Working as a Waiter

Working as a waiter.

Working as a waiter. Image source:

Working as a Waiter

To be effective working as a waitress or waiter, your focus should be to provide a friendly and comfortable experience for your guests by ensuring the quality of your food service is top-notch.

The video below actually shows how not to be a waiter. It is funny to watch how a waiter makes life difficult for his customers, thereby going against every principle of customer service delivery.

It is hilarious, but at the same time teaches the fundamentals of the profession. As a waiter your major role is to make your guests comfortable.

If you are not a people’s person, your work as a waiter or waitress will be difficult because you are going to meet people with different attitudes on a daily bases. Some might be annoying, but it is your duty to attend to them politely.

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Waiter and Waitress Job Description, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities

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