3M Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
3M Hiring Process
You can boost your chances of gaining employment with 3M by learning about its hiring process. Image source: edition.cnn.

3M Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The 3M hiring process involves various stages, including the job application and interview where you will be expected to answer certain questions to prove why you should be hired.

This post provides complete information about the 3M recruitment process to help increase your chances of gaining employment with the Company.

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3M Company Overview

3M, formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Computer, is an American multinational group of companies that operates in the field of Industry, US health care, consumer goods, and worker safety.

3M produces on the average above 60,000 products under different brands, which include abrasives, adhesives, window films, paint protection films, personal protective equipment, laminates, passive fire protection, medical products, dental and orthodontic products, electrical and electronic connecting and insulating materials, and car-care products.

There are lots of productions that can be attributed to this conglomerate.

3M was founded on June 13, 1902 (back then as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) by John Dwan, Hermon Cable, Henry Bryan, and William A. McGonagle.

The headquarters is located at Maplewood, Minnesota, United States with its services spanning to many countries of the world.

The current workforce of this conglomerate stands at about 93,516 as at 2018.

3M Hiring Process

The hiring process at 3M is more or less what is obtainable at other business organizations particularly in the United States.

So, you will be seeing some similarities and some differences too. However, we will look at the very structure of the hiring process at 3

The first stage is the online application. This is where you will be able to submit your application via the company’s official job site on www.3m.com.

This is the first stage of the hiring process as it marks the beginning of your journey to being hired at 3M.

The second stage is the Online Aptitude Tests. This stage comes in response to your application and it is done online just like the online application. This is not really difficult in itself.

The third stage is the Telephone Interview. This is not the same with the online aptitude tests or assessment.

Telephone interview comes after you are done with the online aptitude tests or assessment and it is done on the company’s official job site while telephone interview is done on the telephone and is also a mini interview.

The very last stage is the Assessment Stage which is done at the Assessment Center.

This of course could be at any venue chosen by the hiring team. In addition, this stage is where the main interview will come up.

  1. 3M Job Application

The 3M official website at www.3m.com is the portal available for you to send in your job application.

The application form provided is of normal standard, containing some background and competency-based questions.

With the completion of the online application form, you will then move over to the online aptitude tests.

Online Aptitude tests are made available to you once you complete your online application.

These aptitude tests are divided into two: the numerical reasoning tests and the verbal reasoning tests.

These tests will prove your capacity to working with numbers and communication. They are not difficult questions but could be tricky.

The next stage you will be faced with is the Telephone Interview which is a mini interview.

The three things are considered in this stage: contents of your CV, Application, and general background questions. So these are where the questions will be coming from.

2. 3M Interview Process

This section comes in combination with the general assessment, which consists of four segments: Numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests, Group discussion exercise, Technical interview applicable to the position applied for, and Competency interview.

The preliminary stage of the interview session is usually easy and straightforward, taking about 20 minutes to complete while the four segments thereafter could last up to 24 hours or even till the next day to complete.

The segments above are more competent and serious than the preliminary stage.

You should be ready to make a presentation in case you are called up to do so in the interview process.

Note that during the interview process, your body language is as important as what you say.

You cannot afford to have a scenario where your body language betrays your answers or speech. Take note of this and make no mistakes in that regard.

Also, don’t forget to dress corporate and smell nice. Have a clean shave and do your best to appear simple yet smart.

3M Interview Questions

Here are possible questions you may be expected to answer in an interview at the 3M Company:

  1. Can we meet you sir?
  2. Why did you choose 3M?
  3. If you are given a string, design an algorithm to return a Boolean if it contains every letter in the alphabet.
  4. How do you deal with a difficult coworker?
  5. Tell us about a time you questioned your personal ethics and integrity
  6. Describe a time you were tempted to do something unethical and how you dealt with it?
  7. What strides do you think 3M has made over the years?
  8. Tell us a time you have the opportunity to lead a group and how you felt about it
  9. What are your plans for the next 5 years?
  10. How long do you want to work for 3M?

3M Jobs and Careers

There are various jobs and career path both main workers and students can follow at 3M, which is beneficial for all workers and also students who have the opportunity to work as interns at the Company. They include:

  • Transformation & Technology Services (TTS)
  • Design
  • Corporate Engineering
  • Finance
  • Frontline
  • Health Information Systems (HIS)
  • Optimized Operations
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Strategy & Marketing Development (SMD)

What to Expect Working for 3M

If you work for the 3M Company, there are certain benefits you can expect to enjoy; here is the summary of the employee benefits at 3M:

  • Annual incentive plan
  • Long-term Incentive plan (LTIP)
  • Medical, Dental & Vision insurance
  • Health Savings Account
  • Health Care & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Disability Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Paid Leave
  • General Employee Stock Purchase Plan (GESPP)
  • Retirement Benefits


3M is into a lot of things and for that reason will always be on the lookout for more capable hands to help sustain the momentum of the organization.

It is expected that an applicant should have good knowledge of the company and what its short and long term vision are.