20 Best Freelance Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Freelance Work from Home Jobs
There are various exciting and rewarding freelance jobs you can do from home

20 Best Freelance Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

This post provides exhaustive information on best freelance work from home jobs you can access, to help you decide on the one that matches your work experience, training, and schedule to go for.

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What is Freelance Jobs?

Freelance jobs are becoming a more common and easy way to earn a living. It involves being at a job position temporarily, and could also be known as a contract job.

You will find freelance jobs in almost every industry and career.

To have a good freelance job period, always ensure that you and your temporary employer have clear terms of the agreement, including pay and work hours.

Since you will not be a true member of the company staff, you still have to handle your own tasks like health insurance and tax.

20 Best Freelance Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Here is a list of some of the best freelance work from home jobs you can access:

  1. WordPress Developer
  2. Freelance Writer
  3. Account Executive
  4. Capital Reporter
  5. HR Generalist
  6. Visual Designer
  7. Subtitle Translator
  8. Copyeditor
  9. SEO Copywriter
  10. FDI Specialist
  11. Health Care Reporter
  12. UX Copywriter
  13. Topic Creator
  14. Translator
  15. Tax Specialist
  16. Technical Designer
  17. Culture and Language Blogger
  18. Voice over Artist
  19. Recruiter
  20. YouTube Editor.
  1. WordPress Developer

Your job as a WordPress developer is to edit and customize WordPress themes, set up WordPress plugins, both advanced and common, and create themes for clients on WordPress.

  1. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, your job is to perform research, carry out interviews and write.

This requires good English skills, an ability to take deadlines seriously, organizational skills, and proficient grammar skills.

You will also handle proofreading and other job functions.

  1. Account Executive

Your job as an account executive is to carry out direct response duties, handle emails and digital functions.

You should have some agency experience, as this gives you an edge.

  1. Capital Reporter

Here, you will be responsible for writing stories, meeting deadlines, generating content ideas, and conducting research.

You should be a great writer if you are going to be effective as a capital reporter.

  1. HR Generalist

The job of an HR generalist is to handle customer and communication relations in a professional manner.

During this period when there’s a pandemic, the HR general is in high demand to manage and oversee COVID-19 cases and policies.

You should have some HR experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Visual Designer

Your job as a visual designer is to work on brand projects and user-centered design.

This includes visual guidelines, mood boards, ideation, brand workshops, and more.

You should have some experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Subtitle Translator

This position involves translating a movie in one language into a different language.

It means that you will have to be bilingual and fluent in both languages to do a good job.

Other additional requirements include a college degree and computer proficiency.

  1. Copyeditor

The copyeditor’s job is to carry out copy editing on different kinds of manuscripts.

You should have some copyediting experience, a Bachelor’s degree, and computer proficiency.

  1. SEO Copywriter

Your job as an SEO copywriter is to write, edit, proofread and optimize copies for marketing or advertising.

You will need to be skilful in SEO/SEM, and writing. An experience in marketing and advertising may also be required, as well as attention to detail.

  1. FDI Specialist

As an FDI specialist, your job will be to review documentation for accuracy and completeness; to provide support for change management processes and handle data entry.

You should be proficient in MS Excel and have a few years of experience up your sleeves.

  1. Health Care Reporter

This involves reporting, collaborating with journalists, and providing contributions to daily newsletters.

Your job is to keep readers involved in matters concerning health and health care.

Some experience in journalism and reporting, along with some medical knowledge is required.

  1. UX Copywriter

This position involves crafting UX copies that allow customers have a great user experience.

You will need some experience in UX writing, a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and ample knowledge of content creation and strategy.

  1. Topic Creator

This involves crafting attention-grabbing topics that are SEO optimized for the blog sites of your clients.

You should be creative, have good SEO knowledge, and some experience in WordPress and content marketing.

  1. Translator

Your job here will be to translate from language to language. This means that you will have to be bilingual or a polyglot.

You should also have a college degree along with a few years of experience.

  1. Tax Specialist

This position involves preparing tax reports, maintaining a database of the company’s tax, reviewing taxes in a detailed manner, leveraging software, and determining tax savings.

This position requires a BA degree and a few years of experience.

  1. Technical Designer

This position is responsible for creating illustrations, handling specifications, managing fittings, carrying alterations, and utilizing feedback to make the designs much better.

You will need some experience in the relevant industry and strong Excel skills to succeed as a technical designer.

  1. Culture and Language Blogger

As a culture and language blogger, you are responsible for writing content, carrying out research, generating and refining ideas, and being creative.

You may have to be bilingual, although this may not be compulsory. You should also have excellent writing skills.

  1. Voice over Artist

The job of a voice-over artist is to provide voice-overs for animated stories, marketing, and advertising campaigns.

You will need to have some training and experience in voice-overs and recording.

  1. Recruiter

This involves screening candidates, monitoring candidate placements, recruiting employees, and identifying the best fits for the best positions.

You should have a few years of recruiting experience and great English skills.

  1. YouTube Editor

This job involves editing videos, especially YouTube videos. You should be able to meet up with deadlines and have excellent video editing skills.


To work as a freelancer gives you the opportunity to work from home at a time that is convenient to you.

So, if you are one that needs to be in charge of your time, you might want to consider picking up a freelance job.

You can decide on the freelance job you want to settle for by checking out the various freelance work from home ideas shared on this page.