Machine Maintenance Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Machine Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Machine Maintenance Technicians ensure mechanical equipment and machinery are in good condition for operation. Image:

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a machine maintenance technician, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they usually perform.

What Does a Machine Maintenance Technician Do?

The position of a machine maintenance technician calls for eagerness and ability to comprehend general maintenance in all aspects of maintenance program.

The job description of the machine maintenance technician entails ensuring the maintenance of production and quality by guaranteeing the operation of mechanical equipment and machinery.

The maintenance technician completes preventive maintenance prerequisites on mechanical equipment like motors, conveyors, production machines, pneumatic tools and engines thereby ensuring smooth operation of such machinery and mechanical gadgets.

He/she follows manufacturer’s instructions, engineering specifications, sketches, operation manuals, and diagrams, to diagnose and troubleshoot abnormalities.

It is the role of the machine maintenance technician to identify sources of complications by observing mechanical devices while in operation and tune in for issues by utilizing accuracy and inspection instruments.

He/she will then take out defective parts by disassembling mechanisms using cranes, hoists, and hand and power tools.

The technician identifies changes in dimensional prerequisites of parts by examining utilized parts and making use of calipers, micrometers, rules and other measuring appliances.

The ideal candidate for this office will realign and control instruments by utilizing plumb bobs, straight edges, hand tools and levels.

The maintenance technician will be in charge of performing troubleshooting tasks and repair works on complex industrial machines.

The individual vying for this post will require sufficient understanding of metal properties, layout, troubleshooting industrial machines, and shop mathematics by making use of PLC, control and relay circuits.

It may also involve welding, altering or fabricating components of equipments.

Machine Maintenance Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Listed in the machine maintenance technician job description example below are key duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual working in this position is mostly expected to perform.

  • Ensure cleanliness of machine and machine components by making use of hose, airguns, solvents, cloths, vacuum or other appliances
  • Disassemble machines and take off parts for replacement or repair by using cranes, hoists, chain falls, hand tools and jacks
  • Examine or carry out tasks on broken machine parts and identify defective parts or give recommendations to supervisors on repair requirements
  • Replace, fix or realign machine parts and accessories in line with production specifications
  • Application of adhesives, lubricants or other materials to machines or their parts as well as other equipments in accordance with stated procedures
  • Put machine parts together after accomplishing maintenance and repair work
  • Take off hardened material from machines or machine parts by utilizing power and hand tools jack and sledge hammer, abrasive and other appliances.

The above job description sample can be found useful in preparing a resume for seeking a vacant maintenance technician job in a mechanical environment.

Machine Maintenance Technician Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

As a prerequisite for effective functioning of a machine maintenance technician, the following highlighted abilities and skills are often requested by employers:

  • A degree in engineering with mechanical specialty with at least three years cognitive and vocational experience in handling machine and machine parts
  • Must exhibit outstanding ability to learn and comprehend the fundamentals of the functioning of machines
  • Excellent general understanding of hydraulic systems with display of mastery in troubleshooting by utilizing deductive reasoning and schematics
  • Ability to achieve general maintenance essentials for system cooling towers, plant coolant and operational system specifics
  • Ability to illustrate general maintenance requisite and simple procedures for operation of various types of pump including reciprocating, centrifugal, vane etc.