Exelon Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | March 20, 2024
Exelon Hiring Process
To be employed by Exelon, candidates are expected to complete the company’s hiring process. Image source: Alamy, chicagobusiness.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at Exelon, including the job application and interview requirements candidates are expected to fulfill to be employed, as well as the various career opportunities available at Exelon.

Exelon Hiring Process

The recruitment process at Exelon involves the following stages:

Job Application Process

An applicant that wants to work with Exelon will go through the employment process that includes applications, interviews and selection process.

Applicants interested in Exelon jobs can apply online, depending on the position they are interested in.

The minimum upload requirement for a job application is a valid driver’s license and a high school diploma/GED certificate, although some jobs may require additional documents such as college transcripts and work experience.

After applicants apply online, they will receive a message regarding their application status within two weeks, including whether or not they have met the qualifications for the position they applied for.

Job Assessment Test

Exelon conducts aptitude test for applicants depending on the position they apply. Exelon provides both online and paper-based tests, although online tests are more common.

Tips for Preparing for Exelon Aptitude Test

Here are valuable tips to apply in preparing for the aptitude test with Exelon:

  1. Study and understand the job description of the position you applied for.
  2. Study sample questions available on Exelon aptitude test specific for your position to understand the type of questions asked in exam and how to answer them correctly.
  3. Understand the purpose of the test is to evaluate your level of knowledge and understanding of the subject.
  4. Prepare for test at least three weeks before you take it, and make sure you have enough time to complete it within one hour.
  5. Review Exelon job requirements for each position you apply for, especially if Exelon has specific requirements for each position, such as document uploads.
  6. Review past Exelon aptitude tests as well as Exelon job description/requirements

Exelon Interview Process

Exelon provides phone screening, in-person job interviews for applicants after they have passed the assessment tests, although online video interviews may also feature.

Additionally, group interview may also be conducted for some candidates.

Interview questions focus on applicant’s related experience and education, while interviewers also assess applicant’s customer service skills, conflict resolution skills and decision making skills.

Tips for Preparing for Exelon Job Interview

Here are valuable tips you can apply in preparing for your interview with Exelon:

  1. Understand the job description of the position you applied for.
  2. Study sample questions available to understand the type of questions asked in Exelon interview and how to answer them correctly.
  3. Practice giving answers to the interview questions yourself before your interview using sample test questions from Exelon website or on other relevant online resource like Indeed.
  4. Understand the purpose of Exelon job interview is to evaluate your ability to do the job, so prepare as much as you can in advance.
  5. Prepare for interview at least one week before you take it.

Exelon Interview Questions and Answers

Find here sample questions to help you prepare effectively for Exelon interview (with suggested answers):

  1. Why are you interested in this position?

I am interested in this position because I have a comprehensive experience on being a technical support representative, and I also have a good understanding of the company’s business and main business activities, I am committed to further the company’s mission.

2. What can we expect from you?

Attention to detail, commitment to exceed expectations, working well as a team member, ability to finished work on schedule, and doing more than just the minimum needed while being committed to excellence in all activities performed.

3. What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength would be my integrity and honesty. I have worked hard to get where I am and haven’t taken any shortcuts throughout my whole life to achieve my goals.

4. What do you know about Exelon?

Exelon is a utility company that provides electricity for millions of customers in the Mid-Atlantic states.

5. What do you bring to Exelon?

I am a mature, responsible, and reliable individual who is willing to work hard; I have the skills and knowledge to be considered for the job.

How Long Does Exelon Hiring Process Take?

After submitting your application, you should hear back from the company within 2-4 weeks.

The aptitude test lasts one day, and the interview process can last up to a month. After the final interview, candidates can expect a response from the company within a week.

Major Exelon Careers and Jobs

The major careers and jobs available at Exelon include:

  1. Shift Manager

Description: Responsible for the safe and reliable execution of the shift and maintenance schedule for assigned area.

They ensure that all employees comply with operational procedures. They attend pre-shift briefings and perform self-evaluations to ensure that all equipment is operational.

Shift managers prepare reports on the crew’s effectiveness in performing their related functions, as well as incident reports on equipment failure.

2. Security Officer

Description: security officers are responsible for the security and safety of the assigned area.

They ensure that all employees comply with operational procedures.

It is their duty to accept incoming and outgoing calls from customers, equipment and vendors; listen to telephone calls and communicates with persons of interest concerning emergencies, crime or information pertaining to Exelon and/or its employees.

Security officers report crime/incidents involving a threat to safety to appropriate authorities as required.

3. Information Technology Specialist

Description: information technology specialists provide technical support for another operating department’s computer system(s).

They research, identify, and analyze problems in the computer system(s).

It is also their duty to recommend and implement solutions, provide interface with customer users by answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and resolving technical issues.

4. Meter Reader

Description: meter readers are responsible for collecting daily meter readings and ensuring that all safety procedures are followed.

They work with other Exelon employees to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Meter readers must be able to provide service without customer contact or the use of a vehicle.

What to Expect Working at Exelon

Exelon offers the following benefits to its employees:

  1. Medical -including vision, dental, and hearing services5
  2. 401K5
  3. Incentive Program7
  4. Paid Vacation
  5. Paid Sick Leave8

What Employees Dislike about Working at Exelon

Here are some of the complaints about Exelon from some employees:

  1. Poor management
  2. No career advancement
  3. Unreasonable expectations
  4. High turnover rate.

 Exelon Company Profile

PECO Energy Company and Unicom Corporation merged to form Exelon Corporation in 2000.

With over $15 billion in revenue, the merger created one of the largest utilities in the United States.

Exelon serves five million electric and natural gas customers and is divided into three business segments: energy generation, energy delivery, and unregulated enterprises.

The company, headquartered in Chicago, provides electricity to customers in both Illinois and Pennsylvania, as well as natural gas distribution in Pennsylvania.

The company operates ten nuclear power plants and 17 nuclear units through Exelon Nuclear, giving it the largest nuclear fleet in the United States.


Exelon is a great company to work with and offers many benefits. Although the hiring process can be lengthy, it is worth it in the end when you get a job, with potential for career advancement.

Prepare yourself for your coming interview with Exelon by taking all advice provided in this article into consideration, and you will do just fine!