Grade Checker Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Grade Checker job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Grade Checkers provide direction to earth-moving equipment operators during excavation operations.

Grade Checker Job Description Example

What Does a Grade Checker Do?

Grade checkers are responsible for the measurement and setting of grade stakes during a construction project.

The grade checker job description entails studying survey stakes to determine the grade specification for embankment.

Grade checkers, by means of grade stakes, guide the direction of earth moving equipment such as excavators and bulldozers.

They utilize a range of tools and equipment among which include hatchets, surveyors, rod/transit, and chalks to respectively set grade stakes, verify elevations and indicate excavation reference point on stakes.

As part of their duties, grade checkers take vertical and horizontal measurement with the aid of surveyor rod and eye level to determine the ratio of grade stake to the juncture of embankment or excavation.

They monitor excavating operations to ensure compliance with grade stake references.

Their role also involves notifying equipment operators and construction supervisors of deviations from set grade specifications.

Grade checkers usually liaise with surveyors, construction engineers, and equipment operators to ensure embankment is in accordance with set grade standards.

They often assist with construction tasks such as loading/unloading of equipment, cleaning and preparation of work site as may be required.

They also endeavor to wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as construction boots, gloves, and hard hats during work operations to limit exposure to hazard.

As part of their work description, grade checkers form horizontal stakelines along an embankment by staking and repeating measurement at specific intervals.

They disassemble equipment and clean up a construction site after work operations to ensure proper removal waste and other hazardous materials.

They also comply with set health and safety procedures/regulations in order to maintain a risk-free work condition.

Grade checkers read and interpret construction plans/blueprint to determine the grade specification required for an operation.

They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of surveying equipment and their mode of operation.

They also develop and implement strategies necessary for efficient work operations.

To work as a grade checker, you will be required to have a high school diploma and at least 5 years of experience in the construction/building industry.

Some of the important qualities needed to succeed on the job include physical stamina and physical, and observational skills.

Grade Checker Job Description Example/Template

If you need a grade checker job description, the example below gives one; it consists of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually assigned to grade checkers:

  • Mark and read survey stake along highway right-of-way to determine grade specification
  • Measure and set grade stake to guide earth-moving equipment during excavation and embankment operations
  • Observe and direct equipment operators during an excavation operation to ensure conformity with stake references
  • Utilize surveyor rod and eye level to adjust the elevation of an embankment and initial excavation
  • Form horizontal stakeline on embankment by measuring and staking at specific intervals
  • Monitor backfill and sloping operations to ensure compliance with set production and safety guidelines
  • Inspect excavation and embankment equipment to ensure they are in good condition and function efficiently
  • Clean and prepare work site prior to the measurement and setting of grade stakes
  • Collaborate with construction supervisors, equipment operators and site engineers to set and implement standards for work operations
  • Utilize hatchets and chalk to set grade stakes and indicate grade specification on stakes
  • Take horizontal and vertical measurements to determine the ratio of grade stake to embankment
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of surveying equipment and it’s mode of operation
  • Verify grade specifications to notify equipment operators and construction supervisors of deviations
  • Study construction blueprints to determine the grade standard required for a fill, sloping or excavation operation.

Grade Checker Resume Preparation

If you have worked before or are currently working as a grade checker and are preparing a new resume for seeking another job, you can easily make the work experience part of the resume by applying the grade checker functions highlighted in the sample job description given above.

The job experience section of the resume, which highlights the duties and responsibilities you carried out while working as a grade checker (if you have worked previously in that capacity) can be conveniently made by using information from the above work description example.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities and Knowledge-for a Grade Checker Role

Are you interested in working as a grade checker and need to know what requirements will be expected of you by employers?

If yes, then the following gives the common requirements you may need to meet to access the job from most employers:

  • Education and Training: To become a grade checker, you require a high school diploma and about 5 years of experience in the field of construction and grade checking. Training on the use of surveying equipment and interpretation of construction plans are also necessary
  • Observational Skills: Grade checkers are adept at monitoring excavation and embankment activities to ensure equipment operators adhere to grade specifications
  • Physical Stamina: Grade checkers endure long hours of strenuous work in a crouching or standing position, so you need to have strong physical stamina
  • Eye for Details: Grade checkers are well versed in measuring and setting grade stakes according to set standards.

Grade Checker Skills for Resume

Again, when writing a resume for the grade checker role, you can use the qualities and skills required to succeed on the job as shown above in creating the skills section of the resume.

A skills section that shows you possess the qualities that employers require for the job of a grade checker will certainly boost the strength of the resume and make it more effective in getting employers to consider the application for the position.


If you are interested in the grade checker career, the duties and responsibilities of the position highlighted in this post will help you to learn more about what the role entails so you can be better prepared for it.

Employers of grade checkers will also find the given job description template useful in their recruitment process and in assigning tasks to newly hired grade checkers.

Did this post help in increasing your knowledge of what grade checkers do? Please make a comment in the box below. You may also share your experience working as a grade checker if you are one.