Car Wash Attendant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 19, 2023
Car Wash Attendant Job Description
Car wash attendants ensure customers get the best of service from their facility.

This post provides detailed information on the car wash attendant job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the car wash attendant role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Car Wash Attendant Do?

Car wash attendants are responsible for washing cars and carrying out all other daily duties that ensure effective operation of a car wash facility.

Their job description also involves delivering the best customer service to customers.

The role of a car wash attendant entails working outside, where he/she has the opportunity to interact with customers and ensure they are happy.

They greet customers with a warm smile, ask them what they want get done, collect the specified fee, and happily get to work, completing the tasks as quickly a possible.

The attendant should be able to know how to use certain equipment for them to be able to work efficiently in an automated facility.

He/she should be able to control the levers and switches that control the washing process. He/she directs the Driver into the entrance to the car wash or guides them onto tracks.

The car wash attendant’s work description also involves protecting vehicles during the washing process by ensuring wipers are secured to the windshield, antennas are down, and other parts of the car are properly secured from the hard impact of the brush applied in the wash cycle.

For attendants working in a non or semi-automated car wash facility, they will be expected to wash the entire vehicle manually, as well as perform other duties that may be assigned to them, including cleaning windows, vacuuming, shampooing carpets, and applying wax upon request.

Car Wash Attendant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Car wash attendants perform various functions in ensuring customers get great satisfaction using their facility.

Shown below is an example of the kind of job description commonly given to car wash attendants; it majorly consists of the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Participate in wash process and apply car wash equipment
  • Greet customers courteously and explain available wash services to them; take and process wash payments to the satisfaction of customers and car wash
  • Scrub heavily soiled and hard to reach areas of vehicles, and pre-wash exterior areas of cars
  • Carry out periodic maintenance of equipment used in washing to keep them in proper working order
  • Perform cleaning of facility and ensure everything is kept in the appropriate place and organized
  • Provide assistance to customers in any area concerning car wash process
  • Apply water hoses, nozzles, brushes, soap buckets, broom, hand tools, pressure washer, and grease gun
  • Move or direct cars into the wash area with a pleasant, focused, and competent attitude
  • Carry out visual inspection of vehicles to confirm their condition before sending them into the wash area
  • Ensure company policies and procedures are adhered to in carrying out given tasks daily
  • Ensure vacuums are unclogged, trash cans emptied, and hoses properly hung
  • With a sense of urgency, ensure the right thing is done at the right time with customers, home office, and fellow teammates.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, Knowledge – for Car Wash Attendant Role

If you are seeking the role of a car wash attendant, the following are major requirements most employers may want you to meet to be granted an interview for the position:

  • Ability to display courteous and professional attitude
  • Excellent customer service skills to ensure optimum customer satisfaction
  • Strong ability to work flexible hours, such as weekends
  • Ability to work standing over long periods of time
  • Ability to lift items of moderate weight
  • Ability to work outdoor and be efficient in all weather conditions
  • Ability to work swiftly to deliver washed vehicles to customers in record time
  • Ability to interact ethically with fellow employees and customers
  • Possess high school diploma together with training or/and a year sales experience in related occupation; alternatively, equivalent combination of experience and education
  • Possess valid and current driver’s license
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills
  • Strong ability to handle the physical demand of the jo
  • Experience driving vehicles of different types, including automatic and manual cars
  • Knowledge of cars and their parts, tools and other necessary equipment
  • Ability to follow directions and correctly implement tasks.


This post is useful to both employers and job seekers looking for employment as a car wash attendant.

For employers, you can easily and quickly create a description for the car wash attendant position in your company by using the sample job description copy provided in this post for use in recruiting the best people for the job.

Also, if you are interested in the car wash attendant job, you will find the content of this post helpful in learning about the position so that you can be well prepared for the role.