Computer Aptitude Test: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
Computer Aptitude Test
Computer Aptitude Test assesses your ability to apply the computer in solving problems fast.

The Computer Aptitude Test (CAT) is a systematically validated assessment designed to measure your aptitude for using computers. It mainly assesses your ability to solve problems fast, which is important to truly succeed in the Information Technology field.

Knowing how well you can follow instructions, obey rules and procedures, and solve problems is made possible with the Computer Aptitude Test.

The test has nothing to do with the extent of your knowledge of computers or how much computer training you’ve received. Therefore, you might still do well in this test even if you are new to computers.

Even if you’ve scored low, it doesn’t indicate that you are not able to use a computer or take up a computer job.

The only disadvantage of scoring low is that you’ll probably have to work harder at it than someone who scores higher.

It’s necessary to take the test before you enroll in any computer training school.

Computer Aptitude Test: 20 Important Facts you need to Know

Here are important facts and tips about the Computer Aptitude Test (CAT) to effectively prepare you for the exam:

  1. What is a Computer?

A computer is a simple machine that executes sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically through programming.

Computers follow a simplified set of operations known as programs. These programs enable computers to carry out an extremely broad range of tasks.

Computers are everywhere these days and are being used in each field of work. Therefore, basic knowledge of computers and the capacity to operate a computer is now vital for all job candidates.

  1. What is Computer Aptitude?

A computer aptitude is the ability to make use of a computer. It’s always a skill you can acquire even if you haven’t used a computer before.

Your competence for working with a computer is what is called a computer aptitude, and that’s what employers are looking for in you as a job applicant who is seeking an opportunity in a computer-related field.

  1. What is Computer Aptitude Test?

A Computer Aptitude Test is designed to assess your aptitude for using computers. The test basically assesses your ability to solve problems fast, which is very important to actually succeed in every field working with computers.

Computers have become essential in everyday life, and the aptitude for a computer is an imperative section in a lot of competitive exams that are primarily related to employment.

You will need a computer aptitude if you are a candidate preparing for banking exams such as RBI, SBIPO, or IBPS.

  1. What does a Computer Aptitude Test evaluate?

A Computer Aptitude Test evaluates your analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as how logically you think.

You can also be assessed on how closely you comply with rules and how much attention you give to details.

All these skills are necessary for computer jobs such as Network/PC Technician, Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, and Network Manager.

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, you also need to acquire integrity, motivation, productivity, and the capacity to communicate, work in a team, obey instructions, and manage your time.

  1. What are the five areas in which a Computer Aptitude Test can assess a candidate’s ability?

There are five areas that the Computer Aptitude Test can measure an individual’s ability, including:

i. Syntax

Computer languages and commands make use of a string of characters and words, just as a word is composed of a string of letters and a sentence is composed of a string of words.

The patterns of these specialized computer languages and commands are usually strange to a beginner.

If inexperienced computer candidates are not expected to understand COBOL or other languages, at least they should be able to express the ability to think logically and to identify patterns that are present in clear disorder.

ii. Math and logic ability

You mustn’t be a mathematician in order to be a skilled systems analyst, engineer, or programmer as Information Technology doesn’t require higher math skills.

But to work successfully with computers, you need at least the ability to troubleshoot and work out a computer process to its logical end. IT shares similar problem-solving principles that make up the central part of math and logic.

iii. Procedural ability

Computers use a sequence known as yes/no or on/off. A flow chart is used to present an image of the computer’s logic and illustrate this flow in human terminology.

With an understanding of the concepts of a flow chart, candidates can easily understand and develop a computer program.

Knowing the concepts of these flow charts will make a way for a deeper understanding of the computational processes that are involved.

iv. Sequencing

You must have to know how to set up a sequence of instructions in order to get a computer to properly execute a task.

Programmers must follow the rules guiding computer languages and commands if they desire to visualize this step-by-step process.

