Salon Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 12, 2023
Salon Assistant Job Description
Salon assistants perform various duties, including performing fungal skin test for clients with skin condition, such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

This post presents exhaustive information on the salon assistant job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Salon Assistant Do?

The salon assistant is responsible for performing basic services to customers under the direct supervision of a licensed cosmetologist,

They provide professional services to customers as instructed by the licensed cosmetologist.

The salon assistant job description involves providing customer service, such as shampooing without pouring shampoo into the eye area; grooming and styling with high standards of customer satisfaction.

It also entails maintaining proper sanitation in the salon, work area and stock rooms by keeping all equipment clean, or replacing it as needed.

Salon assistants perform vital salon functions such as fungal skin test for clients with any type of skin condition, including psoriasis and dermatitis that require regular treatments from their licensed cosmetologist.

They also provide hair care color services in the salon, such as color services, bleaching cream and mousses.

It is also their duty to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the salon.

They are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of work areas.

The salon assistant is expected to greet customers in a friendly manner, while assisting clients and other employees in a courteous, efficient manner.

They also perform tasks, such as filing and organizing notes related to all clients records, keeping appointments on time or rescheduling them if they arrive late, or cancel their appointments with 24 hours’ notice.

The salon assistant work description also involves arranging appointment times that are mutually convenient, ensuring that all clients are provided with a proper consultation, and providing a friendly, professional and courteous service to all clients.

Additionally, they maintain the inventory control records in the salon and stock rooms by identifying problem areas.

Salon assistants run errands and support other employees as needed.

They explain the different services and products available at the salon and perform inventory control.

Salon assistants are also responsible for checking the hair care products and making sure that they are correctly displayed.

Preparing manicure tools, hand lotion, and cleansers are also a part of their tasks.

The salon assistant will also follow all safety procedures in the salon by wearing personal protective equipment, such as rubber gloves.

They are expected to adhere to all health policies and procedures set by the licensed cosmetologist or employer.

Salon Assistant Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The salon assistant job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Provide reception and salon services, such as scheduling, answering the telephone, and taking client name and appointment time
  • Maintain a well-organized work area by keeping appointments information, customer files and payment records
  • Make various salon services for customers, such as shampoo, haircut, conditioning treatment, facial treatment and manicure
  • Administer various beauty treatments, such as make up application, facial massage, waxing or threading of eyebrows/eyelashes/mustache/facial hair or any other beauty service according to customer request
  • Maintain records of customer billings, including payment method and customer personal info, to ensure proper record-keeping
  • Maintain a neat and clean work area so that it gives a professional image to customers and helps in preventative maintenance of salon business
  • Act as a concierge for customers by greeting and welcoming them in the salon lobby, assisting them by directing them to their service stations or seating and checking their identification cards
  • Stay updated with communication and marketing tools and techniques.

Salon Assistant Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as a salon assistant or are presently working in that role and are making a new resume or CV, then you can apply the above salon assistant job description template in making the Professional Experience part of your resume.

You can show the duties and responsibilities that you have performed as a salon assistant in your resume’s Professional Experience by using the one in the sample job description above.

This will show to the recruiter/employer that you have been successful performing the salon assistant role, which can significantly boost your chances of being hired, especially if the new job that you are seeking requires someone with some salon assistant work experience.

Salon Assistant Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the salon assistant position:

  • High school graduate with 1to 2 years of experience
  • Be able to multi-task, be organized, be punctual, and good listener
  • Good customer service orientation
  • Basic computer literacy (Microsoft Office, Excel, etc.)
  • Able to read and write simple English with good spelling and grammar, and have the ability to converse in a professional manner
  • Possess ability to develop, create, and maintain working relationships effectively
  • Ability to adhere to safety standards and precautions while working
  • Be familiar with equipment and tools related to the work of a salon assistant
  • Knowledge of standard hair care products will be an advantage.

Salon Assistant Salary

The average salary of a salon assistant is $34,334 ( and $33,670


The best paying cities published by Indeed are: Washington, DC, $39,410; Philadelphia, PA, $36,314; Baltimore, MD, $36,220; Brooklyn, NY, $36,209; and Atlanta, GA, $36,169 per year.

There are now around 35,676 salon assistants working in the United States. Women make up 87.4% of all salon assistants, while men make up 12.6%.

White (59.8%) is the most frequent ethnicity among salon assistants, followed by Hispanic or Latino (17.4%), Black or African American (12.8%), and Asian (7.6%).


This post is helpful to individuals interested in the salon assistant career. They can learn all they need to know about what salon assistants do.

It is also useful to recruiters/employers in making a detailed job description for the salon assistant position in their organizations.