Wells Fargo Bank Teller Aptitude Test: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
Wells Fargo Bank Teller Aptitude Test
The Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test assesses candidates’ ability to effectively perform basic mathematical calculations. Image source: Rick Wilking | Reuters, cnbc.

This article provides comprehensive content on the Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test to help you understand what the test involves. It also provides sample practice questions and answers to boost your preparation for the exam.

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What is Wells Fargo Bank Teller Aptitude Test?

The Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test is an exam that aims at evaluating a candidate’s ability to perform basic mathematical calculations.

The Wells Fargo is an organization that deals on financial services in many nations. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, United states. It also has many offices across the country and universally.

The Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks in the whole world when it comes to capitalisation. They boast of over 250,000 workers.

The good news is that Wells Fargo usually offers amazing career opportunities in many divisions and various positions.

The bad news is that jobs at the Wells Fargo are highly limited because of the tons of applications that are received over there.

This implies that you have to be well prepared if you want to be among the luckily chosen ones in the Wells Fargo bank aptitude test.

20 Important Facts about Wells Fargo Bank Teller aptitude Test

Here are important facts on the Wells Fargo aptitude test that you need to know:

  1. Wells Fargo online application form

This step will require you to fill the form. While doing this, ensure that you provide all the necessary credentials because this would help the Bank in making future references to you.

One key thing to also note is that the earlier you submit the form the better.

  1. Wells Fargo assessment online aptitude tests

This particular stage is made up of the numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, and situational judgement test.

  1. Numerical reasoning test

This stage assesses your ability to comprehend a previous message and its data. It also checks your ability to perform basic maths calculations.

  1. Verbal reasoning test

This examines a candidate’s ability to extract essential information from a previously hidden message to check if they are true or false.

The best way to prepare for this stage is to understand the basics of how texts are built and frequently asked.

  1. Situational judgment test

This assesses a candidate’s ability to cope with work related conditions that aren’t familiar when working at the company.

Succeeding in this stage will require you to understand certain key values of the Wells Fargo Company. This stage is done to understand if a candidate has what the company seeks.

  1. Wells Fargo final interview

This is the final stage of the application process that would need you to focus on some key things. Here, you will need to be more focused on CV and personal motivations.

Key attributes such as team work, determination, creativity, initiative are also highly valuable in this case.

  1. Advantages

Some advantages of working at the company include the following:

  • Health benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Scholarships
  • Savings and discounts
  1. STAR method

When responding to interview questions at the company, always ensure that you make use of the STAR method.

The STAR method is the company favourite method. S represents situation; always make reference to the background of the event that occurred.

T represents the task, explain the reason for the main event that you described in the S.

A represents action, explain how you were able to handle or manage the situation.

R represents result. Explain the result of your action.

  1. The teller assessment test

At the end of the applications process, the system will send an email to the candidate with a link to the test.

The test is performed online with affiliated third party. The aim of the test is to identify an individuals’ ability in certain skills.

  1. Passing the test

The bank teller competency is a valuable skill needed to be successful at the bank; other skills include customer service, detail oriented, and accurate verbal communication.

Passing the test will lead you to the screening process and interview on other background examination.

  1. Becoming a Wells Fargo teller

The process of application is usually done online via the company’s website. At the website, additional information concerning the company cultures and values can also be seen.

The bank is consistently looking for candidates with innovative ideas on how to push the company forward.

  1. How to be successful in the screening test

To be successful, you need to be well prepared beforehand and practice adequately.

  1. Personality test

The goal of this test is to ensure that your personality aligns with that of the company. It is also done to find out if your values are compatible with their values.

When going through the personality test, be honest, the Bank constantly seek candidates that can achieve their vision.

  1. Wells Fargo vision

The vision of the Wells Fargo is to satisfy their customer’s financial needs and assist them in becoming successful in their finances.

  1. Accounting and bookkeeping assessment

This is an assessment that examines a candidate’s ability in general accounting and bookkeeping skills such as balancing accounts, ratios, and cash flow, and data analysis.

  1. Banker test

This is to examine your skills in handling numerical calculations and understanding of verbal expressions.

Numerical aspect of this test is based on simple math questions, statistics, and percentages.

  1. Financial analyst test

This evaluate your skills in working with excel sheets, math reasoning, and other relevant skills.

  1. The manager test

This is an assessment that focuses on persons that want to become managers at the Wells Fargo bank.

This test helps to check if you have the right personality to be a good manager. It also aims at ensuring that you have the necessary skills to manage and train people.

It covers various numerical and verbal skills.

  1. How to prepare for the assessment?

The best way to prepare for the Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test is to rehearse beforehand. If you perform well in the test, then you can count yourself lucky to be hired by the company.

  1. Services

The Wells Fargo services include banking, mortgage, investing and credit cards.

Wells Fargo Bank Teller Aptitude Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are valuable questions and answers to use in your preparation and practice for the Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test you are looking to taking:

  1. Describe how your first 30 days will look like as a bank teller with the Wells Fargo company.
  2. Why did you choose the Wells Fargo company?
  3. Talk about a time when you faced intense challenges, how did you handle it?
  4. Talk about a time when you had to adapt to change, how did you go about it?
  5. What stirs up your interest about your role?

The goal of the company is to ensure that your personality aligns with culture and principles.

They usually perform a personality assessment to examine whether you are in alignment with their values.

The vision of the Wells Fargo Company is to meet the needs of the customer’s financial needs and assist them in becoming successful.

The goal of the Company includes: Customer service, team member, innovation, management of risks, shareholder value, and corporate citizenship.

Practice questions and answers

  1. Which sets of numbers represent the same amount?

A. 30, 31, 32
B. 20, 21, 22
C. Thirty Three Dollars And Twenty One Cents
D. Twenty Five Dollars Forty Eight Cents

Answer: C.

  1. In which order should this series be read from the earliest to latest date? Oct 1st 1939 to Jul 17th 1944
    A. July 17th 1944 – Oct 1st 1939
    B. Oct 1st 1939 – Jul 17th 1944
    C. July 13th 1937 – Oct 1st 1939
    D. Oct 1st 1939 – July 13th 1937
  2. An important part of being a teller is accurately verifying each customer’s identity. Which phrase best describes why this is an important skill?

A. “Because it’s what I told you to do”
B. “Because there are thieves out there”
C. “Because it’s company policy”
D. “Because I’m the manager and you have to do as I say.”


  1. If a customer wishes to carry a balance on their credit card, what is most likely the next inquiry they will have for you?
    A. “How much interest will I be paying?”
    B. “What are the monthly payments?”
    C.” What’s my available credit line?”
    D. “How many points do I have with your Rewards Program?”


  1. What is the minimum cash you must carry in your drawer at all times?

A. $50
B. $75
C. $100
D. $200



To be successful at the Wells Fargo assessment test, you need to understand the values and principles of the company.

In the Wells Fargo bank teller aptitude test, you may be assessed on the following areas: bookkeeping and accounting skills, bank teller tests, personal banker assessment, the financial analyst test, and the manager test.

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