Business Operations Analyst Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 2, 2023
Business Operations Analyst job description, duties, and responsibilities
Business Operations Analysts carry out internal audits and assist managers fine tune their work processes. Image source:

This post provides in-depth information on the business operations analyst job description, to help you learn the work they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the business operations analyst work description.

It also provides the requirements you may be asked to meet to be hired for the business operations analyst position.

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What Does a Business Operations Analyst Do?

The business operations analyst is an employee whose role is to identify the irregularities in business operations and standards designs.

He/she is responsible for ensuring that companies comply with the stipulated principles and standards.

The business operations analyst job description covers various duties that enhance the productivity and income generation procedures of the company.

They perform internal audits and connect with managers to evaluate their work processes.

In the case of deficiencies, they will propose changes and arrange reports for the operations and executive managers.

A business operations analyst will need to have mathematical skills to initiate, review and generate graphs, numeric data as well as statistics.

He/she will collect information by engaging in dialogue with staff, reviewing databases from the computer and reading reports.

He/she will also be required to establish which data is applicable and the methods which should be utilized to evaluate them.

Their role also includes utilizing statistical studies, optimization to develop practical solutions.
They give recommendations on the suitable channel of action.

They also write journal and document reports based on recommendations.

Their functions also include assessing the operations of an organization to present suggestions to problems and generate procedures for enhanced decision making.

They may utilize time in the field collecting information by directly observing facts.

Business operations analysts are key associates of the operations unit, where they give support in the areas of client reporting, trade processes, data management and problem resolution.

They work together with customer support service administrators and the operations unit to guarantee accuracy of the data systems.

This position will require commendable computer aptitude in addition to giving attention to details.

The job may involve working under stress since they are frequently under compulsion to attain deadlines assigned by executive managers.

In hiring people to this position, employers usually look for people with Bachelor’s degree or better still Master’s degree. In this case, programs are conventionally extensive in areas like mathematics, calculus, statistics and linear algebra.

Also important is computer science for the purpose of utilizing database and software in analyzing data.

Many people in this profession may also possess supplementary degrees in affiliated technical fields like computer science, or engineering as well as physics.

Business Operations Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

A business operations analyst will be expected to perform the following important duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which usually make up their job description.

  • Authenticate performance files
  • Approve prospective changes for new product components
  • Evaluate market area and develop procedures
  • Passing across information on accomplishments
  • Carrying out statistical evaluations and automating reporting framework
  • Sustain an accounting portfolio and marketing systems and interconnect with all aspects of the organization
  • Guarantee that everyday prices and supervision files are executed promptly and precisely
  • Carry out electronic harmonization of system to supervisory records on a daily and weekly bases
  • Establish and validate customer work performance files
  • Find resolution to trade settlement controversies in a prompt manner
  • Determine workflow system and assist the operations and supervisory team in instituting changes.

This job description sample above can also be used in preparing a resume for the position.

Business Operations Analyst Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The business operations analyst will often be required to possess and make use of the following skills, knowledge, and abilities as a driving force to enhance productivity:

  • Sufficient statistical and mathematical skills
  • Ability to resolve complications and carry out quality reviews
  • Developing and programming software skills
  • Must be confident and reliable
  • Should be consistent and display a high level of accuracy.