A candidate’s ability to discern a pattern and predict the flow of objects can be achieved by being assessed through a range of tests.

v. Recognition of similarities and differences

Determining how one set of instructions will affect another set is one of the relational situations that are seen in Information Technology.

IT also involves noticing when an element of a set doesn’t match the other elements.

An individual must be able to compare, value, and distinguish between a range of objects and situations as IT involves these relational needs.

  1. What is the format of the Computer Aptitude Test?

The Computer Aptitude Test comprises a set of unsystematic multiple-choice questions of unstable complexity covering the whole range of topics for the subject.

Every question contains between 2 to 8 options out of which one or more may be accurate. You are required to complete the test within 45 minutes.

  1. Some Computer Aptitude Test questions are related to logical and numerical abilities

The Computer Aptitude Test contains questions that are related to numerical ability and logical ability, as well as other important skills required for computer jobs.

This test is trendy with people intending to take up a job in software and computers. That’s why the test is specifically designed to assess an individual’s competence in computer programming.

  1. The Computer Aptitude Test is required for work skills and job readiness

The Computer Aptitude Test has been purposely designed to allow recruiters and employers to discover potential hires by assessing working skills and job readiness.

So, emphasis is laid on measuring the knowledge of applied skills acquired through real-work experience, rather than theoretical knowledge.

  1. What is an average score for a computer programming career?

In the Computer Aptitude Test, a score of over 60% points out a good aptitude for computer programming.

You can do well to achieve the average required score because the test doesn’t even need any past knowledge or understanding of computer programming.

  1. Why do I have to take a Computer Aptitude Test?

You may have to take a Computer Aptitude Test if you want to find out whether you can succeed in a computer or IT job. With the help of the test, you can decide if a computer career is for you.

Taking the Computer Aptitude Test will save you thousands of dollars and invaluable time, and it’s very important to take this test before you enroll in any computer school.

You can take the CAT to find out if you have the aptitude for higher professions in the IT industry when you are already an IT professional.

  1. Where can I take the Computer Aptitude Test?

You can take the Computer Aptitude Test online. The total time allowed for the test is 30 minutes, and there are 5 sections of the test that contain a total of 25 questions.

Computer Aptitude or Computer Awareness is one of the major sections in different recruitment-related competitive exams in the U.S.

A list of the important questions for the preparation of the Computer Awareness module is created by the Computer Awareness Important Quiz.

The most important topics to be studied for the Computer Awareness module include the following:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Parts of a Computer System
  • History of Computers
  • Computer Languages
  • Data Processing Cycle of a Computer
  • Input Devices & Output Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • File Extensions
  • Networking and Internet
  • Computer Viruses
  • Important Abbreviations.
  1. A Computer Aptitude Test can be classified into three groups

There are three groups that the Computer Aptitude Test can fall into, including:
i. A standard battery of tests

This test measures abilities in areas such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning that are vital in technical computing professions.

ii. A programming simulation

This test involves sets, arrays, control structures, look-up tables, pseudocode and boolean true/false, as well as other programming structures.

These are offered when the competence of experienced programmers needs to be assessed.

iii. A hybrid test

This involves elements of numerical problem-solving, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, attention to detail, and the ability to comply with complex procedures.

Neither a hybrid test nor a standard battery of tests requires any programming knowledge.

  1. What are other attributes that programmers and other computer professionals need to possess?

There are other attributes that programmers and other individuals in the computer profession need to have. These include:

  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Determination
  • Understandable, short, and snappy documentation as required in software development
  • The ability to quickly learn new skills and update existing ones by lecturing yourself
  • Approachability to new ideas – as computing is a fast-changing world
  • Quick coding aptitude for programmers.
  1. Can I use a calculator on the Computer Aptitude Test?

You may need a calculator and a scrap of paper for working out your answers. The test is so challenging that you need to work out your answers on a sheet using a calculating device to help the situation.

