Sample Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position (with Answers)

Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor
Your chances of doing excellently well in a retail supervisor interview are brighter if you have practiced with commonly asked questions before the interview day.

If you are taking a job interview for the position of retail supervisor, you will be asked a variety of questions, and it is critical that you are aware of what makes a retail supervisor different from most other jobs to be able to give appropriate answers.

You will likely be asked questions that are focused on the retail industry, or even the requirements for handling the day-to-day responsibilities of the retail supervisor position.

To enable you to provide the right answers to the questions that you will be asked at the retail supervisor interview, this post provides exhaustive amount of sample retail supervisor interview questions that you can apply for your preparation for the interview.

What do Interviewers look for in a Retail Supervisor?

When hiring for the retail supervisor role, interviewers generally look for someone who has the skills necessary to manage all of the various tasks that are involved in being a retail supervisor.

These include supervising employees, handling inventory, and coordinating with buyers, and making sure that everything is properly priced.

More broadly speaking, they are looking for someone who can get things done efficiently and effectively.

The interviewer may also ask how you would handle disruptive customers or what your experience is interacting with customers.

10 Most Common Retail Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the commonly asked interview questions for the retail supervisor position that you can use in preparing for the interview:

  1. How do you get new customers to your store?

I try to use advertising to get customers to my store. I also ask my employees to suggest friends who might be interested in our store’s products or services.

2. What is your strategy for dealing with customer dissatisfaction?

If a customer is dissatisfied, I try first to resolve the issue by asking one of my associates to work with the customer. If that does not work, I step in and make sure that the problem is resolved. I also take time and listen carefully to what the customer has to say and then try to come up with a fair and acceptable solution for both parties involved.

3. What is the primary function of a retail supervisor?

The primary function of a retail supervisor is to manage the operations and employees at a retail establishment. I plan, organize, and direct all activities of my store. I make sure that I have qualified and experienced staff. I also keep constant track on stock levels so that we never run out of any product.

4. What do you consider to be the most rewarding part of your job as a retail supervisor?

It’s very rewarding when one of my subordinates comes to me with an idea on how we can improve our store and then another one follows up with the same idea right after.

5. How do you deal with customer complaints?

We have a policy that we follow to help us handle complaints and suggestions from our customers. The first thing we do is listen carefully to the customer’s complaint and try to resolve it immediately. If we cannot resolve the issue at the time it is brought to our attention, we write it down and schedule a time to deal with it in the near future.

6. What types of people make good retail supervisors?

In order to be a successful retail manager, one must enjoy supervising people and working with them as well as being able to relate well to customers. They need good communication skills and must be organized so that they can keep up with daily operations of the store. A degree in business administration or retail management is also preferred because this enables you to gain more knowledge about how a business operates on a day-to-day basis.

7. What are some of the more common customer complaints?

The most common complaints we get from our customers are about having to wait for assistance when they first come into the store. They want someone to be available immediately to help them. We train our sales people to greet our customers as soon as they enter the establishment and, hopefully, by doing so, we will reduce this type of complaint.

8. What is your management style?

I’m a very hands-on manager and I love being in the middle of everything going on at all times in my store. I am the one that hears the problems and comes up with solutions to those problems. I supervise the activities of my staff members and make sure that they do their job.

9. What are your job responsibilities as a retail supervisor?

I plan, organize and direct all activities of my store. I make sure that I have qualified and experienced staff at my store. I also keep constant track on stock levels so that we never run out of any product or service offered in my establishment.

10. How are you able to juggle your work and personal life?

I have a very flexible schedule. I only work about 30-40 hours a week and spend the rest of my time with my family or at leisure.

More Sample Retail Supervisor Interview Questions

Here are additional samples of retail supervisor interview questions you can practice your responses with:

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. Why did you choose retail as a career?

2. What are some things that are unique about the retail business?

3. What types of employers do you see yourself working for in the future?

4. How would you describe yourself as an employee?

5. How would you describe a typical day in your current job?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What are the 5 steps to prepare for a case interview?

2. What would you say is the difference between strategic and tactical plans?

3. Is it important to have a high-level plan for product launches? Why or why not?

4. How would you establish visual merchandising standards for your store according to customer needs, budget, and company policy?

5. Describe an instance where you stayed calm in a difficult situation with customers.

Sample Competency Based Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What is your greatest accomplishment or achievement to date?

