10 Ways to Make More Income as a Photographer

By | August 28, 2023
make more income as a photographer
There might be tough competition in the photography business; however, with creativity you can always increase your income.

10 Ways to Make More Income as a Photographer

You can make more income as a photographer by being more creative and innovative in your service delivering, which this post will help you to achieve.

Being a photographer can be a competitive business, especially since a lot of people move around with digital cameras and high powered smartphones, and as such, many photographers fight hard to get clients rather than develop ways to convincingly offer their services.

However, if you are good at performing your duties as a photographer, and apply the tips shared below, you will not find it difficult getting jobs and sustaining them and increasing your income.

Here are ten ways by which you can make more money as a photographer and make your photography business more profitable:

1. Create mini photo sessions

Many people would rather not want to hire a photographer for just any wedding, graduation, or self-portrait, as many events can occur all year round that need the service of a photographer, but it can be easier to convince them to book a session of about 30 minutes or less to take that perfect picture which they are likely going to cherish for a while.

2. Display your art

While photographers may ordinarily display a number of sessions they had with a client, creating photos specifically for display can help attract attention to your art.

There is no harm in grabbing a model, and taking a photo-shoot session specifically for display around the studio or even outside it.

3. Heirloom photography

When you have taken a number of shoots for a client, have them printed; and when the client is ready for pickup, you can ask which of the photos they may want enlarged, not as some little framed picture on the wall, but as large portraits center-piece print that can cover a large wall space.

When the idea has been sold to the client, let them know the cost of the service and the purpose the picture can serve.

That will certainly make you some extra income.

4. Go social

It is important that a photographer keeps and maintains a mailing list or contact with both potential and current clients.

While you are advised not to spam your clients, you can carefully send emails that will be useful to them.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to share a few ideas about what you will do, in a personalized manner.

Frequently updating the social media with your works can inspire confidence in your trade, as well as constantly reminding people that you’re still in business.

5. Take Advantage of holidays

Since the holidays bring families together, you can easily take advantage of the holiday season by creating greeting cards and notices showing you are available for holiday cards photography.

Some photographers may also use the season to make promotional offers, and being a little more creative in their holiday concepts.

You can offer free holiday photos to your friends and families to use on their social media profiles and make reference to your studio.

6. Diversify

You can decide to take on a different photography gig, like photographing in a football match, opting to take the team picture.

A good relationship with other photographers may often be required, but if you succeed in taking a lot of pictures and alert the fans that they can place order for their favorite pictures on your website, they can easily browse through and select the ones they prefer, and place their orders – that can bring in good money to your business.

7. Freelance for local media

National newspapers may have a team of photographers, but small newspapers are always looking for photographs, and would be pleased to work with freelance photographers.

If you search for a couple of such newspapers or magazines in your area and send a number of useful photos to their editors at a reasonable price, you stand a chance of having them bought.

If an editor likes your work, you can get small assignments to shoot places and people around town during your spare time. Plus, it could be a great way to get your name on the pages of the newspaper and build your portfolio.

8. Ask for referrals

This may sound a little awkward, but it does no harm to ask clients once in a while for referrals, and if you put a little thought about how to go about it, you could come up with some creative ways.

If you have to give a few free photos to get new referrals it’s worth it.

9. Make offers

This is probably the quickest way to build clients. You can offer certain percentage of discount, and even contact clients you haven’t seen in a while and offer them discounts too.

10. Get your clients in a fix

It can be a good idea to sit down and draw up a list of all professional photos someone could take during a lifetime; pregnancy photos, Christmas photos, baby pictures, family photos, and senior portraits.

The idea is to know all these things and get your clients in the routine of remembering memorable events that should inspire a photograph.


There might be competition in the photographing business, however, using the tips shared above, you are bound to make more income and take your business to a higher level.