Car Detailer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | September 21, 2023
Car Detailer Job Description
Car Detailers ensure neat and clean interiors and exteriors of cars.

This post provides detailed information on the car detailer job description, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the car detailer role.

What Does a Car Detailer Do?

Car detailers work in auto dealerships, automobile detailing shops, and car wash establishments, automobile retailers who sell new and used vehicles, car prep and transportation companies, etc. making thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of cars available.

Car detailers are responsible for making the interior and exterior of an automobile look neat and clean using a variety of cleaning equipment and products; these professionals have an eye for cleanliness and inspection.

The car detailer job description entails preparing and servicing vehicles prior to rental including: refueling, cleaning and washing, checking fluids and pressure levels of all vehicles.

It also involves inspecting vehicles to ensure that safety equipment such as: lights, tires, brakes, wipers, horn, seat belts, mirrors and back-up lights, are in working order, as well as inspecting vehicles for unidentified body damage.
The car detailer’s role also involves providing positive customer service, including greetings and assisting customers with luggage and personal belongings where applicable.

It includes ensuring the safety of items found in vehicles, placing them in “lost and found” compartment.

The car detailer is responsible for driving vehicles from drop off point to the service area; he/she drives vehicle through car wash and to ready line as necessary and directs drivers to drop off locations as necessary.

They ensure that the key tag is properly marked with the correct VIN or Unit number and license plate number.

They are also responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly work area and for reporting any unsafe or hazardous conditions to management.

The car detailer work description entails completing the out-of-service tag and ensuring vehicles are moved to the maintenance area.

They identify and pull the vehicles that are eligible for turn back, flagged for grounding or preventative maintenance, and verify their movement to the proper lot location.

To work as a car detailer usually requires only a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED). However, post high school training or auto detailer technician training is usually preferred.

In addition to education, employers usually prefer applicants that have proficient oral and written communication skills, technical skills, and functional skills.

They also require excellent time management skills, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent customer service skills.

Car Detailer Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Car detailer’s are primarily responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles adhering to company standards and following applicable safety measures.

In addition to this major function of cleaning all exterior and interior windows and mirrors and vacuum interior, floor, seats, ashtray and trunk, they also perform a variety of other tasks and duties depending on the settings in which they work.

The car detailer job description example provided below shows major tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly assigned to individuals who work in the position by most employers:

  • Monitors and maintains the cleaning equipment and machinery for proper operation and functioning
  • Uses cleaning supplies and equipment such as brushes, scrapers, vacuums, and solutions to perform cleaning on vehicles
  • Preserves, protects, and restores vehicle’s interiors and exteriors through the application of polishes, conditioners, waxes and/or masking materials
  • Undertakes inspection on parts, equipment, or vehicles for cleanliness and damage
  • Undertakes inspection on personal work performed for maximum quality assurance
  • Takes record on autos serviced for production and electronic billing
  • Utilizes buffing machines and cloths to wax and buff vehicles
  • Performs various tasks, including vacuum to remove dirt and debris, clean upholstery and surfaces, use air compressors and cloths to dry surfaces and apply preservation chemicals to surfaces to protect them against spots and stains
  • Protects the leather or fabric of vehicles through the application of dyes, paints, and waxes
  • Cleans and dresses engine compartment, wheels, and tires to remove grease and dirt’s
  • Provides customer support by responding to clients inquiries and fulfilling their request in a timely manner
  • Manages inventory and reorders supplies
  • Moves and parks vehicles; delivers vehicles to correct locations or picks up owners or drivers up when needed.

Car Detailer Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for a Successful Career

When seeking to hire for the car detailer position, recruiters commonly expect applicants to meet certain requirements to prove that they will be able to effectively perform the objectives, purpose, and obligations of the car detailer job.

Shown below are major car detailer requirements you may be expected to meet:

  • Education: They should possess a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED). However, a post high school education or training such as automotive service technician training is preferred
  • License: A valid driver’s license is required, with no more than 1 moving violation and/or at-fault accident on driving record in the past 3 years. No alcohol or drug related incidents on driving record in the last 5 years
  • Experience: Customer service and car detailing experience are required
  • Knowledge: Car detailers must be able to understand formulas in order to mix cleaning solutions, paints, and other chemicals
  • Flexibility: They must be willing to work weekends and holidays, which is usually a peak period for their line of business
  • Communication skills: It is important for them to be able to read, respond to inquiries, and execute basic written and verbal instruction
  • Technical skills: It is essential that they possess essential skills required to operate cleaning equipment. They must be able to efficiently operate hand and power tools required for them to fulfill their job description
  • Physical dexterity: The ability to meet physical demand of the position, including standing for extended hours, walking, crouching, bending, and standing for extended periods is required. They must be able to lift 10 lb.- 50 pounds depending on the requirements of the employer in order to assist customers
  • Interpersonal skills: This skill is required for car detailers to build rapport and develop relationships with clients that will engender repeat patronage
  • Attention to detail: This is required for them to sustain quality work in an independent environment
  • Customer service skills: This skill is required to provide customer support duties. Car detailers must be able to relate with clients and respond to inquiries and complaints in a respectful and positive manner
  • Excellent time management skills: This is an essential skill for the car detailer to effectively prioritize tasks and complete all duties within the stipulated schedule, and in a timely manner.


The information about the duties and responsibilities of a car detailer, as well as the sample job description provided in this post will be useful to recruiters or employers looking to hire for the car detailing role in their organization.

They are sure to be able to attract the best car detailers to their organization by publishing a detailed description of the available job in their company using the information contained in this article.

This post is equally beneficial to people interested in becoming a car detailer, to learn all they need to know about the duties and responsibilities of the role, and what is required to succeed in the career.