Sample Google Interview Questions with Answers

By | January 5, 2024
Google Interview Questions
To increase your chances of being hired at Google, you need to prepare well for the interview questions.

If you are seeking employment with Google, you need to prepare for the interview questions thoroughly to learn what the company requires for the position you are applying for and increase your chances of being hired.

This post provides valuable sample interview questions that you can practice with to improve your chances of being hired at Google.

What Do Interviewers look for in a Google Interview?

Here are important qualities Google interviewers look for:

  • Communication Skills

They look for candidates who can communicate well with others. Candidates should be able to answer questions, respond to feedback and explain their ideas clearly.

    • Problem Solving Skills

    They look for people who can solve problems quickly and efficiently. Candidates should be good at solving complex problems using logic and common sense.

    They also look for candidates who can think on their feet when presented with new challenges.

    • Technical Knowledge

    They look for candidates with strong technical knowledge. Candidates should know how to use various software tools, such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Excel etc.

    • Teamwork Skills

    They look for team players who can collaborate effectively with other members of the team.

    Candidates should be willing to share their ideas and listen to other’s suggestions.

    • Leadership Skills

    They look for leaders who can motivate and inspire others. Candidates should understand the importance of teamwork and lead by example.

    • Creativity and Innovation

    They look for candidates whose creativity helps them come up with innovative solutions to problems.

    They also look for people who can see things from different perspectives and challenge the status quo.

    • Critical Thinking Skills

    They look for critical thinkers who can analyze information critically and make sound decisions based on facts. Candidates should be open minded and flexible enough to adapt to change.

    • Self-motivation

    They look for self-motivated individuals who are willing to take charge of their own career development.

    10 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers for Google Interview

    Here are some of the most common interview questions you might face at Google, with suggested answers:

    1. Tell me something interesting about you.

    I am passionate about technology and love working with computers. I have always been interested in programming since my childhood. My hobbies include playing basketball, reading books and listening to music.

    2. Why did you choose this particular field?

    I chose computer science because it combines many aspects of life including problem solving, communication, collaboration, and leadership. It allows me to apply all these skills every day. I enjoy learning new technologies and seeing how they impact our lives.

    3. How would you describe your typical day at work?

    My typical day consists of spending time with my family, going to school, doing homework, working on projects, and attending classes. On weekends, I spend time with friends or hanging out with my parents.

    4. Describe an important project that you worked on during your last job.

    During my internship at a financial services company, I was responsible for developing a web application that allowed users to create customized reports. The application was built using Java and Apache Tomcat.

    5. What was your most memorable college/university experience?

    During my freshman year at Stanford University, I took part in the “Summer Bridge Program” which provided students with an opportunity to earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees while still enrolled in high school. This program gave me the chance to explore multiple majors and develop a broad range of skills.

    6. What do you like best about your current employer?

    The best thing about my current employer is the fact that we are constantly improving ourselves and providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow. We encourage feedback and support innovation.

    7. What are some of the challenges you face in your current position?

    One of the biggest challenges I face in my current role is balancing between my personal and professional responsibilities. I try to set aside enough time each week to focus on my studies and other activities outside of work.

    8. What do you think are the top three priorities for your organization right now?

    Our number one aim is to deliver outstanding customer service. Second, we want to improve our product offerings so that our customers will continue to use us as their primary source for online banking. Third, we need to continually invest in technical infrastructure to ensure that our systems remain secure.

    9. What is one key skill you believe is essential for success in any position?

    A good understanding of software development processes and tools is important. Also, having a strong analytical mindset helps when analyzing problems and identifying solutions.

    10. If you were asked to give advice to someone who wants to pursue a career in your industry, what would be your first piece of advice?

    Be patient. You may not get immediate results but if you stick with it, you will eventually succeed.

      More Sample Interview Questions for Google Jobs

      Here are additional interview questions you may be asked if you are seeking a job with Google:

      Sample Behavioral Interview Questions at Google

      1. Tell me about yourself.
      2. Why did you choose this field?
      3. What do you know about Google?
      4. What do you hope to achieve by joining Google?
      5. How do you see your future at Google?

       Sample Case Interview Questions at Google

      1. Have you made a difficult decision before in your career, if you have, then tell me about it and what happened.
      2. Do you have any hobbies or interests?
      3. Have you been dismissed from a job before?
      4. What is the worst mistake you have made?
      5. What is the most flattering praise you’ve ever received?

      Sample Competency Based Interview Questions at Google

      1. Describe your ideal team member.
      2. How do you deal with stress?
      3. What is your greatest strength?
      4. What makes you angry?
      5. What motivates you?

      Sample Problem-solving Interview Questions at Google

      1. Define problem solving.
      2. Give an example where you solved a problem.
      3. Define brainstorming.
      4. Give an example of how you used brainstorming.
      5. Explain how you solve a problem using logic.

      Sample Situational Interview Questions at Google

      1. Name two situations where you have failed.
      2. Describe a situation where you felt pressured and what was the outcome?
      3. Describe a situation in which you felt happy.
      4. Discuss a situation in which you faced a dilemma.
      5. What was the outcome of the situation?

      Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions at Google

      1. What are the most important skills required for communication?
      2. What are the different types of communication?
      3. What are the main elements of effective communication?
      4. What are the major components of effective communication?
      5. What are some techniques to enhance communication?

      Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions at Google

      1. List three people whom you admire.
      2. Who has influenced you the most?
      3. In what ways can you influence others?
      4. Which person do you think has had the biggest impact on your life?
      5. What characteristics do you search for in a friend?

       Sample Company Culture Interview Questions at Google

      1. How does Google work?
      2. What is the culture like at Google?
      3. What kind of environment do you prefer?
      4. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create at Google?
      5. What makes working at Google special?

       Google Interview Success Tips

      If you need more information on how to prepare for a Google job interview, here’s a few tips that might help:

      • Know your Stuff

      Make sure that you know everything about the company and its products. This includes knowing their history, current status, and future plans. You should also be familiar with their competitors and what they offer.

        • Be Yourself

         Don’t try to be someone else during the interview. If you are nervous, don’t pretend otherwise, just relax and talk as naturally as possible.

        • Dress Appropriately

        While it may seem obvious, dress appropriately for the interview. The interviewer will notice if you show up wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They will also be able to tell if you wore too much makeup or perfume.

        • Prepare Ahead of Time

        Research the company ahead of time and learn everything you can about the firm.

        • Answer their Questions Honestly

        There is nothing wrong to admit that you don’t understand something, but don’t lie about things that you do know.

        • Ask about any Concerns

        If there is something that you aren’t clear about, ask them directly.

        • Follow up after the Interview

        Always follow up after the interview. Send a thank you email and make sure to mention any questions you didn’t get answered.


        Google is surely a great company to work for. With over 130,000 employees worldwide, it offers great opportunities for those who apply.

        So, if you are interested in applying for a job at Google, then start preparing now by using the sample interview questions we have provided on this page.