20 Best Concentrix Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

20 Best Concentrix Work from Home Jobs You Can Do.
Concentrix offers various rewarding work from home jobs that you can access.

20 Best Concentrix Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

If you are looking for the best work from home job at Concentrix that meets your training and experience to go for, then you will find this post helpful.

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What is Concentrix?

Concentrix, a leading business service provider, steadily provides clients with support that satisfies customer interaction.

The company was founded in 1983 and has gone on to deliver excellent client services in over seventy languages from locations in more than 40 countries.

Concentrix cares about its employees because it believes that this, by extension, means caring for the customers.

There are full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, shift, and remote workers that make up the over ninety thousand employees and professionals at Concentrix.

20 Best Concentrix Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Here is a list of the best Concentrix work from home jobs you can access:

  1. Associate AWS Developer
  2. Recruiter
  3. Consulting Director
  4. User Interface Designer
  5. Call Center Leader
  6. Sales Solution Architect
  7. Sales Director
  8. Content Leader
  9. Pricing Consultant
  10. Account Director
  11. Product Comms and Packaging Director
  12. Sales and Service Reps
  13. Technical Support Advisor
  14. .NET Developer
  15. Health Insurance Team Leader
  16. Project Manager
  17. Product Manager
  18. Solutions Architect
  19. Client Services Manager
  20. Software Scrum Master.
  1. Associate AWS Developer

This role involves supporting the development team, performing analysis, and carrying out testing and troubleshooting; modifying apps and products and creating documentation and software.

You should have the ability to keep up with deadlines, some work experience, and a Bachelor’s degree to be hired for the associate AWS developer job with Concentrix.

  1. Recruiter

The recruiter is in charge of working to assess hiring needs, interviewing prospective candidates for positions, and identifying the best fits.

You should have a few years of experience in human resources and a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Consulting Director

This role involves understanding the business needs of clients, delivering business solutions for a company, and developing consulting solutions, and overall boosting company performance.

  1. User Interface Designer

This job involves using technology to provide customer experience solutions and gathering and documenting interface application requirements.

You will need to have excellent communication skills and be familiar with IVR SDLC.

  1. Call Center Leader

This role involves supervising the call center team, monitoring productivity and attendance, and ensuring that financial goals are accomplished, and coaching reports.

You will need excellent communication skills, an AA degree, and a few years of experience to work in this role.

  1. Sales Solution Architect

This role involves handling complex customer experience solutions and managing bid management processes.

Some experience in a relevant field is required.

  1. Sales Director

The sales director’s job is to meet targets for yearly bookings by devising and implementing effective strategies.

You should have a Bachelor’s degree, some experience in a related field, and excellent leadership skills.

  1. Content Leader

This job involves handling the creation and maintenance of solution catalog content to be used by a sales team, managing projects, and defining and creating client presentation content.

To work as a content leader with Concentrix, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Pricing Consultant

This position is responsible for preparing renewal opportunities and new business pricing with the pursuit team members.

It also involves routing pricing data for approval and presenting pricing summaries.

  1. Account Director

The account director generates revenue drawn from business sales, analyzes customer intelligence and market, and partners with the sales leadership.

Proficiency in MS Office is a requirement for this position.

  1. Product Comms and Packaging Director

This job involves designing and maintaining a product catalog, maintaining and applying professional standards for the product collateral.

  1. Sales and Service Reps

The sales and service reps work to resolve client product or service routine problems on the internet or over the phone and provide excellent customer service support.

You will need experience in customer service and a High School diploma to be hired for this position.

  1. Technical Support Advisor

The technical support advisor listens and responds to customer concerns and needs, prepares accurate work, maximizes every opportunity to build rapport, and demonstrate empathy in communication with customers.

You will need some experience in customer service and a High School diploma.

  1. .NET Developer

This position helps out in analytic solutions development, analysis of business problems, and identification of customer needs, and participation in concurrent projects.

A BA degree and a few years of experience are required to work at Concentrix as a .NET developer.

  1. Health Insurance Team Leader

This role involves coaching direct reports, communicating expectations, and supervising call center associates daily; promoting company values, and offering expertise on the subject matter.

You will require important skills like mentoring skills and communication skills to be hired for this job.

  1. Project Manager

This position involves overseeing and coordinating software development projects, ensuring strict compliance with project timelines and budgets.

You will need a lot of experience. Proficiency in computer and a BA is required as well.

  1. Product Manager

The product manager investigates how feasible a product feature is, establishes project target data, and develops a project plan, and assigns to each team member a task.

A few years of experience along with a BA degree is required.

  1. Solutions Architect

The solutions architect documents and designs outsourcing solutions for business processes.

To work as a solutions architect, you should have a few years of experience and a strong knowledge of market trends and insights.

  1. Client Services Manager

The client services manager role ensures all customers are satisfied with the company services and products and sees to it that implementation schedules are solid.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience to work in this position.

  1. Software Scrum Master

This role involves training scrum teams to stick to the best practices.

You should have a Bachelor’s degree, some experience, and excellent management skills for this job.


Concentrix believes in a healthy balance between work and everything else. As an employee here, be rest assured that you will be treated with utmost regard and care.

We hope that this list helps you make a solid decision on the best work from home job to access with Concentrix.