14 Best TTEC Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

14 Best TTEC Work from Home Jobs You Can Access.
You can find lots of profitable work from home jobs you can access with TTEC.

14 Best TTEC Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

This post provides exhaustive information on the best work from home jobs you can find with the TTEC Company, to satisfy your need of working remotely online.

It also provides TTEC salary range for the various positions that you could expect to be paid if you are hired for any of the jobs.

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What is TTEC?

TTEC, also known as Teletech, is a process outsourcing company that was established in 1982 and has continued to lead in its industry.

It has experienced rapid growth in its workforce globally and in 2018, it rebranded with its bottom lines at the center.

When it comes to growth solutions, customer experience, and engagement, TTEC has kept on pioneering, and with over forty thousand employees, customers are guaranteed the best services.

The good news is, Teletech is a highly inclusive company, and this culture is woven into the fabric of every employee and guides employee-employee relationships and employee-client relationships across six continents.

If you desire to work at TTEC as a remote worker, then we’ve compiled a list of the best work from home jobs for you:

14 Best TTEC Work from Home Jobs You Can Access

Here are some of the most profitable remote jobs you can find at TTEC, that allow you to work from home:

  1. Sales Executive
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Segment Marketing Specialist
  4. Salesforce Project Manager
  5. Data Visualization Analyst
  6. Project Manager
  7. Lead AWS Developer
  8. Technical Support Representative
  9. Service Delivery Director
  10. Senior Marketing Consultant
  11. Marketing Analytics Consultant
  12. Solutions Architect
  13. Staff Accountant
  14. Sales Representative
  1. Sales Executive

The sales executive must manage opportunities, assist with forecasts, meet business needs and exceed sales quotas.

You will need a few years of experience and you should be willing to travel if required.

The TTEC sales executive salary is between $12 and $15 hourly.

  1. Business Analyst

The business analyst at TTEC is responsible for helping clients implement contact center software, overseeing development and project teams, and understanding customer business requirements.

A few years of experience, along with a fair knowledge of Agile frameworks is important for success on this job and to be hired by TTEC.

The TTEC salary for the business analyst job is between $11 and $16 hourly.

  1. Segment Marketing Specialist

This role involves developing propositions, positioning and messaging, and driving segment strategy.

It also entails producing content, planning and contributing insight, and demanding generation campaigns, and building tools that enable sales.

At least four years of experience is required for this position.

The TTEC segment marketing specialist salary is between $13 and $23 hourly.

  1. Salesforce Project Manager

This role involves managing client relationships, overseeing budgets and project workflows, and resolving issues.

It also involves providing post-sales support.

You will need a minimum of five years of experience in project management, cloud software, and Agile to be hired by TTEC for the Salesforce project manager position.

A Salesforce certification is also required.

The TTEC pay for the Salesforce project manager position is between $12 and $21 hourly.

  1. Data Visualization Analyst

The data visualization analyst handles designs, documents business requirements and functional requirements, and documents functional needs.

He/she also assists in the delivery and management of client analysis.

A minimum of two years of working experience in marketing analysis is required to gain this position at TTEC.

A Master’s degree is an advantage.

The data visualization analyst salary at TTEC is between $12 and $20 hourly.

  1. Project Manager

The project manager’s duty at TTEC includes offering technical guidance, conducting meetings with clients and team members, and managing project budgets, and documenting contact process design.

The TTEC salary for the project manager position is between $13 and $20 hourly.

  1. Lead AWS Developer

This position involves recommending fresh design methods, leading meetings with team members and clients, and offering new system-building methods.

This role requires a minimum of 3 -5 years of development experience.

There is a telecommuting option.

The TTEC pay for the lead AWS developer job is between $15 and $21 hourly.

  1. Technical Support Representative

The TTEC technical support representative assists global brands to ensure their customers get great customer experience.

He/she creates inspired experiences, grows businesses and builds customer loyalty.

A High School diploma, at least six months of experience with customer service, and top-notch communication skills are required for success on the technical support representative job.

The TTEC technical support rep salary is between $12 and $21 hourly.

  1. Service Delivery Director

This position involves generating revenue, managing daily operations, and landing contractual bonus goals.

It also entails forecasting, managing daily deliverables and client communications, and improving the success metrics of the business.

The TTEC service delivery director earns between $10 and $17 per hour.

  1. Senior Marketing Consultant

The senior marketing consultant helps plan marketing programs, test designs, ensure representative sampling, and develop financial forecasts used for marketing campaigns, and carry out data analysis for programs.

A minimum of five years of experience is required for this position.

The TTEC senior marketing consultant pay is between $13 and $31 hourly.

  1. Marketing Analytics Consultant

The marketing analytics consultant provides marketing consultant services for clients.

He/she conducts post-campaign analysis, helps develop campaigns, and recognizes campaign improvement opportunities.

For this role, you will need at least three years of experience to be hired by TTEC.

The TTEC marketing analytics consultant pay is between $13 and $23 hourly.

  1. Solutions Architect

The TTEC solutions architect responds to client calls, builds product features, and provides technical support, and works to understand and meet client needs.

To be hired for this position by TTEC, you will need some coding experience, python proficiency, and AWS knowledge.

The TTEC salary for the solutions architect position is between $13 and $6 hourly.

  1. Staff Accountant

The staff accountant carries out a daily finance statement closing process, assists with business accounting tasks, and prepares journal entries.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in accounting or a related field to work as a staff accountant with TTEC.

The TTEC salary for the staff account position is between $12 and $21 hourly.

  1. Sales Representative

The sales representative position involves responsibilities such as responding to high volume emails from clients and helping out with sustainable solutions, or referring clients to the appropriate staff to resolve their issues.

The sales representative position at TTEC requires a High School diploma or GED, or any other equivalent qualification.

The TTEC salary for the sales representative job is between $10 and $50 hourly.


Teletech offers a handful of exciting careers alongside opportunities for career growth and professional development.

This means that if you are passionate about your career, TTEC is a great company to work with.

TTEC has continued to hire remote workers, full-time workers, and part-time workers as well in a bid to ensure that there’s a place for everyone, whether it is in computer and IT, marketing, consulting, sales fields, or computer service.

Applications from individuals who are as passionate about creating great experiences, not just for themselves but also for other are highly welcomed by the company.

Visit TTEC website to begin your application process for any of the roles discussed above that interests you.