  1. The importance of acquiring computer skills

Most of the institutions around the world look for professional candidates who are experienced in computer-based technical skills.

Therefore, it’s very essential for all job seekers to have the basic computer knowledge to help them acquire different top jobs in various sectors.

  1. The Computer Aptitude Test questions

The Computer Aptitude Test questions are designed to assess your basic understanding of computer software and hardware, and your knowledge of common applications such as word processors, presentation software, internet browsers, and spreadsheets.

You may need to learn how to answer these questions for entrance exams, NEET exam (National Eligibility and Entrance Test), TNPSC exams, bank exams, PSC exams, UPSC exams, etc.

  1. How does a Computer Aptitude Test help the recruitment process?

Recruiters administer the Computer Aptitude Test during campus recruitment to isolate the candidates that possess the required skill sets from the incompetent ones.

Thus, the test helps reduce employment expenditures and improve the quality of hires achieved.

  1. Applications of the Computer Aptitude Test

Hiring managers and recruiters conduct the Computer Aptitude Test to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of candidates who apply for IT roles in the company.

This aptitude test for computing professions helps them make an informed and reliable hiring decision that makes the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective.

An aptitude test for computer engineers helps recruiters to quickly select candidates that fit into the available positions, and then focus their time and attention where it matters and where delivery of expected results is necessary.

Selecting the right candidates for specific positions improves employee engagement and therefore results in better productivity and profit.

  1. Can online Computer Aptitude Certification land me a successful job?

Individuals who desire to check their aptitude can take the Computer Aptitude Test. The test helps to confirm an individual’s computer skills.

You want to know if your score on the test will help make the right career decision for you.

The Computer Aptitude Test is designed to accurately assess your computer aptitude. It’s also a scientifically authenticated test that intends to judge your problem-solving skills, which are required to succeed in the IT field.

  1. The Computer Aptitude Test scoring format

The Computer Aptitude Test is scored on a 10-point scale. You will receive a comprehensive assessment report that will give you a clear picture of the candidate’s knowledge and competence after the candidate has completed the assessment.

Candidates who have completed the Computer Aptitude Test will receive a report that comprises their overall score, subject analysis, subject coverage, and percentile analysis.

The Overall Score helps make a hiring decision based on the candidate’s overall performance on the test, while the Subject Analysis identifies gaps in the candidate’s knowledge.

Both the Overall Score and the Subject Analysis are calculated on a 10-point scale from 0 to 10.

Another section is the Subject Coverage that gives a general view of the knowledge of the candidate to help you evaluate if the candidate has sufficient knowledge to do well on the test.

And finally, the Percentile Analysis gives you an expression of how the candidate’s performance matches up with that of the other people who have taken a similar test before.

Computer Aptitude Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions to help you to effectively practice and prepare for the real Computer Aptitude Test:

Question 1

On a storage device, what is called the main folder?

A. Platform
B. Interface
C. Root Directory
D. Home Page

Answer = C. Root Directory

Question 2

RAM is and_.

A. Volatile, temporary
B. Nonvolatile, permanent
C. Nonvolatile, temporary
D. Volatile, permanent

Answer = A. Volatile, temporary

Question 3

Which is not an item of hardware?

A. An MP3 file
B. A monitor
C. A mouse
D. A keyboard

Answer = A. An MP3 file

Question 4

Do you know what the box containing the central electronic parts of the computer is called?

A. Input device
B. System unit
C. Peripheral
D. Motherboard

Answer = D. Motherboard

Question 5

Select a language that is used for artificial intelligence from the following computer language:

C. C
E. None of the above

Answer = D. PROLOG

Explanation: Prolog is a logic programming language designed for a general reason that is connected to artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.


Computer Aptitude Test assesses your aptitude for working with computers. The test basically measures your ability to solve problems quickly in an IT profession.

You can also be measured on how closely you obey rules and how much attention you give to details.

The above skills are necessary for various computer positions.

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