency if the network is down?
  2. What do consider your weakness?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. How do you work well with people?
  5. Do you multitask well or focus on one task at a time?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What is a packet?
  2. What are the OSI layers?
  3. What is a hub and what function do they perform in a network?
  4. Describe the OSI model. Explain how TCP functions on a network. What does UDP do to extend communication over networks?
  5. How would you describe bandwidth on a network?

Sample Competency Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What is the width of an Ethernet cable?
  2. How many strands are in an Ethernet cable?
  3. What is the maximum speed on a 100BASE-TX network?
  4. When was the 10GBASE-T standard developed?
  5. What are the components that make up a router?

Sample Problem-Solving Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

1. What do you think causes network connectivity issues?

2. How do you measure bandwidth in a business environment?

3. What would be your approach when diagnosing layer two network issues?

4. What is the impact of an incorrectly configured ACL on network security?

5. How do you verify that a router’s serial interface is operational?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What is your favorite restaurant?
  2. What is the fun thing you like to do?
  3. How many TVs are in the house where you grew up?
  4. Walk me through a time you failed at something.
  5. Why don’t you have any pets?

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. Tell me about a time when you had to research, analyse, and present data in the past
  2. What experience do you have in administration?
  3. How would describe yourself as an employee? 
  4. Give me an example of how you communicated with someone who made it difficult for you.
  5. When was the last time that you’ve had to disagree with your boss or company policy without conflict?

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What do you believe are the key qualities of a successful IT professional?
  2. How do you communicate with your team members to achieve consensus on important issues within the company?
  3. When interacting with others in difficult situations how would you handle them in an appropriate manner in order to keep calm and maintain control?
  4. Can you share any insights into what it takes for someone to be successful at your organization or field in general, and if so please provide an example.
  5. Do you prefer listening or talking when responding to co-workers questions, disagreements, etc.?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What is your favorite part of working at our company?
  2. Why does it vary to work for us as opposed to other companies?
  3. If you could change anything about this company, what would you change?
  4. How do we rank in comparison to your previous employers on key workplace metrics like compensation and benefits?
  5. What are some examples of challenges or roadblocks that can arise when working here?

Sample Technical Questions for Network Engineer Position

  1. What is the IPv6 address for Google?
  2. How many bits in a router’s IP addressing scheme?
  3. What are the different types of topologies in networks?
  4. Give me an example of packet switching and circuit switching systems.
  5. Explain what data encapsulation is and why we use it.

Network Engineer Interview Success Tips

Here are tips to help you prepare and succeed in a network engineer interview process:

1. Be prepared for the interview questions. Know your resume inside and out, including all of the details that are listed on it, as well as how much experience you have with different technologies or skillsets.

2. Prepare answers to common technical/interpersonal questions before going into an interview. Make sure your prepared answers are concise, relevant, and thoughtful responses, not generic ones.

3. Practice answering these questions by role playing with a friend or family member who can ask them back at you – this will allow you to get used to the flow of the Interview.


This post provided useful samples of network engineer interview questions and answers to help boost your interview preparation.

When you have sufficiently practiced with the questions on this page, then you can feel confident in your responses at the actual interview and increase your chances of being hired for the network engineering position you are applying for.