Architectural Designer Job Description Example

Architectural designer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Architectural designers employ immense creative skills in producing excellent and realizable building designs.

Architectural Designer Job Description Example

What Does an Architectural Designer Do?

Architectural designers are professionals who specialize in planning and designing of structures/urban landscape under the supervision of licensed architects.

Their job description entails collecting information on the design requirements for a building project by interacting with clients to identify specifications and budgets.

They provide clients with recommendations on suitable architectural design considering factors such as building site, cost, and trend.

Architectural designers produce building plans/designs using CAD tools and manual technical drawing instruments.

They create architectural plans which meet the desired requirement and expectation of clients by designing according to budget and preference.

They present building designs to clients or management for approval. As part of their duties, architectural designers specify the cost estimates, materials, duration, and other relevant information required for the actualization of a building project.

They interact with other building designers and professionals to exchange ideas on techniques/style for structural plans.

They also prepare and present job proposals to clients, emphasizing their ability to deliver architectural designs that meet set requirements.

Architectural designers may act as supervisors to direct and guide junior designers in the preparation of structural designs and models.

They ensure company policies and standards are maintained when providing services to clients.

Part of their work description includes reworking and modifying designs as may be requested by clients or management.

They ensure proper documentation and record of all vital information related to a structural design.

They also keep in touch with clients during construction to tackle and resolve problems that may arise due to design/planning.

Their roles also entail conducting research as well as attending conferences/workshops to improve on existing knowledge, and staying up-to-date with architectural trends.

Architectural designers working for agencies produce reports and periodic updates to management on work activities; they also ensure timely completion and delivery of architectural designs.

To qualify to work as an architectural designer requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Going for advanced degrees paves the way to advance up to the position of a licensed architect.

Some of the qualities architectural designers should have to excel on the job include creative design skills, communication skills, mathematical skills, and endurance.

Architectural Designer Job Description Example

If you are interested in knowing the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that usually make up the work activities of an architectural designer, here is an example of a typical job description for the role:

  • Collect information on the design requirements for a building project
  • Interact with clients to identify structural specifications, location and budget
  • Prepare proposals and deliver presentations convincing clients to offer them contracts for a building design
  • Proffer recommendation to clients on suitable choice of design, considering set budget and preference
  • Produce designs for proposed structures using CAD tools such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and manual drafting
  • Work around a set budget to create building plans that meet the requirements of clients
  • Present building plans to client/management for approval
  • Specify important details for a building project such as cost estimates, materials, and assumed duration of construction
  • Exchange information and ideas with other building design professionals to add to their pool of knowledge
  • Supervise the activities of junior designers to ensure the accuracy of their structural plans
  • Adhere to company policies, regulations and standards when working with clients
  • Document and keep record of architectural designs and other relevant information required for filing purposes
  • Maintain contact with clients during building construction to help resolve possible design problems
  • Modify created designs on request of management or client
  • Attend conferences/workshops to stay up-to-date with architectural trends and development.

Architectural Designer Resume Preparation

Are you searching for an architectural designer job? If so, one of employers’ requirements that you will have to meet is sending in your resume for them to properly assess your suitability for the role.

To assist you in completing the work experience part of the resume, where you will need to highlight the functions of an architectural designer that you carried out in your previous employment, you can make use of the sample job description shown above.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Architectural Designer Job

To be considered by most employers for the job of an architectural designer, here are key requirements to meet (your success on the job will also depend on having them):

  • Education and Training: Architectural designers basically require a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. An in depth knowledge of 3D modeling software such as AutoCAD is also essential. Licensure is not required although career advancement to the architect position mandates licensure
  • Creative Design Skills: Architectural designers are proficient in producing feasible aesthetic building designs
  • Communication Skills: Architectural designers are able to interact with clients to convince them or highlight the details of an architectural design
  • Mathematical Skills: As one of their key qualities, architectural designers are expert number crunchers and can make calculations to layout precise measurements for an architectural structure.

Architectural Designer Skills for Resume

In addition to the work experience, the skills section is another important part to have in a resume.

To help in creating this section and making it effective, the required architectural qualities stated above can be very helpful.

Highlighting the above listed skills will prove to hirers that you possess the right qualities needed to succeed as an architectural designer.


When you need to prepare for an architectural designer job, reading a detailed job description will help in expanding your knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the role.

And if you are searching for a good architectural designer to hire, creating a great job description like the one above can help in attracting the most effective employees for the job.

What part of an architectural designer job description do you find interesting? Please leave a comment or share your work experience as an architectural designer in the box below.