Test Partnership Assessment Tests: 20 Important Facts and Practice Questions and Answers

By | July 17, 2023
Test Partnership Assessment Tests
Test Partnership Assessment helps organizations of various sizes worldwide in recruiting the best candidates for available job positions.

This post presents detailed information, facts, and tips on Test Partnership Assessment tests to improve your knowledge and chances of making a great score in it.

It also presents practice questions and answers to help you prepare effectively for the Test Partnership Assessment test.

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What is Test Partnership Assessment?

Test Partnership Assessment is a psychometric test publisher that specializes in offering tests for recruitment, selection, and development.

Test Partnership offers assessments to different organizations worldwide, ranging from SMEs to companies with a large scope.

Test Partnership has public, private, third sector clients and more from all industries.

Candidates worldwide are likely to encounter Test Partnership tests and candidates both in the US and abroad may be asked to complete a Test Partnership test by a prospective employer.

20 Important Facts about Test Partnership Assessment Tests

Here are important facts and tips you need to know about the Test Partnership Assessment tests to help you perform excellently in the exam:

  1. Demo Personality/Behavioral Questionnaire

This test is used to measure your important personality traits consisting of your true character, behavioral preferences, and temperament with the Big 5 model of personality.

The test takes about 25 minutes to complete and requires that you describe yourself as you generally are now, not what you wish to be in the future.

In each statement, you should indicate whether you “strongly disagree”, “disagree”, “slightly agree or disagree”, “neither agree nor disagree”, “slightly agree”, “agree”, or “strongly agree”.

You should describe yourself in the most honest way that you can.

After you have completed each question, you will be provided with a very short demographic questionnaire.

Once you have completed the demographic questionnaire, you will get your results on the personality traits measured in this questionnaire.

  1. MindmetriQ Gamified Assessments

Test Partnership provides a selection of gamified assessments called MindmetriQ as one of the better samples of gamification.

It’s attentive-grabbing and quite entertaining compared to traditional tests.

In a total of six games, each one lasts for 4 to 7 minutes, and each assessing a fraction of your cognitive capacity.

  1. Insights Inductive Reasoning

Test Partnership inductive reasoning is different from other verbal reasoning tests. It consists of two subtests that focus on identifying abstract relationships between words.

The second subtest comes more similar to traditional verbal reasoning.

The Test Partnership Insights Inductive Reasoning test is 15 minutes in length and comprises a total of 15 questions.

  1. Test Partnership Adaptive Questionnaire (TPAQ)

This test is Test Partnership’s personality questionnaire designed to prove that more scales can be measured in a shorter time.

All the questions are multiple-choice, without a timer, and include no “right” or “wrong” answers.

  1. Insights Numerical Reasoning

Test Partnership numerical reasoning tests are different from most other numerical reasoning tests.

It consists of two subtests; the first subtest focuses on calculations while the second subtest lays emphasis on making decisions using numerical data.

The Test Partnership Numerical Reasoning test has a total length of 15 minutes and comprises 15 questions.

  1. Insights Verbal Reasoning

Test Partnership has a verbal reasoning test that is different from other verbal reasoning tests.

It consists of two subtests.

The first subtest is about identifying abstract relationships between words. The second subtest looks identical to traditional verbal reasoning tests.

The Test Partnership verbal reasoning test is made up of 20 questions and 15 minutes are offered to complete them.

  1. Situational Judgment Perceptions

Test Partnership situational judgment reasoning tests are not timed and take about 30 minutes to complete.

A total of 60 questions must be completed under well-considered decisions, and the questions come in realistic scenarios.

  1. Test Partnership Personality Questionnaires (TPPQ)

The Test partnership’s personality questionnaires look the same as other commercial personality questionnaires out there.

These tests usually take about 20 minutes to complete and include 180 questions.

The TPPQ assesses your behaviors, personality traits, competencies, and preferences.

  1. Can I Use a Calculator on Test Partnership Assessment Tests?

You will be allowed to use a calculator during your Test Partnership Assessment tests. You will need to calculate the numerical reasoning questions, and you are allowed to do this with the use of a calculator.

  1. Get a Stable Internet Connection

Your internet connection must be steady to avoid interruptions during the test as the Test Partnership Assessment is carried out online.

  1. Practice Will Help You Score High on the Test Partnership Assessment

Practicing before taking the Test Partnership Assessment test will prepare you for the real test.

Perform sample questions beforehand to improve your score. You will make the most effective use of your time with adequate practice, but make it to be thoroughly done.

