CBP Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
CBP Hiring Process
Getting hired at CBP entails passing through a competitive process. Image source: integratedbiometrics.

CBP Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at CBP involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the CBP recruitment process and increase your chances for employment with the Company:

CBP Organization Overview

CBP, preferably known as The U.S Customs and Border Protection, an American federal law enforcement arm in the U.S department of homeland security.

It has a responsibility in securing the United States borders, through the detection and prevention of illegal foreigners, and terrorist from coming into the country.

The border patrol also guards against unlawful trafficking of contrabands and people.

With over 19,000 agents, CBP remains one of the biggest law enforcement agencies in America, and it is also considered to be main border control organization in the country.

The CBP Hiring Process

CBP usually brings in competent personnel to the organization through a hiring process that involves the following stages:

  1. Job Application Process

Getting recruited by CBP usually begins with the submission of an online application form. The CBP organization recommends and prefers you to apply online.

Simply visit their official website, go to careers, and search for the role of your choice.

As soon as you’ve seen the role that suits you, click on the job title and begin your application.

This process will require you to provide some of your personal details, as well as upload your resume and any other documents and transcripts that are demanded.

2. Qualifications Review

After submitting your application, your resume and other documents alongside with the application will be reviewed by the Human Resources Specialists, in order to grade your qualification for the role.

For your application to be reviewed accurately and within a short time, you need to submit a resume that correctly has the documentation of your qualification, comprehensive description of your duties, dates the duties were performed and the hours you worked every week.

If the resume and transcript you submitted don’t visibly document these, you might be considered ineligible to be an agent.

3. The Entrance Exam

After your online application has been reviewed, you might need to take a compulsory entrance exam at your preferred location.

The entrance examination is usually conducted by CBP to assess the mental ability of an individual, if he or she is able to perform the job responsibilities of a CBP officer.

It typically involves questions that measure your logical reasoning, writing skills, arithmetic reasoning, and work style.

The entrance exam usually lasts for about 4 to 6 hours.

Detailed information on how to participate in the entrance examination will be sent across to you.

4. The Structured Interview

As part of the recruitment process, you will undergo an interview conducted by a board of CBP officers to guarantee that you rightly possess the necessary competencies needed to perform the job.

Competencies such as decision-making, interpersonal skills, emotional maturity, and sensitivity to the needs of others will all be sought for during the interview.

Since most of the roles at CBP are strenuous, it is compulsory for you to undergo and successfully pass the structured interview in which you must exhibit the abilities and other features that are typically expected from a CBP agent.

Moreover, during the CBP interview, you will encounter more than just questions. A hypothetical scenario that tends to happen on the job will be read to you.

The interviewers will ask what your actions would be in a situation and why will you take such actions.

It is highly recommended to be very prepared for the interview, since passing it is a huge likelihood of being a part of CBP.

Prior to the interview, you should carry out a thorough research about the interview process and know what it entails.

Get acquainted with some employees in your role, and enquire about their experiences during the interview.

5. Drug Test and Background Check

Before you can be finally recruited in CBP, you will undergo a compulsory drug test in order to reveal if you do drugs, and then your background and history will be investigated as well.

CBP doesn’t expect you to be absolutely free from some bad behavior, they are not just interested in individuals who are still into some illegal or unhealthy practices.

Candidates who haven’t taken hard drugs for at least a year or not at all will only be considered.

Your background will also be investigated to ensure you haven’t been involved in some extremely bad or unlawful practices.

The previous schools you attended and the neighborhood you have lived in formerly will all be investigated.

How Long Does CBP Hiring Last?

After you have been interviewed, CBP wastes no time in getting back to you so that you can be aware of the outcome of your interview.

The team in charge of interviews will send you a mail containing the results of your interview. The mail will state whether you succeeded at the interview or not.

Receiving this message from CBP after the interview doesn’t take more than a few weeks, two or three weeks precisely.

CBP Jobs and Careers

CBP provides various job and career opportunities, including:

  • CBP officer: This employee is recruited and trained to identify and guard against terrorists and weapons from coming into the United States. He or she also guards against unlawful human trafficking and contraband, and narcotics from entering the country.
  • Border patrol agent: This employee is recruited and trained to protect the United States international land borders and coastal waters amid the entry ports. He or she is also responsible for arresting or ceasing unlawful border crossers, miscreants, and potential terrorists from coming into the United States.
  • Aviation enforcement agent: This employee is recruited and trained to be engaged in the operation of radio and satellite communications, specific radar equipment and some other methodologies to ensure the appropriate direction of law enforcement employees in executing an effective interdiction or arrest. He or she also conducts aerial investigation at the border or in the interior of the country (U.S).
  • Agricultural specialist duties: This employee is recruited and trained to detect and guard against intentional acts of agro/bio-terrorism by introducing biological, pollutants, and select agents. He or she also has a responsibility in preventing banned items from going into the United Sates food supply.
  • Marine interdiction agent: This employee is recruited and trained to perform some specific duties on boats and ships. He or she also conducts investigation and prohibits dangerous vehicles, people, and weapons from entering the country. A marine interdiction agent spends a lot of his or her time on vessels moving on rivers, oceans, and large lakes.

What to Expect Working at CBP

Being a CBP employee can be challenging and interesting as well. The organization offers an amazing pay for your job, and then gives you opportunity to build a great career with retirement benefits afterwards.

Employees treat each other like family, and always offer support when needed. Even though the job can be stressful sometimes, the management always ensures it’s worth it.

However, there are some former employees at CPB who claim not to have experienced good work life balance, and were also deprived compensation of extra hours worked. According to them, it is pretty difficult to advance your career.


CBP has been offering professional services in the United States for years now. The agency honestly seeks for well qualified, certified, and willing individuals to help continue and evolve CBP’s services to the U.S.

The information provided on this page will help you pass through the hiring process at CBP successfully and get employed.