Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | May 28, 2024
Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Job Description
Drug Rehabilitation Receptionists greet and welcome people to rehab clinics.

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a drug rehabilitation receptionist, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Do?

Drug rehabilitation receptionists work in rehab clinics. These clinics are centers for treating people who are affected with addictions like alcoholism and substance abuse.

The job description of a drug rehabilitation receptionist entails acting as administrative professionals and support personnel in addition to greeting customers and answering the phone.

There are several settings that a rehab receptionist may work, most of the times it is at substance abuse and addiction recovery service centers.

Some receptionists work in a general service hospital or outpatient treatment centers linked with hospitals. Some may also work in an inpatient treatment and detox center, with their location usually at the front desk.

Their role and work condition/hours vary – it could be part time, full time, in the evenings, or even during regular business hours.

In most cases, the drug rehab receptionist does not require formal education. They are usually trained by their employers while on the job.

They are made to undergo certain training on courses that are needed.

Assisting in certain technical and non-clinical tasks like treatment setups is also included in their job descriptions.

Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The duties and responsibilities of receptionists working in drug rehab centers usually vary depending on the kind of setting the receptionist is working in. It usually includes common duties performed by regular receptionists.

The job description example below gives an overview of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities of most receptionists in rehabilitation clinics:

  • Greet visitors as they come in; and this should be done in a professional manner/ way
  • Assist visitors/clients with required information as regards their facilities and treatment program and any required help
  • Answer/receive phone calls, assisting callers with their questions and inquiries, and if need be, connect callers with appropriate staff professional
  • Give instructions to clients and patients on how to fill out paperwork for intake and required registrations
  • Gather information from visitors and direct them to the appropriate staff to be attended to
  • Provide assistance where necessary in cases of emergencies and crisis
  • Direct clients to appropriate personnel to be attended to
  • Responsible for receiving and distributing both internal and external courier packages and mails
  • Keep records of bookings for proper functioning of the staff
  • Support and perform other administrative staff according to directives from the manager
  • Update and maintain the rehab database
  • File confidential rehab information and records
  • Record and compile clients’ data
  • Help ensure a safe, clean, working environment
  • Sort and distribute mail
  • Provide backup support for the main office and other departments when need be; this could include answering of phones

Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Job Description for Resume

The job description sample provided above for the post of drug rehabilitation receptionist consists of relevant information that can be used in completing a resume for the position, specifically the work employment section of the resume.

Drug Rehabilitation Receptionist Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Since this is not a regular receptionist job, there are certain skills drug rehabilitation receptionists must possess to be effective on the job. Below are outlined skills and qualities necessary for a rehab receptionist to have.

  • Excellent people skills: Receptionists must have the ability to be compassionate, friendly, and to understand patients and visitors when they come with their difficulties; and not to push them away
  • Ability to multi task and manage stress of high levels
  • Communication skills: Since the job of drug rehabilitation receptionists involves providing information in person or over the phone to clients, they must possess effective communication skills
  • Time Management: The rehab receptionist must have the ability to manage time effectively
  • Fairly good computer skills: He/she must be able to do basic computer operations
  • They must possess the skill of paying attention to details. They can’t afford to miss out any detail, as that can be dangerous for clients
  • Ability to be proactive, initiative, enthusiastic and flexible in the job
  • Transparency: The receptionist must be able to approach patients in a way that will make them open up
  • He/she must be motivated
  • He/she must be a team player
  • He/she must be an honest person with integrity
  • He/she must have the ability to approach work professionally
  • He/she must possess good organizational skills
  • He/she must be able to type reports and other documents that are related to the rehabilitation process as directed by the employer

The above drug rehabilitation skills and qualities can be used in completing a resume for the role, specifically the skills or core competence section of the resume.

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