  1. Test Partnership Number Racer

Candidates who participate in this test are required to catch falling numbers that are then added up to produce a total.

The test utilizes perceptual speed, quantitative reasoning, and memory.

Candidates will be required to get the target number where they will need to miss some numbers, and sometimes the total may even fall to a negative number.

  1. Test Partnership Shape Spinner

Test Partnership uses this assessment to test candidates on how they can spin the wheel to align all the shapes simultaneously.

Candidates are not expected to align at the same time, but either in color or shape with the use of serial perceptual integration and visualization skills.

  1. Test Partnership Net the Numbers

Test Partnership uses this test to assess the candidates’ ability to drag a highlighted shape over a set of numbers that are later added to produce a total.

The candidate is required to get the highest possible total from the numbers presented.

At times the number may become negative. Memory, visualization, and quantitative reasoning are some of the skills that will be used in this test.

  1. Test Partnership Pipe Puzzle

The Test Partnership assessment uses spatial reasoning and visual memory to measure the candidate’s ability to rearrange fractions of pipes to have a continuous connection from one end of the pipe to the other.

  1. Test Partnership Word Swipe

Candidates who take part in this assessment are asked to specify the relationship between two words.

These words should be a synonym or antonym, or not any at all. Verbal reasoning and lexical knowledge are typically used in this assessment.

  1. Test Partnership Word Logic

Candidates who take part in this assessment are required to use verbal reasoning and find the best logical comparison to verbal analogies.

  1. Test Partnership Critical Thinking Test

Test Partnership Critical Thinking Assessment is used to measure your ability to conceptualize, apply, analyze, and evaluate information so as to reach a significant conclusion.

This Concepts Critical Thinking Test features four question sets – each question set consisting of a time limit of three minutes and includes one question.

Therefore, you will have a total of 12 minutes to answer 4 questions.

However, in the real Concepts Critical Thinking Test, you will be presented with 8 questions each having 3 questions.

  1. Test Partnership Data Analysis Test

Test Partnership Data Analysis Test is necessarily designed for individuals who would like to perform in any role that requires informed decision-making based on complex quantitative data.

Data analysis tests are used to represent these roles in some of the strongest predictors of performance known, making them helpful selection tools.

  1. Test Partnership Bespoke Assessment

This test is designed to meet the needs of the commissioning organization, instead of using an existing test and hoping that it fits in your broader talent management strategy.

Test Partnership merged advanced technology with the latest concepts from psychometric science to form some of the world’s most powerful bespoke assessment tests.

Test Partnership Assessment Practice Questions and Answers

Here are practice questions and answers you can study to learn the tactics needed for answering the real Test Partnership Assessment test questions:

Question 1

Find the Arithmetic mean of these numbers -5, 12, 24, 46, and 60?

Answer is 27.4

Add these figures up and divide by 5 to get the answer, which is (-5 + 12 + 24 + 46 + 60) / 5 = 27.4.

Question 2

In the following set of numbers: 29, 33, 34, 34, 35, can we say that 34 is the

A. Mean
B. Mode
C. Median

Answer: B. The number that shows most often is the mode number.

Question 3

All soccer players are fit and healthy.

All popular sports players are soccer players.

Which of the following is the logical deduction considering the above statement as true?

A. All soccer players are popular sportspeople
B. All popular people are fit and healthy
C. All popular sports players are fit and healthy
D. All fit and healthy people are soccer players
E. All soccer players are men

The only logical answer is C if deductive reasoning is used. You need to simplify the given facts in order to get to this answer.

All popular sports players are soccer players, and all soccer players are strong and healthy.

A. We can’t assume that all soccer players are popular sportspeople, as we haven’t got that information.
B. We can’t assume that all popular people are fit and healthy, because the fact is about popular sportspeople.
C. This is the logical answer.
D. This information is not provided because all soccer players are fit and healthy but we can’t logically tell that all fit and healthy people are soccer players.
E. This is obviously incorrect, as gender is not mentioned at all in the question.


Test Partnership Assessment tests are designed for recruitment, selection, and development purposes, and they offer assessments to different organizations worldwide.

When solving Test Partnership Assessment Tests, you need to remember a few tips, which include rotation, progression, frequency, and color.

Rotations usually occur at 45° or 90° increments, and the progression rule is pictured as a growth in the size or shape of an object.

Frequency occurs when there is an increase in the number of shapes in a frame, and colors will change or move around the frames.

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