How to Become a Certified Bow Technician

By | November 11, 2023
How to Become a Certified Bow Technician
You can make a good career becoming a bow technician, helping customers keep their equipment in top shape.

How to Become a Certified Bow Technician

Does archery interests you? If it does, you can turn the passion into a profitable career by becoming a certified bow technician.

Working as a bow technician can be exciting as you come across different kinds of people, helping them to fix their equipment, as well as serving as an instruction at some training centers.

If the bow technician career strikes your interest, you will find this post useful in providing the information you need to become one in the quickest possible time.

Who is a Bow Technician?

A bow technician is one with the expertise to repair and maintain archery bows according to the customer’s requirements.

He/she has to be courteous and provide excellent professional service to customers.

There are two types of bows a technician works with: the recurve bow and the compound bow. The compound bow is a type of modern bow that uses cables and pulleys to bend the limbs.

The limbs of a compound bow are stiffer than the recurve, making it more energy-filled than other bows.

To become a certified bow technician, you have to undergo training and get certified by completing specific certification exams.

Some programs require continuing education, while some do not. It depends on the program and what it entails.

Educational Requirements and Career Pathway to Become a Bow Technician

The certified bow technician career requires a minimum of high school diploma or General Education Degree (GED).

Other qualities such as training skills and techniques may become advantageous; and if you have gotten experience somewhere, it is also essential.

How to Obtain Certification and Training for Bow Technicians

To succeed in this career, you cannot do without training and certification. That is what proves you are qualified to operate as a bow technician.

You need to meet the minimum requirements of any certification program you want to join. You will not regret whatever money you spend in the course of pursuing your dream career.

Here are some of the places you can find quality training to become a bow technician:

Chapman Archery School Training

The Chapman Archery School Training comprises these three programs: technical certification, shooting schools, and bow hunting schools.

For enquires and other information, you are required to call or email the school management.

Two-day Dealer Technical Certification Schools are priced $600.00 for a one-on-one program, but more than one person costs $500.00 per person.

A 90-page manual is also included. After completing the program and passing a test, you will receive a certificate as a certified bow technician.

The one-day Shooter School (custom-tailored to the capacity of the student) is $250.00.

PSE Shooter and Technical School

PSE has a world-class archery school under the tutelage of a master coach, Alexander Kirillov.

You will learn shooting techniques, equipment tuning, and mental discipline during the training, and Alexander will prove to you why he is a coach of various national and international championships. You will be thought the art and mastery of archery, both recurve and compound bows.

Both kids and adults can enroll in the PSE school, which is designed for all archers from beginners to professional level shooters. Even coaches and professional shop owners can attend PSE schools.

The two segments of PSE school

The first segment consists of a two-day shooter for both recurve and compound archers, while the second segment is a one-day technical school.

There is an instructor’s certification test offered to those who participate in both trainings.

The shooting segments of the training is beneficial to both recurve and compound archers. This consists of shooting a bow, backing tension, building tournament confidence, and shooting high scores.

Compound archery covers how to use the body for steady shot execution and control, holding-steady, punching the trigger, targeting panic and shooting various kinds of release aids.

Recurve archery covers how to properly pull through the clicker and what it takes to be a 1300 shooter. There are many other techniques to learn as a recurve archer.

During this program, every archer will be under video coverage used with the latest video analysis from Dartfish.

The video will analyze various shots and processes of the training in order to easily see mistakes and make corrections where necessary. This method allows mistakes to be detected in slow motion from multiple angles.

The technical aspect of the school will cover everything you need to know about running a successful archery classes, professional shop, and being a self-dependent archer.

You will also be taught how to use parts to build different sized bows, including various cams, like two cams, one cam, split limbs with PSE X-Technology, and hybrid.

You will also learn how to set up the bow, including making string serving, tying string loops, string silencers, installing peeps, properly building the bows, proper limb, wheel timing, cam alignment, arrow selection, super tuning, finding the center shot, and more.

Questions may be submitted to any one of the school’s technicians placed on site to assist and answer all questions; or questions may rather be submitted to the engineering staff.

Bow Technicians Duties and Responsibilities

If you are aspiring to be a certified bow technician, here are the likely duties and responsibilities you may be assigned to perform when you have completed your training:

  • Set up and work on varieties of bows
  • Maintain and repair archery bows
  • Restring and fix bows
  • Advertise, promote, and sample products for sale
  • Attend meetings related to career field

Where Can Bow Technicians Look For Employment?

Bow technicians who are certified can find employment in a number of places where their services are needed. These include schools and training centers.

The Average Salary of Bow Technicians

According to, the estimated salary of bow Technicians is $33,000 annually and $16 per hour.

This is 9 percent lower than the average salary of all bow technicians nationwide which is $36,000 annually, while they make 60 percent lower than the total national salary for all working Americans.

John Wood Group employs the highest paid bow technicians, who receive $96,000 annually; while the lowest paid bow technicians work for RadioShack at $14,000 annually.


Your path to becoming a certified bow technician involves completing certain training courses and certification exams.

This post presents valuable information you can use to achieve your dream of becoming an archery technician.