Information Architect Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Information architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Information architects determine the best layout for company websites that ensures user friendliness.

Information Architect Job Description Example

What Does an Information Architect Do?

Information architects generally specialize in designing and planning of the information layout of websites and web applications to ensure optimal user experience.

The information architect job description entails utilizing statistical data from usability tests to structure and organize the information on a site in order to create a user friendly interface for a website, desktop or mobile application.

They also carry out assessment on website and systems to determine their degree of usability, information accessibility and visual outlook.

Information architects are responsible for evaluating the site experience of users to identify areas that require modification or restructuring.

They usually conduct research on the needs, preferences, and information consumption methods of basic users in order to identify their requirements.

Factors they evaluate in their analysis include labeling, work/dataflow, and navigation.

With results of site analysis, information architects develop strategies for improvement and optimized user experience to meet the expectations of clients.

They usually work with web producers and production developers, with their role being to come up with ideas on the site layout, visual design, and order of navigation.

Information architects present site or applications model to clients, demonstrating the usability, accessibility, and visual outlook of a site in order to secure their approval for implementation.

In implementing the information strategy for a site, they liaise with the editorial, marketing, design, and account units to integrate site concept, design, and interface.

Their work description also involves checking on user experience and feedback to make proper adjustments where necessary.

As part of their duties, information architects participate in workshop/seminars to improve on their job knowledge; they also study professional publications, enroll for training courses and maintain contact with I.T/web professionals as a way of staying relevant and up-to-date with trends in information architecture.

The role of an information architect encompasses the organization, labelling, search and navigation of information.

To become an information architect, you require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or related discipline such as information technology/engineering.

Certifications from recognized product or software bodies can also provide an edge in securing the information architect job.

The required qualities necessary for success on the job include logical/critical thinking skills, teamwork spirit, programming, and design skills.

Information architects also require strong visualization and organizational skills.

Information Architect Job Description Example

Information architects carry out important functions that aid the success of websites and web applications.

The following job description example shows the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that form their daily work activities:

  • Conduct assessment of websites/applications to determine their usability and structural efficiency
  • Carry out research on the preferences and information consumption methods of users to identify their requirements
  • Evaluate the organization, labelling, navigation, and search systems of websites/applications to spot areas that require modification
  • Develop strategies for site improvement and better user experience
  • Design the information structure, workflow, and navigation system of a site
  • Organize information into site maps to create optimal user experience for a target audience
  • Deliver presentations on site models to client highlighting improvements on usability and accessibility to target users
  • Collaborate with I.T, business, editorial and design experts to implement site concept, interface, and design
  • Designate job duties to site/system development team
  • Monitor user feedback to identify issues and make appropriate adjustment to site structure
  • Participate in workshop/seminars to improve on job knowledge
  • Enroll for training courses and study professional publications to stay up-to-date with industry trends
  • Create web information structure that meets the needs of clients as well as the user experience.

Information Architect Resume Preparation

A resume is a document you will need to present to recruiters when seeking a new information architect job.

To be more effective, you should have a section in your resume to present your previous work experience.

This section allows you to tell the employer how much experience you have acquired working as an information architect.

The sample information architect job description presented above will enable you to make this section quickly and easily by modifying the highlighted roles to suit the exact duties and responsibilities you actually performed on your previous job.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Information Architect Job

The following are the important requirements for an information architect job that most employers usually demand:

  • Education and Training: Information architects usually require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, information systems or engineering. Certifications in certain products/software can also increase chances of securing the information architect job
  • Analytical Thinking Skills: Information architects are well-versed in carrying out site evaluation to determine usability, efficiency and accessibility of site/application to target audience
  • Critical Thinking Skills: They are able to make logical conclusions from the assessment of site usability
  • Teamwork Spirit: They are good in working with other professionals to design an efficient user friendly site
  • Programming/Design Skills: As one of their key skills, information architects are proficient in creating software programs as well as visual designs using tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Information Architect Skills for Resume

Again, to make a compelling resume, you will need to include the skills section to it.

This section, which you can create by using the requirements for information architect given above, proves to employers that you have the right skills and qualities to excel as an information architect if hired.


If you are preparing to work as an information architect, the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position provided above will help you to understand what employers will require of you and so prepare adequately for the role.

The sample job description provided above is also a good template employers can use in designer a good job description for their recruitment process for new information architects.

What area of our information architect job description interests you? Please make a comment, including any experience you’ve had working as an information architect if you have.