Architect Job Description Example

By | August 27, 2023
Architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Architects reflect safety, comfort, and beauty, and other needs of their clients when drawing up their building plan.

Architect Job Description Example

What Does an Architect Do?

Architects are professionals who specialize in the design, planning, and renovation of buildings/structures.

The architect job description entails drawing up building plans that translate to a safe, aesthetic, and comfortable habitation.

They are also part of the construction process of an architectural design.

Architects carry out assessments to identify the building requirement of clients; they discuss with them to spot the objective, preference, location, and budget of a building project.

They also assist clients in making appropriate choices as relates to building design, site location, construction materials, and cost estimates.

Architects are also responsible for developing and preparing the design for a building project using various CAD (computer aided design) programs and technical drawing tools.

They create detailed building plans specifying the shape and measurement of every structural component in a proposed housing project.

As part of their roles, architects collaborate with other building professionals such as civil engineers and urban planners to develop and implement feasible, safe and legally approved structures.

They ensure produced designs fall within the budget and specifications of a client.

They also outline the type, quality and quantity of construction materials required for a building project.

In fulfilling their work description, architects monitor the construction activities of a building venture to ensure design plan and specification are maintained.

When seeking contracts, they prepare job tender and deliver presentations to clients, highlighting their ability to create designs that meet building requirements.

Architects in performing their duties, direct the activities of trainee architects and interns to ensure the accuracy of their design and specifications.

They maintain contact with clients to discuss the progress of a building project, possible adjustments that can be made and resolution to problems.

As part of their tasks, architects also conduct price negotiations with contractors on behalf of a client to establish fair prices.

They ensure that a building project is in compliance with government standards for health, safety, and environment.

Architects form part of on-site construction experts that oversee and coordinate the work of contractors to ensure timely completion.

To work as an architect, you require a Bachelor’s degree in architecture, a 3-year internship and a license for practice obtainable after passing the Architect Registration Examination.

The top qualities architects need to have to excel on their job description include great creative ability, strong communication skill, technical capability, and good teamwork spirit.

Architect Job Description Example

Architects perform various functions in the construction industry. If you are aspiring to be an architect and are looking for a job description for the role, here is an example of one, consisting of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that usually form their work activities:

  • Conduct evaluation to identify the building requirements and needs of a client
  • Discuss with clients to spot their objectives and budget for a building project
  • Assist clients in taking appropriate decisions on the design, location, and materials for a proposed building construction
  • Produce building plans using computer aided design software programs and technical drawing tools
  • Specify the measurement, materials and outline of building components to be implemented by building contractors
  • Ensure building designs fall within the specified budget and requirements of a client
  • Liaise with construction experts, such as surveyors and urban planning engineers to design and construct safe and up-to-standard architectural structures
  • Prepare and present proposals, tenders, and pitches to clients to secure a construction design contract
  • Monitor construction activities at a site to ensure design specification, and that plans are maintained
  • Establish contact with clients to discuss building progress, issues arising, and necessary adjustments to be made
  • Direct the activities of trainee architects and interns to ensure their designs and specifications are precise
  • Conduct price negotiations with contractors on behalf of clients to set fair prices
  • Oversee the activities of site contractors to ensure timely completion of project
  • Ensure an architectural structure is in compliance with government safety and health regulations.

Architect Resume Preparation

If you are looking for a new architect job, a resume is a document you will have to prepare to present your experience and qualities to employers to consider you for the job.

To make the work experience part of your architect resume, you can quickly adapt the duties and responsibilities of the position cited in the sample job description above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Architect Role

The following are the necessary requirements employers would expect you to meet if you are applying for an architect job:

  • Education and Training: Architects usually require a Bachelor’s degree in architecture as a step towards a career in the field. A master’s degree is also essential in overcoming competition. Architects are also required to complete a 3-year internship at an architectural firm and pass the Architect Registration Examination to become licensed architects. They may be required to go for occasional training courses to keep their license
  • Creative Ability: Architects are adept to drawing up innovative and aesthetic building designs
  • Communication Skill: They are able to present their ideas orally, in writing, and via technical drawings/images
  • Technical Skill: They are proficient in using manual and CAD tools to create feasible building plans
  • Teamwork Spirit: Part of the qualities of architects is the ability to work with other building/construction professionals to achieve an objective.

Architect Skills for Resume

The above listed skills and qualities are essential in completing the skills section of an architect resume to impress a prospective employer.

Highlighting the above mentioned skills in your resume if you actually have them distinguishes you as a more qualified candidate for an architect job.


To adequately prepare for the job of an architect if you are looking to work as one requires having an idea of the job description you will likely be working with.

An employer too who desires to recruit the best architect for his/her firm needs to have detailed knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the position to be able to make a good job description that attracts the best qualified applicants.

How do you find our job description for the architect role? Please leave your comment in the box below; you may also include additional architect functions that you know.