Accounting Associate Job Description Example

By | September 3, 2023
Accounting Associate job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Accounting Associates record and report financial transactions for their organizations. Image source:

Accounting Associate Job Description Example

Basically, the job description of an accounting associate involves recording and reporting financial transactions for the organization he/she works for, with little variation to reflect the peculiarity of each organization.

Usually, the accounting reports to the finance team or office and is responsible for providing accurate and timely recording of specific financial transactions and generating relevant information for the team to act on.

The role of the accounting associate is crucial to the day-to-day smooth running of the organization as his/her records and reports show how valuable resources are used in the organization.

His/her work is also vital to the maintenance of good business relationship with the organization’s new and existing vendors as it ensures that requests for payments and inquiries are promptly attended to.

Accounting associates can bring some innovations to the way they execute their work to keep their organizations on a sound financially footing, providing them with valuable information upon which they can make strategic decisions.

They are also in charge of coordinating and executing the day-to-day logistics of their organizations’ receivables and payables, as well as ensuring the accurate recording of all expenditures.

The individual aspiring to this position should have a can-do spirit and be prepared to provide top level accounting services in a fast-growing work environment, and in different industries.

He/she should also develop administrative skills, as well as accounting expertise that can enable him/her to create improved processes and procedures on the job.

An Example of Accounting Associate Job Descriptions

Below is a job description example for the accounting associate post. It consists of key tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly executed by individuals working in that position.

  • Ensure vendors’ records are current, accurate, complete, and verified
  • Discuss discount opportunities, payment terms, and accounts statement with vendors either in writing or verbally
  • Ensure accurate and efficient daily processing of employee expense reports and vendor invoices, as well as monthly processing of corporate credit card charges
  • Seek the head of department’s approval for invoices to be sent to vendors
  • Avail employees information regarding timelines for financial reporting
  • Assemble document and review system information in processing employee expense reports and vendor invoices for payments
  • Obtain details about invoicing from operational staff and upload into the organization’s billing system
  • Verify accuracy of information in customers’ invoices, get the necessary internal approvals, and process the invoices
  • Resolve bill discrepancies with Operations Unit by reconciling details on invoice with those on operational reports
  • Establish a filing system for all documents to ensure safe keeping of records for future reference
  • Ensure all accounting projects assigned by management are completed.

Preparing a resume for the job:

A resume is an important document a job seeker needs to have to be able to sell themselves well to a prospective employer.

Writing a resume can be challenging to some people, however, using the job information in the job description sample above can make it easier to quickly prepare a resume to use in applying for a vacant accounting associate post.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Accounting Associate Position

Succeeding as an accounting associate with any organization requires having certain skills and attributes, which have been found to be vital to the effectiveness of the individual on the job.

  • Being a team player, goal-getter, and highly detailed and focused, with strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work solely, yet effectively, as well as with diverse groups of people in a team
  • Ability to perform multiple projects and priorities together and achieve excellent results
  • Ability to perform complex tasks with little or no supervision; comfortable working in a fast-paced setting where meeting of time-sensitive deadlines is usually required
  • Ability to ensure sensitive and confidential information is not let out to unauthorized individuals
  • Excellent human relationship and communication skills to relate cordially and effectively with colleagues and management
  • Proficient with common billing systems, including NetSuite; Microsoft Office applications, including MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which are valuable in creating documents and reports
  • Possessing an accounting first degree is usually preferred; however, a high school diploma is generally required.

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