Math Teacher Resume: Writing Tips and Example

By | August 30, 2023
Math teacher resume
Searching for a math teacher job? A great resume is needed to secure an interview.

This guide shows how to write an effective resume for the position of math teacher and improve your chances of getting an interview.

It also shows how to write objective statements that make strong impression on employers.

It also provides resume and objective statement examples that you can study to improve in writing yours.

To compete for an available position of a math teacher in a school will require having a strong resume that can sell your competence and experience well to the employer.

This is important because you need to first secure an interview appointment with the employer to stand the chance of getting the job. If you are able to get the interview, then you will be able to sell yourself further to the employer. But if your resume cannot get the interview for you, it means you have lost the job.

Therefore, before you begin to search for job, it makes a lot of sense to spend some time writing your resume. If you need help in preparing it, this post will guide you through the process and also shows you a sample resume for a math teacher position that you can study to do a good job on your own, so read on:

A resume can be in different formats and you can decide to choose any one, what is important is that whatever format you choose should inform your prospective employer of your qualification, core competence and experience garnered so far as a math teacher.

For this post, we are going with the one with four vital sections, namely Objective, Core Competence, Work Experience, and Professional Qualification, which cover all important areas the employer wants to see.

Let’s begin with the first section of the resume where you need to make a statement that should keep the reader’s interest in reading your resume:

The Math Teacher Resume Objective Section

The objective section of the resume is where to immediately start winning the attention of your prospective employer.

Creating a good first impression in the minds of prospective employers or hiring managers by aptly communicating your passion of being a math teacher in their great school, would boost your chances of actually getting the job.

Considering the importance of math education in our now science driven world, educational institutions place great value on any gifted math teacher.

The objective section is your first contact with the employer, use it wisely by stating clearly the value you would be bringing to their school if given the opportunity to teach math there.

One of the major strength of any growing school is the quality of their math teachers. So quickly communicate your exceptional attributes that you have gained through experience as it pertains to their major needs.

And to do this correctly, go beyond assuming the employers’ major needs for a math teacher. Carefully study the content of their advertisement for the job, and you will most likely find out their specific requirements and job description for their ideal math teacher.

Let’s use the major requirements that most employers usually ask from high school math teachers for an example.

The ability to impact mathematical knowledge through excellent communication skills; patience in carrying students along; the ability to create lesson plan and curriculum appropriate for the class; the ability to create periodic tests that bring out the analytical genius of students and to prepare them for entry examination into colleges, are highly essential.

So, if you possess these qualities, then you should communicate them effectively in your objective statement.

Now, let’s see examples of objective statements for a math teacher resume:
Math Teacher Objective Example for Resume:

A good example would drive home the point. Here are some math teacher objective examples to also serve as a guide in writing yours.

  • Seeking the position of a math teacher in XYZ High School where my exceptional ability to impact mathematical knowledge, patience in carrying students along, create lesson plan and curriculum appropriate for the class, create periodic tests that brings out the analytical genius out of students and prepare them for entry examination into colleges as remarked by my past employers and students will be employed.
  • Seeking the job of math teacher in a vibrant and growing school where my many years of experience in impacting mathematical knowledge in students in several schools, will be very useful in enhancing the analytical ability of students, thereby boosting patronage subsequently.

Please, kindly take note; the first example is suitable only when making objective statements targeted at a specific and known school where such vacancy for math teacher exists. The second applies when generalizing.

The first section done with, the second is where we will emphasize our special abilities and skills for the job:

Core Competence Section

The core competence section is where you are required to highlight what makes you exceptional as a math teacher; key talent, knowledge, abilities, and experience.

No school desirous of growth jokes with the position of math teacher. Only individuals with exceptional ability to impact mathematical knowledge and bring out the analytical geniuses of students are usually considered for the position. Use this section to convey your capacity to deliver on the job.

The next section is to let the reader know you are quite experienced to teach math effectively having taught the subject before in some schools:

Work Experience

This section, which is also called professional experience, or work history is where prospective employers tend to verify your promise to perform excellently on the job if hired.

Talent and skills are not exactly at the same level, but experience is lord over them all. Educationists know that mastery comes through consistency.

To make the most of this section, state the duties and responsibilities you have previously performed or are currently performing that are relevant to the job of math teacher.

It is even advisable to use a copy of the math teacher job description when writing this part of the resume, however, the duties and responsibilities in it must match what you have truly experienced.

And please ensure all verbs used in describing your current work descriptions are in present tense while the position held before remain in past tense.

And now, the last section where we state our academic achievements and special training programs completed, which can relevant to working effectively as a math teacher:

Professional Qualification

In this section, state your educational qualifications and whatever completed training programs that qualify you to work as a math teacher, and to excel on the job.

Math Teacher Resume Example/Sample/Template

Having seen how the various sections are written, here is a sample resume for a math teacher position.
It can serve as a template in writing your own resume, all you need to do is to study the various sections and then implement what you have learned in writing your own.


Walter Cole
35 Broke Street, Princeton, New Jersey. Home: (333) 555-9999, Cell: (111) 999-9999 •

OBJECTIVE: Seeking to be a math teacher in XYZ High School where my exceptional ability to impact mathematical knowledge through excellent communication skills, patience in carrying students along, create lesson plan and curriculum appropriate for the class, create periodic tests that bring out the analytical geniuses of students and prepare them for entry examination into colleges as remarked by my past employers and students will be employed.


  • Remarkable ability to teach complex mathematical concepts in a simple manner
  • Skilled in creating lesson plans and curriculum suitable for the class
  • Exceptional communication skill, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to keep proper student records as stipulated by school management
  • Great patience and understanding in carrying students along


Princeton High School, New Jersey
Math Teacher

2010 – Present

  • Create lesson plan and curriculum
  • Give math lectures to students
  • Set periodic tests
  • Track students progress through record keeping
  • Support students lagging behind with extra attention
  • Attend PTA meetings


  • Princeton High School, Princeton, New Jersey, 2004
  • Lawman Stanford University, B.Ed, 2008

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