2. If your employer was hiring for a new position, what characteristics would you look for in an ideal candidate?

3. Describe a problem that has previously confronted you when fulfilling responsibilities at work.

4. In your opinion, what skills will be most valuable in our organization?

5. What are your career goals?

Sample Problem-solving Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What are some things that make for a good employee?

2. If an employee was having difficulties, how would they handle it?

3. What have you done to improve customer service in a work setting?

4. How do you think your friends/family would describe you as an employee/worker?

5. What is an innovative idea that you have come up with at work that has contributed to growth of the business or organization?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in this position?

2. What do you see as the biggest challenge for someone in this position?

3. Tell me about a time you had to deal with an irate customer. How did you handle it?

4. What is your strategy for gaining new customers?

5. How do you manage workplace conflict?

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What do you think the best way is to communicate with a difficult customer?

2. How would you deal with an angry customer?

3. Describe a time when you had a misunderstanding with a colleague?

4. How would you deal with a customer who is racist?

5. How can you resolve problems in the warehouse?

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What qualities do you possess that would make you successful in this position?

2. Give an example of how you handled a difficult situation with a customer.

3. Describe your experience and ability in building and maintaining relationships with people.

4. Tell me about a time when you missed an opportunity to close the sale. How did you handle it?

5. Provide two instances where you have shown leadership skills?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What do you like about your company?

2. How would you describe your management style?

3. What’s the one thing that makes this company unique?

4. What are two of the most difficult challenges you face in this position?

5. What are your favorite aspects of working here?

Sample Technical Interview Questions for a Retail Supervisor Position

1. What’s the difference between FRP and GFRP?

2. What is your experience with video analytics?

3. How do you feel about quality management systems?

4. What is your role as a supervisor in retail environment?

5. What are the main challenges in your current position?

Sample Leadership Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What is your preferred leadership style?

2. What do you consider to be a leader’s responsibility?

3. How do you prioritize tasks?

4. What is your ideal work environment?

5. Where do you see yourself in five years (in career and income)? And why?

Sample Management Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

1. What is the most important responsibility of a supervisor in a retail environment?

2. What would you do in a situation where an employee behaved unprofessionally to the customer?

3. Are there any skills needed for this position?

4. Why should we hire you for this job over others who may be applying for it? 

5. Will you be able to supervise employees if they work remotely or from home office locations at times?

Sample Sales Interview Questions for Retail Supervisor Position

  1. What is your experience in retail and inventory management?
  2. What steps would you take to prevent theft in the store?
  3. How would you handle a customer who is dissatisfied with their purchase and wants to return it?
  4. What are some aspects of this job that you find challenging or difficult?
  5. Describe for me a time when you had an idea and did not know how it would be received.

Retail Supervisor Interview Success Tips

We all know that during an interview, the content of the answer is only one part of what determines success; it’s also about how that answer is delivered.

This is especially true for retail supervisor interviews.

Here are some tips to help you do well in a retail supervisor interview and get hired:

  1. Prepare thoroughly

There is no better way to make a fool of yourself during a retail supervisor interview than by forgetting the questions that you were supposed to have prepared for.

Carefully prepare the answers ahead of time and make sure that you can answer all of the questions with confidence.

2. Be friendly, but don’t act like an amateur

While it’s important not to come off like a complete idiot in the interview, it’s also important to remember that it’s also your job to sell yourself; this means being friendly but not over-friendly.

No need to over-do it with the compliments or giving away all of your personal information, just be natural.

3. Be yourself

Your personality and style will come out during the interview, regardless of whether you want it to or not.

You might as well make sure that you’re comfortable with your own style, because ultimately that’s what’s going to get you the job.

Dress professionally and be yourself if you are comfortable doing so.

Believe it or not, people can sense when this is happening, even if they can’t put their finger on exactly why they’re having these feelings about a candidate.

4. Don’t be too negative

While it’s important to have a good idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are, don’t overplay these cards.

When all is said and done, it will be the perception of your strengths and weaknesses that ultimately brings you in front of the hiring manager.

Don’t let your weakness affect your thinking during the interview; just be honest, but leave some room for the possibility that things could work out better for you than they did in your previous positions.


To improve your chances of passing your retail supervisor interview, you need to get familiar with the interview questions and practice your responses before the interview date.

This post has provided lots of samples of commonly asked job interview questions for retail supervisor position that you can apply to prepare for your next interview.