20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Felons

By | July 18, 2023
Work from Home Jobs for Felons
As a felon, you can find good work from home jobs that you can do and make some income.

This article shares the best work from home jobs for felons.

Work from home jobs are ideal, especially for felons, because there are almost no formal interview processes and felons can get jobs as long as they have the required skills.

20 Best Work from Home Jobs for Felons

Here are some of our best collections of jobs felons can do right from the comfort of their home:

  1. Online tutor
  2. Online survey taker
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Social media content manager
  5. Virtual assistant
  6. Video/audio transcriber
  7. Online translator
  8. Blogger/content writer
  9. Remote data entry
  10. Curriculum Developer
  11. Search engine evaluator
  12. Virtual food server
  13. Ad assessor
  14. Blue mountain arts
  15. Instructional designer
  16. Content development manager
  17. Video talent
  18. Compliance oversight
  19. Ask Wonder
  20. Magic Ears.
  1. Online tutor

This involves sharing knowledge about a particular subject you are most passionate about and have so much knowledge on.

It could be science, math or even music.

The online tutor’s salary is between $25 and $35 per hour.

You can find available online tutor jobs that felons can apply for at Educational connections tutoring.

  1. Online survey taker

This is a fast and popular way to earn some cash. It involves taking surveys for companies who need to test and improve their services and products.

You can earn up to $5 per survey. You can start earning right away on Branded surveys.

  1. Customer Service Representative

This involves responding to phone calls, emails and texts from customers, solving problems and de-escalating issues.

The customer service representative’s salary is around $17 per hour and you can get working at Maximus.

  1. Social media content manager

This involves creating content for social media pages to increase brand awareness and advertise products and services.

The social media content manager’s salary is between $82,000 and $110,000 yearly and you can go on Scorpion to get started immediately.

  1. Virtual assistant

This role involves assisting with administrative tasks like managing calendars, sending email reminders, managing company social media handles, and blogs.

The virtual assistant’s salary is between $27,000 and $39,000 yearly and you can check Bob Jones University to get your first job.

  1. Video/audio transcriber

This involves transcribing audio or video files to written documents that can be read.

You will need good hearing and fast typing skills. The transcriber’s salary is between $42,000 and $52,000 yearly and vacant jobs are available at AlphaSights.

  1. Online translator

The online translator translates materials from one language to another. This is an important job, especially for business and companies who need to market to individuals of a different language.

The translator’s salary is between $61,000 and $86,000 yearly and you can log on to Globo to get started.

  1. Blogger/content writer

This involves putting out articles on different topics depending on who or what organization you work for.

The blogger’s salary is between $33,000 and $46,000 yearly.

Check Galactic Fed to get work in no time.

  1. Remote data entry

This is a relevant job on the list of work from home jobs for felons. It does not require a lot of skills and simply involves entering data, even though it may seem monotonous.

Salary for remote data entry is around $10 per hour and you can find available jobs at Humanatic.

  1. Curriculum Developer

This involves producing content and instructional design for courses. You may need to work with a design team to produce high-quality learning materials.

The curriculum developer’s salary is between $36,000 and $50,000 yearly.

Click on Red Lambda to find a curriculum developer’s job suitable for a felon.

  1. Search engine evaluator

Some companies are felony friendly. They hire felons to do social media or search engine evaluation tasks, and other tasks.

They hire globally and you can work from home to do these tasks. You can check Appen to get a remote job in no time.

  1. Virtual food server

Do you know you can work as a virtual server to take food orders by phone and get paid up to $10/hr.

You do not need to bother about background or credit check. Log on to RRTUSA to find virtual food server positions.

  1. Ad assessor

You can be paid to assess and improve ads. You advise on the layout, content and any other element that could make the ad perform better.

One company that hires Ads evaluators is Lionbridge. You can earn as much $13 per hour while working from home without the need for background check.

  1. Blue mountain arts

Poetry has been as old as man. It is one way people express their deepest longing and heartfelt thoughts and emotions.

If you have a way with words, then you can earn from that skill. One greeting card company that can use the help of creative writers is Blue Mountain Arts.

  1. Instructional designer

This involves building interactive designs for learning solutions that will produce the best outcomes for learners.

The instructional designer’s salary is between $47,000 and $64,000 yearly and you can find remote work at Red Lambda.

  1. Content development manager

The content development manager handles designing, and implementing maintenance of content across all programs, and oversees the content development team.

The content development manager’s salary is between $49,000 and $60,000 yearly and you can find remote work at Red Lambda.

  1. Video talent

This involves delivering scripted material on camera and providing script flow feedback regularly to make sure that the flow of content is engaging.

The salary for video talent is between $56,000 and $74,000 yearly.

You can find work from home video talent jobs at Red Lambda.

  1. Compliance oversight

This role involves overseeing compliance as to laws and regulations that govern specific areas.

This could include work, tax, and board governance obligations.

The salary for compliance oversight is between $120,000 and $160,000 yearly.

Felons can find remote compliance oversight work from home jobs at Impact Justice.

  1. Ask Wonder

This is a company that act like your personal research assistant by churning out detailed research on many topics and questions in record time.

They recruit people worldwide to perform this type of task. You can start earning if you can do this type of job, just go to Ask Wonder.

  1. Magic Ears

There are a few companies that pay you to teach English, and you can do it via your phone.

You can earn up to $20 – $26/hr teaching kids between age 4 and 12.

You get to choose your schedule, go to Magic Ears.


If you are a felon and have had problems finding a job, working from home is a great way to earn money without having such trouble.

We hope that from our list of the best work from home jobs for felons, you will find one that suits you.

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