Business Support Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 30, 2023
Business Support Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Business Support Managers oversee the day-to-day operation of a business.

This post presents in-depth information on the job description of a business support manager to help you learn the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they commonly perform.

What Does a Business Support Manger Do?

A business support manager is someone charged with the responsibility of overseeing the daily operation of a business.

The business support manager job description entails assessing employees’ performance and suggesting methods of correcting actions of employees when necessary.

The manager is often the first contact with the vendors outside the business; therefore, his/her role includes maintaining contact with vendors and establishing a good relationship with them for the progress of the business.

Individuals working as business support managers are expected to have in-depth understanding of the nature of their firms’ business to be able to provide the needed support to it.

Companies hire support managers to assist in improving productivity of the organization. The need for support managers in an organization largely depends on the type of organization.

Generally, organizations hire business support managers to handle the management of all financial elements of the organization.

There is a need for the daily routine support for businesses in a lot of areas which include the commercial activity section and partnership.

The production of management information and the offering of counsel and direction to staff are important to the development of any business and are part of the work description of the business support manager.

The holder of this office is also expected to contribute to production activities in the business, which includes tasks such as mapping out feasibility studies, listing targeted markets, and setting business goals.

Other duties they perform include analyzing performance, carrying out training for staff improvement, and bringing recommendations for business improvement.

He/she is also expected to device ways of tracking improvements in the business.

The business support manager monitors actual performance and compares it with the business target.

He/she is also charged with the responsibility for coordinating systems involving technical and informational base of the business.

He/she provides support and direction to staff, and decides on the improvement strategies that may be employed in the promotion of the business.

He/she is expected to demonstrate a high level of expertise in offering assistant to the support team.

He/she is also expected to maximize his/her proficiency in working on all aspects of the financing and the strategic planning for the support of the business.

The responsibility for the coordination of market surveys for the effective planning of the business, and its viability, as well as its chances for survival in the competitive market place, are part of the role of the support manager.

Putting this into cognizance, a business support manager develops methods of dealing with the challenges he/she is faced with in the course of carrying out his/her daily activities.

Business Support Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following job description example shows a list of typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities that business support managers commonly perform:

  • Supervise the team of business support staff
  • Responsible for providing quality service for facilities management
  • Work with the management team on fiscal strategic planning
  • Coordinate project development surveys
  • Look into the legal obligations relating to contractual relationships with client and ensure that the obligations are meet
  • Work in partnership with other management team members to ascertain and carry out needs of technical nature and precedence of the business
  • Provide guidance and financial planning to the business
  • Provide documentation support, procedure, and financial initiatives for the business
  • Responsible for the administration of the business unit
  • Support the budget, the auditing process, the training, and the coordination of projects

Business Support Manager Job Description for Resume

A resume will be required to be sent to prospective employers if you are seeking the job of business support manager.

You can prepare one by using information from the sample job description given above to create the work history section, which highlights important duties and responsibilities of the job that you have carried out.

Business Support Manager Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are vital skills and other qualities that are needed for a successful career as a business support manager:

  • Degree in Business Administration or its equivalent
  • Strong ability in business support role and/or in office management role
  • Business management expertise and experience
  • Expertise in the use of modern technologies
  • Ability to coordinate business development research
  • Strong skills in working with people and human resource management
  • Ability to support opportunities on business development
  • Ability to evaluate, appraise, cost, and consider business risks
  • Ability to develop business promotional plans and pursue them to completion
  • Expertise in training and developing of staff
  • Strong ability to deliver presentation
  • Ability to work with a team and under the initiative drawn by self
  • Ability to review the procedure for support and to pinpoint opportunities to develop the efficiency of business
  • Effectiveness in time management and the organization of staff
  • Efficiency in communicating complex information to staff at different levels
  • Ability to handle sensitive business information