Digital Marketing Skills: 10 Qualities to be best on the Job

Digital marketing skills

To achieve best performance in digital marketing requires developing certain skills and qualities.

Digital Marketing Skills: 10 Qualities to be best on the Job

To be the best digital marketer around requires developing a number of skills and qualities that will help you to stay on top of the industry in 2016 and beyond.

You will need to know how the various digital media and their channels function and interact with each other, and how each of the channels is different from the other, as well as how to craft your digital marketing strategy to suite the channels.

Here are ten top skills and qualities you need to develop to succeed in your digital marketing duties and be part of the best in the industry:

1. Data Analysis Skills

Data analysis is not always about the amount of data, but what the data is expected to achieve, and what you do with it.

Data analysis requires a new approach to numbers and how it can increase profitability.

Here, skilled analysts are employed to look at data and predict how it can increase the profitability of a business.

2. Paid Advertising Tools

While the internet offers access to free data, putting your data on other people’s faces does not come free.

Effective advertising is paid advertising, and the digital marketer needs to understand the use of certain media analytical tools, power editors, how to target audience and CPM biddings.

3. Email Marketing Tools

While emails are easy and fast, it is now about targeting and observing bounce rates, developing a proper marketing platform and a slice of personal touch.

Many successful marketing can be gotten from nurturing customers through emails.

While being on the social media can be great, email offers a more personal touch to digital marketing, and many of your prospective customers and already made clients may want to keep in close touch through the email.

4. Search Engine Marketing Skills

Though there are two angles to this; optimizing your content to suite search engines and gain free organic traffic, and paying for clicks.

But building a reputation through the search engine takes quite some time, and there is no quick way around it.

And while this may cost you years of strategizing and creating content, it can drive immense traffic to your site when you achieve it.

5. Knowledge of Technological Tools and Platforms

While in the past, the marketer concerned himself with managing advert agencies, digital marketing now demands that you understand technology, and know what to do with certain technological tools.

A number of them exist as free tools; hootsuite, Google analytics, twitter analytics, buffer, Facebook insight, and tweet deck, or as premium versions.

Understanding the various platforms to which these tools can function is also very important; such as email marketing, and social media marketing.

6. Social Media Marketing Skills

This marketing skill can be difficult to acquire because it involves an understanding of the various social media marketing tools which help make digital marketing on the platform an easy task.

Understanding social marketing may also be a good idea because it makes it easy to know which social media to focus on, and tactics to employ to achieve certain goals, the design to use and the content to push forward.

7. Content Marketing Skills

This is the beginning of all marketing tools. In digital marketing, you need to understand the images to use, posts, and infographics.

The benefit being that it can increase the SEO to your website and generate leads which may eventually lead to sales.

8. Mobile Marketing

The boom in the smartphone industry has caught many digital marketers off-guard.

Most companies do not have mobile optimized web sites, and also do not have apps to make it easy for their customers to use their sites.

Mobile marketing is a skill that needs to be learnt as quickly as possible because a good number of people spend a sizable part of their day on smartphones, sifting through contents provided by apps.

9. Viral Marketing

This is a form of brand awareness strategy that has taken a new shape in recent times.

Designing posts and blog images and occasional videos, and letting them go viral can boost your brand awareness efforts.

Even if it doesn’t add anything, it will at least create an impression in the mind of those who will come across it.

10. Visual Marketing

This is a digital marketing strategy that can create the greater desired impact on an audience.

This is a strategy which some leading social media platforms like Facebook employ in advertising, and can be very effective in driving more engagements through visuals embedded between texts.

The percentage increase in impressions with images can soar much higher than without images; the engagement also can be tremendous as against plain text.

Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills

You can acquire the valuable skills and knowledge to succeed in your digital marketing career by taking the right training courses.

See quality training courses to build a successful digital marketing career:

>> Digital Marketing Certification Course
>> Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Course


Digital marketing is a field that is expanding really fast as the world is becoming digitally connected. Developing the above skills and qualities as a digital marketer will certainly stand you out for success in 2016 and beyond.

Which of the skills above have been valuable to you in your work as a digital marketing professional? Please share your experience in the comment box below.