ER Nurse Practitioner Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | September 21, 2023
ER Nurse Practitioner Job Description
ER Nurse Practitioners provide quality support to doctors handling emergency cases.

This post provides detailed information on the ER nurse practitioner job description, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the ER nurse practitioner role.

What Does an ER Nurse Practitioner Do?

Emergency room nurses are often registered nurses with specialized education and training. An ER nurse practitioner is responsible for helping the doctor administer care to patients, including areas such as counseling, treatment, and diagnosis.

The emergency room nurse job description entails treating patients in the emergency room with medical doctors while paying attention to their primary needs, trauma, physical injuries, or health conditions.

He/she works in both outpatient and inpatient setting and is capable of working independently or with other team members.

As a professional, the emergency room nurse goes out of his/her comfort zones to educate patients on preventive need and care and the importance of taking prescribed treatments.

They might also carry out physical tests to provide complete care. Additionally, they prescribe medications in emergency cases in the absence of a doctor so as to save a patient life.

His/her work description also involves rendering a helping hand to the medical team in assigning medications, and also advising the use of other therapeutic kinds of treatment that may be needed for a patient’s recovery.

He/she also takes account of and interprets every medical test result carried out and report discoveries accurately to the medical expert they are working with.

Being part of the medical team, an ER nurse must work together with an expert physician to evaluate the physical condition of patients brought in to the emergency room for treatment.

His/her role also entails assisting the medical team in prescribing medications and recommending other therapeutic kinds of treatment that may be needed for patients’ fast recovery.

As a specialist in providing care, emergency nurse practitioners make it their number one goal to get familiarized with medical concepts and the trendiest procedures and practices in the nursing field.

With each experience, the individual can accomplish treatment targets on patients.

Specific and comprehensive physical examinations such as observing patient’s blood pressure, administering immunizations, administering treatment to several injuries and illnesses and other health problems they might be experiencing are other tasks carried out by an ER nurse.

He/she also gives an interpretation to medical tests results which include EKG’s, X-rays, and other laboratory tests.

ER nurse practitioners supplement their training with certification in certain areas of emergency health care.

Like other healthcare professionals, emergency nurses are expected to comply with procedures, protocols, and safety policies of a healthcare facility.

Leadership, emotional stability, attention to details and sympathy are common traits of successful emergency nurses.

Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner Job Description Example/Sample/Template

ER nurse practitioners perform various functions in supporting the work of doctors in the emergency room.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by emergency room nurse practitioners are shown in the job description example below:

  • Take or move patients to the emergency room and administer healthcare and first aid treatment before the doctor arrives
  • Scribble prescription on notes and create an order for medical tests to be conducted for diagnosis
  • Aid the doctor in selecting the best and most effective treatment options to be administered to patients
  • Help the psychologists and psychiatrists in monitoring the condition of patients
  • Take accurate record of patients health history
  • Carry out tests as instructed by a medical doctor
  • Write down prescription and make an order for medical tests to be conducted for diagnosis
  • Employ expertise in conducting physical examinations on patients and interpret their health conditions from their medical history
  • Help the doctors in prescribing age physical therapy appropriate for specific patients
  • Administer specialty and primary care to both children and adults respectively
  • Perform minor procedures when the need arises
  • Identify medical problem(s) in patient(s)
  • Test for allergies and current medications
  • Obtain weight, heart rate, height, weight, body temperature and blood pressure from patients
  • Take blood samples of patients
  • Maintain proper supplies of medical equipment.

Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner Requirements – Skill, Abilities, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of an ER nurse practitioner, it is important to know that employers will commonly ask you to meet certain requirements to prove that you will be able to effectively carry out the purpose, objectives, or obligations of the role that will be assigned to you if hired.

Given below are major recruiters’ requirements for the emergency room nurse practitioner job:

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in nursing
  • Be a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)
  • Ability to do creative thinking in emergency situations
  • A sense of good judgment call in emergency situations
  • Ability to multi-task without making a mistake
  • Must have an understanding of triage
  • Know how to manage time.


This post is beneficial to recruiters or employers hiring for the position of emergency room nurse practitioner to be able to create a good description of the role to aid the recruitment process.

They can apply the ER nurse practitioner job description sample provided in this article to make and publish the perfect description of the position to be filled, for interested applicants to be well guided on the duties and responsibilities they will be expected to perform if employed as an emergency room nurse.

This article is also helpful to individuals looking to become an ER nurse practitioner to gain deep knowledge about what they do.

They will also learn about the requirements they need to meet to be hired for the position and to succeed in the career.